Best Bike Rollers for Indoor Cycling

Outdoor cycling is amazing!

Getting out into the fresh air and really enjoying your cycle as you take in the scenery all around.

However, for me, I don’t get much time to get cycling outdoors as often as I would like to so that’s when I like having the option of cycling from home instead.

Even when it comes to the Winter months, it can be that extra bit harder getting out of bed and get out the door to cycle (I like getting out early in the mornings – it just works better for me).

But even with dealing with snow, ice and the odd over-enthusiastic driver next to me – it just makes me want to train at home instead.

Now, I do have my own spin bike but every now and again and I like using my own outdoor bike indoors.

So, how can you do this?

Well, you can read my full article on how to exactly but here we’re going to be talking about rollers.

And more to the point – the best rollers for your indoor cycling needs!

What Are Bike Rollers?

Rollers generally compromise of a rectangle bracket with 3 metal or plastic tubes or drums with 1 at the front and 2 at the back.

The rollers at the rear are driven by the back wheel of your bike and connect to the front roller via a strong band or belt.

They are used to represent what a real outdoor cycle feels like.

For example, with rollers you need to maintain your balance and keep a steady cycling pace or else you can topple over and fall off.

They are ideal if you fancy training indoors and keep up your progression while the worst of the weather stays outside.

Who Are Bike Rollers Suited To?

Anyone who can ride an outdoor bike can ride on bike rollers but they are generally aimed at avid cyclists who cycle a lot outdoors and wish to keep their performance up over Winter for example.

You see, if you’re using bike rollers for the first time (and this applies to anyone) they can be slightly uncomfortable or difficult to cycle on.

Once you start pedalling you need to keep up your cadence to keep the rollers moving which in turn keeps you upright and balanced on the bike otherwise you’ll begin to topple over.

If you are using them for the first time – make sure to leave plenty of room either side of your bike rollers or even close up to a wall just incase of any topples!

You just want to make sure there’s nothing sharp or hard you can fall onto if you veer off!

Quick Look Guide

LifeLine RT-01 Rollers

Feedback Sports Omnium Bike Rollers

Feedback Sports Omnium Bike Rollers OR LifeLine RT-01 Rollers if you don’t want to invest too much of your money

I think Tacx Galaxia Rollers is a great choice OR the Feedback Sports Omnium Bike Rollers if you really want to dig deep into your training

Elite Arion Mag Parabolic Resistance Rollers

Elite Arion Bike Rollers

Key Features

The Elite Arion are a great set of bike rollers that can actually produce resistance for you.

There is 3 levels of resistance here that you can take advantage to get more from your workouts.

What’s also great about these is that they are compatible with the Misuro B+ speed and cadence sensor so you see what your real-time cadence is which offers more personal and detailed data readings specifically for you.

The 3 rollers have raise sides at 100mm so it makes sure that your line of cycling stays in the middle reducing any chances of cycling off the rollers (which you certainly don’t want happening).

Tacx Antares Rollers

Tacx Antares Bike Rollers

Key Features

When it comes to bike rollers, Tacx is without question one of the best brands you can buy from.

Their Antares model they have created designed mostly for track or road bikes but you can also use a mountain bike if it’s you prefer.

The 3 rollers have a conical shape to meaning their is a slight depth in the middle – this keeps your bike centre helping to reduce any veering off and toppling over off the frame itself.

The rollers themselves have a heavier weight to them which creates the moment of mass inertia or in other words stops you from spinning them too fast when you start pedalling.

What I really like about Tacx is that they have designed their rollers to have a sliding frame which allows it to be more compact so it can be easily stored away.

Tacx Galaxia Rollers

Tacx Galaxia Bike Rollers

Key Features

The Tacx Galaxia is the next step up if you’re looking for something that provides a more ‘realistic road feel’ and greater stablisation.

What really makes the difference between these rollers and the Antares is the patented swing system Tacx have developed.

The swing system is to allow for any sudden changes in speed and compensates this by allowing the back wheel rollers to swing backwards or forwards which helps keep you on the bike, balanced and wheels spinning forward and stops you from derailing.

Just like the Antares model, the Galaxia rollers also retract for easier storage and can be retracted down to 80cm.


ROCKBROS Bike Rollers

Key Features

The ROCKBROS bike rollers come in this list as the 2nd most affordable option out of them all.

These rollers come in either black or white with a 3-way foldable design which allows you to put away for easy storage.

They are made from high grade aluminium which are incredibly strong and durable and will be able to handle any pressure put upon them.

They will fit any bike with a wheelbase of 970 to 1090mm.

LifeLine RT-01 Rollers

Key Features

The LifeLine RT-01 Bike rollers are the most affordable rollers in this list coming in at just under £100.

They are great if you’re just starting out on rollers or if your budget can only stretch so far.

It fits any size of bike and wheel frame – simply adjust the rollers to the size of your bike and off you go.

It has a steel frame with Polyurethane rollers that are edged at either end to make sure that there is no veering off course and cycling into your TV!

It provides a smooth ‘real-road feel’ surface and great if your training indoors over Winter or improving your performance before a race.

It has a foldable design which allows you to store away until your next use.

Feedback Sports Omnium Bike Rollers

Feedback Sports Omnium Bike Rollers

Key Features

The Feedback Sport Omnium bike rollers is the only one on this list that doesn’t have a roller at the front – instead this is replaced by an adaptable fort mount.

These rollers are a great option for someone who may feel uneasy about starting to cycle straight away with the 3 rollers (which does require a little practice to keep yourself upright).

These rollers instead keep the front of the bike completely secure and give that extra stabilisation which allows you to focus on your cycling rather than the side to side motion than that of the 3 roller bike rollers.

You can clip the front of your bike into the mount with the bikes quick-release or thru-axles.

Here it is totally secure and will guarantee your bike remains stable.

The other great feature to these types of rollers is that not only does it provide you with that extra stability but also allows you to cycle with a ‘real road feel’ to it.

For easy storage simply fold the mount down and fold up the rollers into it and store away in the heavy duty carry bag provided.


So there you have it!

These are some of the best bike rollers you can get your hands on right now that are guaranteed to:

  • Hold your weight
  • Allow you to perform at your greatest effort without any straining or creeking noises
  • Keep noise at a minimum
  • Keep you in the middle of the rollers without any chance of veering off
  • Save space within your home compared to the likes of a turbo trainer
  • Keep you training year-round

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