Best Floor Mats For Indoor Bikes

Do you own an exercise bike and worried about the floor of your home?

Possibly looking to protect your exercise or stationary bike from dust and dirt?

If so, then you’re probably in need of a good floor mat.

There are a number of floor mats available and it can be tough to select the best one

But worry not!

Here I’m going to be discussing everything that you need to know about the right floor mat for your exercise bike.

I have researched and reviewed some of the best floor mats available so keep reading and we’ll try get the best floor mat for you and your type of flooring where you’ll be exercising.

Why You Should Use A Floor Mat

There are a few reasons as to why you should use a floor mat when indoor cycling.

Reducing the noise level

First, exercise bike trainer mats help by assisting in dampening the vibrations (that are produced while working out) to help keep noise to a minimum and it just keeps the neighbours from banging down your door!  

You see even with the topmost and best quality exercise bikes, they can still be pretty loud as the energy you produce is forced into the floor.

Providing a secure surface

Basically, exercise equipment floor mats offer a flat and solid surface for your bike. Not only is this great at providing a secure and friction based surface so your bike stays stable but also helps in keeping sweat dripping over your floor.

Good quality floor mats are durable and should last a lifetime.

Protecting your floor

Most importantly, they protect the floor from getting damaged due to the pressure. 

So, here are a few reviews on some of the best floor mats you can get for your exercise bike to sit on-top of.

Saris CycleOps

Saris CycleOps Spin Floor Mat

Saris is one of the most popular exercise bike companies who have now also developed their own floor mat.

It’s a great floor mat that is best used on hardfloor such as a wooden floor or tiles.

It’s easy to roll out and throw down which provides a really secure surface.

Also, they are waterproof and can absorb water as well as sweat. 

The Saris is guaranteed to keep your exercise bike secure as you pedal with full effort.


  • The measurements of the Saris floor mat are 65″ X 36″ which makes it sufficient enough to placed under any sized bike. Most importantly, this is rectangular in shape, which makes it the perfect mat for long trainers. 
  • It is crafted using rubber that helps in keeping a grip, reduces noise as well as it keeps the sweat away from the floor.
  • It absorbs excessive noise and offers a peaceful environment. 
  • The thinness of the mat is 4mm which makes it easy for storage. 




The Saris CycleOps mat is a great space saving mat.

Yes, it is pretty thin compared to some being discussed here however it is highly durable and is easy to store away after your workout.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases however this is at no cost to you.

Wahoo Kickr

Wahoo Kickr Floor Mat

The largest floor mat out of all discussed here at 36″ X 78″ that offers incredible grip, stability and is sweat absorbing.

This mat is designed by Wahoo Fitness.

It’s thick, totally stable and completely water resistant to sweat or spilled drinks.

Also, it has an anti-slip texture to it which further enhances stability. 


  • This mat is 6mm in thickness and once any exercise bike sits on top, it will sink down helping to provide that extra stability.
  • It has a noise insulation feature which helps in offering a quiet and peaceful workout. 
  • The anti-slip features add to the stability. 
  • The bevelled edges help in keeping it in compliance with the floor. 




The Wahoo Kickr mat is a mat that is definitely going to last a lifetime bearing in mind it’s taken care of.

With it’s large size and anti-slip texture to it, you can guarantee that your cycling workouts will be more quiet, secure with minimal to no damage to your floor.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases however this is at no cost to you.


PedalPro Floor Mat

The PedalPro mat is one of the most affordable on this list coming in at just under £30.00.

However don’t let the price sway your decision.

The PedalPro made from shock resistance PVC material that measures in length of 180cm X 70cm with a depth of 0.6cm.

It’s a great mat that any size of indoor cycling bike can sit on top of that is guaranteed to reduce noise and reduce any damage to the floor.


  • It can be used for any type of bike. 
  • The shock absorbing PVC reduces the sounds and vibrations. 
  • It provides a quiet and peaceful environment for the workout. 
  • It also protects the floor from damages like dents, scratches, and dirt. 
  • Can be rolled up and put away for easy storage 




The PedalPro is a great inexpensive floor mat is going to provide all the protection you need for both the bike itself and your floor.

The nice 0.6cm depth makes sure that the floor is free from damage but also provides that stability and grip for the bike especially when you’re really putting in the work.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases however this is at no cost to you.


