Best Indoor Cycling Trainer Apps

Cycling on your own after a while can start to become monotonous and boring whilst at the same time draining your motivation to get back on the bike again.


But wait, there is help out there that is going to continue to motivate you and keep you on the bike for longer.


All you need is an indoor cycling trainer app, that’s all.


Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can now take advantage of basically having your own personal trainer guiding and pushing you further…well beyond your limits.


These apps can be easily downloaded to any Android phone, I-Phone or tablet through the Google Store or App Store.


So let’s have a look at these apps and determine the best one that is going to keep you cycling right through.

Best Indoor Cycling Trainer Apps


Available on iOS, Android, and Windows


Rouvy is an awesome augmented reality app that allows you to cycle the most beautiful real routes from around the world. It allows you to compete in a race or train virtually anywhere with anyone!


Thanks to the augmented reality, it brings riders together through animated 3d objects in 2d real videos.


It has a variety of workouts to choose from based on power intervals so you can crank up the resistance when going uphill or simply create your own workouts to fit your style.


You can actually build a career here on Rouvy, it holds a number of challenges throughout the year in a fun and friendly competition with some prizes holding a value of up to $10,000!


No kidding!


You will have access to your own training diary that you can manage and analyse your training agenda which you can share within the Rouvy community.


Check out the video below and see how you can become a better cyclist from the living room in your own home.


Why not check out my full review of Rouvy here!

The Rouvy Indoor cycling app


Available on iOS and Android

The TrainerRoad app is an excellent tool for your indoor cycling needs. It’s a very effective training system that incorporates:


  • Science-based training plans
  • Power-based indoor workouts
  • Easy-to-use ride analysis tools


You can choose from the workout library of over 1,000 indoor workouts that are focused on you getting the most out of every workout in the shortest time possible.


All the plans come in three volumes that accommodate every level of fitness from beginner to advanced.

The TrainerRoad Indoor cycling app


Available on iOS, Mac, Windows

Beta version available on Android


Zwift is an amazing app!


It’s perfect if your looking for a bit of competition from your cycling.


It uses augmented reality that creates real world cycling routes where competitors can take part in online competitions.


It has an incredible community behind it where you can talk and message other members, push and motivate them on and cycle together.


You can participate in many group rides and workouts through Central London, Central Park in New York and an Italian Villa – there are over 200 events held each day!


Competing is one of the biggest aims of Zwift where competitions such as ‘Zwift Road Racing’, ‘Zwift World Championships’ and the ‘Tour de Zwift’ have been created where anyone can take part in.


Results of the races are then published on where you can see your scoring and compare to others.


Check out my review of Zwift here and how to get started !

The Zwift Indoor cycling App


Available on iOS and Android


Motosumo is an incredible app easy to use by everyone.


It provides relevant live data, easy to understand colour zones and your own personal training history so you can keep track of your own progress.


You can connect your Bluetooth enabled Heart Rate Monitor up to it which not only allows you to see heart rate, workout intensity zone and calories burned but you can also connect up to a team and compete or workout with an instructor.


It’s a great app to workout with others from the comfort of your own home.


You can check out my full review on Motosumo here!

The Sufferfest

Available on iOS, Windows, MacOS


The Sufferfest has came a long way a few years ago from releasing standard training videos to a fully integrated training platform where you can discover a host of cycling training videos to yoga and mental training.


Once you sign up and download the app you’ll get access to videos, your own training data, and training plans designed by Neal Henderson (APEX coach) all in one place.


The training sessions show power and cadence requirement to tell you when to increase your resistance and use greater effort.


It’s compatible with any ANT+ or Bluetooth devices so you can measure your heart rate and intensity.


This is a great app for the more enthusiastic cyclists that wants to push themselves beyond their boundaries.


Available on iOS and Android


CycleGo provides another exceptional indoor cycling experience through the use of visuals. It allows you to train along to structured workouts through its virtual trainer.


The classes are easy to follow providing key information through the session such as:


  • Resistance level
  • Pedalling Speed (RPM)
  • Jump/ Sprints
  • Standing/ Seated

There is audio voice guidance throughout each training workout that will keep you pushing, making sure to keep you motivated the entire time.


You can check out my full review of it here!


Available on iOS and Android


BitGym is another great virtual cycling app.


This can actually be used on any cardio machine such as an indoor cycling bike, treadmill or elliptical machine.


