5 Best Affordable Magnetic Indoor Bikes [ Buying Guide ]

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  • Date: November 17, 2021
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There are numerous indoor bikes on the market and it can be difficult to know which ones are reliable and which is best for you.

Now, you’ve probably seen there are a few ways to create resistance on an indoor bike however the 2 main ways are either by friction (which uses wool or felt pads) or magnetic (which uses a magnet to force the flywheel to slow – creating the resistance).

I have created a full article around this that you can check out here!

For now though, we’re going to be talking about the best magnetic indoor bikes you can get. However, when magnetic resistance is a key feature of any indoor bike the price always increases so what I’ll be discussing more to the point is the best affordable magnetic indoor bikes you can get your hands on instead.

Prices vary so much with indoor bikes but here I want to highlight affordable bikes that won’t break the bank but will still have the ideal feature of magnetic resistance.

So, I’ve done my homework here and researched the best indoor bikes that I think you’re going to love!

Quick Buying Guide

Now, I want you to know that I haven’t just seen a few magnetic indoor bikes and plucked them out of sheer randomness. 

I’ve put a fair amount of time and research into this.

When looking for a good quality and reliable bike there are a few factors I like to take into consideration as you’ll see now:


So, obviously as this article is about affordable magnetic indoor bikes I want to make sure these bikes I’m suggesting are going to be affordable to the majority of people.

There is a fine line with this though– I don’t want to choose indoor bikes that are at a pricepoint where you think you’ve got the bargain of lifetime only for it to arrive and it’s poorly made or pieces are missing.

This isn’t helping at all!

On the other side of the coin I don’t want to choose a bike that is really going to push your budget over it’s limit.

So these bikes listed below are going to fit right in between these two factors.


The brand of an indoor bike is another big consideration I look at when choosing the best bikes.

You’ve probably seen a huge number of indoor bikes that look like ripoffs of another bike or some that don’t even have a brand – it just says ‘Indoor Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance’?

What’s that about?

Anyway, the bikes I’m suggesting are all from authoritative and branded indoor bike manufacturers so you can guarantee these are well-made with the upmost quality.


One of the main considerations I take into account is durability.

As you’re cycling, you are exerting alot of effort and power into your indoor bike so the bike itself is taking on quite a lot of work to keep you upright on the bike, hold your weight, move the pedals just as fast as you’re pedalling and hold the resistance as you push through each stroke.

As a result of this the indoor bike needs to be well made and have incredible strength but like I said these bikes listed all have quality assurance built within them – so no need to worry!

Flywheel Weight

The weight of the flywheel is another point I like to look at when choosing an indoor bike.

Flywheel weights can range anywhere from 5kgs-25kgs (11lbs-55lbs).

A rule of thumb to go by is ‘the heavier the flywheel, the more real road feel it has to it’. So when looking at an indoor bike I would always recommend going towards the higher end of the scale.

An indoor bike that has a flywheel weight between 18kgs-20kgs is always a good bet! Now most of these bikes have a flywheel weight in this region, however some may weigh slightly less.

This is trying to weigh up having a heavier flywheel but also keeping the price affordable so I have listed out a couple I think still make the grade even with a lower flywheel weight.

You can check out my full article of choosing the best flywheel weight for your indoor bike.

Feel / Look

This could really come under durability or brand but I think it deserves it’s own place.

The feel and look of an indoor bike is another big attraction. At the end of the day you don’t want to have to look at a bike that isn’t appealing to the eye or even feels clunky or poorly made.

Best Affordable Magnetic Indoor Bikes

Like I said these bikes have all been specifically chosen to meet all the requirements I have set out so enables you to make an easier choice when choosing the right indoor bike for you.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805

Key Features

When it comes to designing a well-made, strong and durable bike, Sunny Health & Fitness are right up there for their quality of work.

They have an extensive range of indoor bikes that are all made with excellence however the SF-B1805 is the perfect bike for anyone looking for a bike with magnetic resistance but at an affordable price.

The SF-B1805 frame is made of strong and durable steel that can hold the weight of anyone who weighs up to 300lbs.

It comes with a great flywheel weight of 44lbs which is really going to offer a smooth, consistent and comfortable cycle.

The handlebars and seat are completely adjustable so it fits the majority of different peoples heights. The handlebars allow for multiple handheld positions and are covered with a neoprene material which is excellent for grip and very resistant to wear and tear.

Pop your phone or tablet up on the device holder and watch your favourite online indoor cycling class.