Viavito Floor Mat

As you can see, the Viavito is a foldable and easy to store floor mat.

It measures out at 220cm X 110cm with a thickness of 0.2″.

It’s a great floor mat that will help reduce any excess noise from your bike whilst keeping your floor damage free.

After your done using it, simply fold it up and store away. 


  • The length of the mat is 220 cm and its width is 110 cm. 
  • It offers ultimate protection for the floor. 
  • Has an anti-slip base
  • Thick mat with superior quality and only weighs about 3.5 kgs. 




I think for the price of the Viavito it’s a really good buy.

It actually comes in as the 2nd most affordable mat discussed here.

It has a decent size and thickness to it which enables you to cycle as hard as you can go without causing damage to your floor.

Sunny Health and Fitness

Sunny Health & Fitness Floor Mat

Sunny Health & Fitness are one of the leading fitness equipment manufacturers that have now introduced their exercise bike floor mat.

It’s a completely durable, heavy duty floor mat that offers the best in protection for both your floors and exercise bike.

Made of high density PVC foam this ensures that marks or scratches are almost non-existent when you’re cycling during intense cardio sessions.

It comes in 3 different sizes from:

7.5ft X 3.3ft

6.5ft X 3ft

4ft X 2ft

So it’s ideal for any size of exercise bike.


  • It doesn’t slip and provides full protection from the chances of slipping 
  • The material used in making this mat is heavy-duty, which helps in absorbing any vibrations and sounds. 
  • The size of the mat is convenient and completely waterproof. 




The Sunny Health & Fitness mat is a great mat to have under your exercise bike especially if you need that extra size.

Having a thickness between 4mm-6mm guarantees zero damage to your floor along with absorbing excess noise that you drive into the floor as you cycle.

Yes, some people do not like foam material as it can feel too ‘spongy’ when riding but this really comes down to personal preference.

Points To Consider Before Buying A Floor Mat


Thick floor mats are comparatively better than thin floor mats. They help protect the floor from any damages and also laying them on the floor is pretty easy. 

Simply throw and sit on your exercise bike on top.

Generally, thin mats are less in weight however they often curl up easily so just keep that in mind. 

In regards to thick mats, they can sometimes be tough to roll up.

So, consider your preferences before buying one! 


The material used for making floor mats should be one of your topmost priorities as it determines the overall comfort and durability.

Noise absorption also depends on the quality of the material used.

Other than this, the cleaning of some materials is easy whereas it is difficult to clean some. 

Most commonly,   

  • PVC mats are used because they are durable, flexible, and inexpensive. One shortcoming though, they can have a strong smell of plastic! 
  • Foam mats are also preferred by people as they are good at reducing vibrations and sound. But they don’t absorb sweat. 
  • And the last is rubber mats, these are the most famous as rubber mats are so easy to wipe and clean and last longer than usual. 


The main reason floor mats are purchased is to make sure that the bikes don’t slip and can stand firmly.

You want a mat that can stay firm and solid to the floor as you’re cycling during high intensity intervals.

Storage & Size

Generally, mats come in different sizes, some are small while some are big.

So, try and go for a mat that is perfectly sized for your bike. 

When you decide to buy a floor mat for your exercise bike, then make sure to take the proper measurements before it.

Also, decide the size of the mat you want, whether you want a small one trainer mat or a mat on which you can keep multiple bikes. 

In addition to this, consider the storage of that mat too.

Do you want it to roll up and keep in a small area?

Or do you want to leave it open?

If you wish to roll up the mat, then make sure to buy a thin and light-weighted mat. 

Flattening Time

The flattening time should also be considered however it’s really a main issue by any means.

What you’ll notice when buying your floor mat for your exercise bike is that sometimes these mats can be rolled up too tight so that they can get creased and can take a while to really flatten out.

Foam mats are lighter in material so you’ll notice these can take slightly longer to flatten out.

However, as I said, not a major factor when deciding to buy.


So there you have it, 5 of the best floor mats you can buy for your exercise bike.

Choosing the right one comes down to your preference and budget.

For me, I prefer the PedalPro.

It’s durable, lightweight and very affordable.

Let me know what you prefer.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate in dropping me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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