It uses the forward facing camera on your phone or tablet and allows you to exercise around some beautiful interactive trails from around the world.


It has a library full of tours that can be streamed instantly or downloaded to your device that you can cycle around. These tours are going to keep your interest and keep you motivated throughout.


You can download BitGym for a free trial and test it for yourself.

The BitGym Indoor cycling app

These indoor cycling trainer apps are designed to help improve your performance, keep you motivated to stay on the bike and keep you coming back for more.


So don’t sit and cycle in front of the TV – take advantage of these outstanding apps and take your training to the next level.


If you fancy it – check out some of these helpful motivation tips to keep you on the bike for longer!


If you have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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  1. Out of all the Indoor cycling apps you have posted in your site, I really like the Rouvy app. The main reason I like the app is because it has augmented reality in it. My phone has Augmented Reality so I can take advantage of that feature. I’m definitely downloading the app. Thank you so much for the rundown on these indoor cycling apps.

    1. Hi Sujandar,

      Rouvy is a great cycling app that’s going to keep you motivated during your cycle. Your right, the augmented reality of it just opens that other door so you can really envelop yourself into it. 

      Why not enter into some of the competitions? There is some incredible prize packages that can be won.

  2. The cycling app is good and can engage the body and the mind. Though it’s a kind of sports just that there is no loss or reduction of calories and body weight in doing so. I think there are more to this app. There are more I may need to know about this cycling app which could benefit me. 

    1. Hi Kenechi,

      Cycling apps do certainly benefit the body and mind but more than you actually think. Check out my post about the benefits of spin cycling, however it does apply to the use of all exercise bikes:…. 

      I must say you have been provided with misinformation. Indoor cycling is actually a great way of losing weight and has helped millions of people across the world to shed pounds and become more fit and healthier.

      Can I ask what cycling app you are talking about?

  3. Wow, I had no idea that there were apps available like the ones you have written about in your post. This is a market niche and solution for a big problem (motivation) that many at-home exercise rooms and users have. How can you get the motivation to stay on your fancy machines and stick to a regimen? 

    These 7 suggested solutions are all ones that interest me. I like how some seek to encourage the development of a community of fellow app users and even have contests, etc. for the users. These are the kinds of features that will keep people using the app and more importantly, keep them on their cycling machines.

    I am so glad to have found this post, thank you Google and thank you too for putting it together. My eyes have been opened and I will start with the BitGym, as I can use it with more machines (many that have been gathering dust lately). There are a couple of other ones I like, such as the CycleGo and the SufferFest (I am into pain – kidding!)…

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thank you for your comment

      Your totally right, training indoors with no one there to push you can start drain the motivation from you. However, with these indoor cycling apps you can guarantee that your motivation will be at optimum levels when cycling. 

      The fact you are able to mix within the certain communities within these apps just gives it that extra bonus as your mingling with other like minded people.

      Definitely give the BitGym a go – it will allow you to cycle to real world trainer videos so it takes your mind out of the living room you are in and into the most scenic cycle trails.

  4. Hi Ronan, technology has really advanced and it keeps on making our lives easier. Cycling is a great way of exercise, however, like you rightly said, cycling alone for a long period of time can make the cyclist to get bored sometimes. But with the indoor cycling apps trainer, the biker can be more motivated. Of all the apps you reviewed, I love Sufferfest training apps, mostly because the app has many cycling training videos and training plans and other wonderful benefits.

    1. Hi Gracen,

      It seems that technology has well and truly caught up with the cycling world for sure. It just adds that extra benefit of being able to stay motivated whilst training from home. 

      The other benefit to it also is that it allows you to track your progress so you can always keep pushing yourself further each time. It’s the sure fire way to success!

  5. Hi Ronan

    Great post on Indoor Cycling Trainer apps. I’m currently using The Sufferfest on my Samsung. I love the app as they have the training plans that i can follow. I normally don’t have time to do outdoor activities so, by using Sufferfest can save me a lot of time.

    Another feature that i love on this app is it have many structured interval workouts that i can choose which is not only limit to cyling.


    1. Hi Samm,

      The Sufferfest is an excellent trainer app. I have used it before and it has always provided me with an excellent cardio workout. Yes, there is a lot of different workouts to choose from so it’s good the fact that your not limited to cycling if you wanted to try something else.

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