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My Peloton Bike Hack

My Peloton Bike Hack [ Save Yourself £££’s ]

Find out how I was able to save $$$’s with my very own Peloton hack!

Choosing The Best Indoor Bike

How To Choose The Best Indoor Cycling Bike [ Buying Guide ]

Looking to find out the key features of what makes a good indoor bike? Check this out..

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Whatever training you take part in whether it’s indoor cycling, weightlifting, running or swimming your nutrition is going to be the key component to achieving the best version of yourself and your abilities. However, what’s even better is having personalised nutrition specifically developed for you and your own genetic makeup. I recommend trying out Nutri-Genetix….

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes [ My 3 Recommendations ]

Indoor cycling shoes can be a great accessory to have that will help you get more out of your indoor cycling. Why? Well, 2 reasons really. Firstly, it gives you a stable and complete secure pedalling pattern so that there is no chance your foot is going to slip off the pedal as your pedal…

Best Power Meters

Best Power Meters [ My 3 Recommendations ]

Having a power meter can be a great utility to have that will add that extra dimension to your indoor cycling. A power meter will allow you to see specific metrics such as your: Watts / Power Output Cadence Speed What’s great then is you can connect these up to certain indoor cycling apps such…

Best Indoor Bike Mats

Best Indoor Bike Mats [ My 3 Recommendations ]

PedalPro This is the floor mat I am currently using. It’s a great, durable mat that measures: 180cm in length 70cm in width 0.6cm in thickness I have been using this for over a year now and even till this day there is no sign of any wear or tear. Wahoo Kickr The Wahoo Kickr…

Best Cadence Sensors

Best Cadence Sensors [ My 3 Recommendations ]

When you’re indoor cycling it’s always a great feature to know your cadence. Cadence is basically how fast you’re pedalling. It’s a measurement that identifies your RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) and displays this as an accurate number of how many times you pedal in a full circle for 1 full minute. Now, being able to…

Best Heart Rate Monitors

Best Heart Rate Monitors [ My 3 Recommendations ]

I always feel it’s best to get the most out of your workouts and be able to assess and analyse how well you perform on the bike. One way of analysing your performance is with the use of a heart rate monitor. You see by connecting up a heart rate monitor you’re going to be…

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