This is a great magnetic indoor bike that anyone can benefit from and will last you years to come all for the price of around $619.


JLL IC400 PRO Spin Bike

Key Features

JLL Fitness is another brand ambassador in this area.

JLL Fitness create incredible, well-made and heavy duty indoor bikes that provide an excellent indoor cycle each and every time but also at a very affordable cost.

The IC400 PRO is their 6th model in their line of indoor bikes and this bike has basically everything you want from an affordable bike.

First off, it has a great weight of flywheel at 22kgs! Like I said previously, this is going to create that real road feel affect and keep your cycling smooth and consistent the entire time.

It has duel pedals here, with both caged pedals on one side where you can strap your feet into but also SPD pedals on the flipside where you can clip in your cycling shoes.

The LCD Console is stylish, appealing and has everything you need to measure your speed, time, RPM, Watts and calories. What’s also great is that it connects up to the iConsole app where you can get access to more detailed training data through the use of Bluetooth sharing.

The bike frame itself is made of steel and is guaranteed to hold the weight of anyone weighing up to 330lbs.

A great indoor bike with the ideal magnetic resistance at a very affordable price at around £599.


JLL IC300 PRO Spin Bike

Key Features

Another great indoor bike from JLL Fitness is the IC300 PRO.

This is the 3rd design of the company’s indoor cycling series and another awesome bike it is!

The IC300 PRO may not have some of the bells and whistles as the IC400 PRO but don’t let that put you off – this is an incredible bike that’s going to give you an incredible workout at a more affordable cost.

This has a slightly less heavier flywheel at 20kgs compared to the IC400 PRO at 22kgs but without question – still a great weight for a flywheel!

The magnetic resistance can be easily cranked up thanks to the very appealing turn crank just between your legs – it’s big and bold looking so allows you to locate easily for quick adjustments!

Just like the JLL400 PRO, the 300 PRO is also belt driven – this means you can cycle as hard as you can go with very little noise (no clanking of a chain) and with very little maintenance ever needed.

This is a great magnetic indoor bike that you can rely on especially when it’s made by a trustworthy company such as JLL Fitness.

You can get it for around £449.

Proform Tour de France CLC

Proform Tour de France CLC Indoor Cycle

Key Features

The Proform Tour de France CLC comes in at one of the most expensive on this list at around £599.

Proform is another big brand within the fitness industry and have developed the Tour de France CLC indoor bike that you can now enjoy.

This is a great heavy duty bike that has all the main features you could want from an indoor bike.

Yes, the flywheel is slightly less than what I would usually recommend. It may not be as smooth as some of the other bikes such as the Sunny or JLL bikes however with the features you get and having SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance technology) – I think this bike is a steal for it’s price!

The Tour de France CLC not only features Bluetooth BLE connectivity but also gives you access to a years free subscription to the popular fitness app, iFit!

Here, your bike will have it’s own unique code where you can connect up to iFit and follow along to cycle routes from across the world. 

What’s also a great added feature here is that you get a pair of 1.4kg dumbbells that you can use along with your cycling. Improving both your upper and lower body at the same time!

A bike I highly recommend with some great features!

Joroto X2

Joroto X2 Indoor Bike

Key Features

Onto our last bike on this list now and we have the JOROTO X2.

The JOROTO X2 is the 2nd bike developed by JOROTO in their indoor bike series and has a heavier flywheel and better build quality than the X1 or even the updated X1.

It has a 35lbs flywheel (once again, just slightly under what I usually recommend) but for the price, the look, the quality along with the magnetic resistance I think this is an awesome indoor bike.

It has 6 powerful magnets that are going to create that tough, hill type climb resistance that is going to make you work whilst trying to keep your RPM the same.

The AV type frame is made from durable steel and gives you a rock-solid platform where you can cycle as hard as you can give it without compromising the durability of this bike.

Just like the others on this list, the JOROTO X2 is also belt driven so you can guarantee a more quieter and noise free cycling experience.

Another great bike with magnetic resistance added to our list – all at an affordable price of around $469.

You can also check out my full review of the Joroto X2 here.


So there you have it!

5 of the best affordable magnetic indoor bikes you can get it!

Like I said, these bikes have been specifically chosen first and foremost for their price and having the magnetic resistance feature within it.

But we also wanted to find bikes that are going to keep you cycling for years to come, something you can rely on and something you can put your maximum effort and energy into without ever compromising durability or your own performance.

I have searched long and hard and these are without question the best affordable magnetic indoor bikes you can buy!

I hope this has helped your search and if you do have any questions, simply drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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