Aaptiv Review

Aaptiv is an on-demand audio personal training app that provides the ‘real’ experience of a personal training session.

No need for an actual personal trainer meeting you face to face.

Simply put your headphones in, listen to relaxing or upbeat music and follow the guidance of one of the world class certified personal trainers as they guide you through one of their many classes!

Aaptiv Review - A Quick Overview

Aaptiv Website

Aaptiv was created in 2015 by Ethan Agarwal.

He felt there wasn’t really anything available for people to train along with if they didn’t have or chosen not to have any viewing device, i.e TV, Tablet, Phone, Computer.

There needed to be something available where people can just simply listen to a class and give their workouts 100% of their focus.

Removing any hassle of streaming an online video (for example, streaming a class on Peloton Digital let’s say).

So Aaptiv was born!

Here, within Aaptiv you can get access to thousands of different classes that fall under many different fitness programs from:

  • Indoor Cycling
  • Strength Training
  • Yoga
  • Treadmill
  • Running
  • Elliptical

Each of these classes are guided by fully certified instructors who make you feel like they’re standing right beside or in front of you!

Just follow their instructions and keep up the tempo of their class.


Check out my full review of it here:

What You Need To Get Started

So this entirely depends on what type of exercise you’re looking to do obviously.

For example;

If you’re looking to take part in an indoor cycling class you’ll need access to an indoor cycling bike.

If you’re looking to take a strength training class, you’ll need access to weights.

However, to get started all you need is:

  • A Mobile Phone
  • Headphones

That’s it!

Who Is It Designed For?

  • Anyone who is looking for structure within their workouts
  • Anyone who needs guidance as to what to do when exercising
  • Anyone who trains better within a class environment
  • Anyone who feels they perform better when being pushed 

Really just anyone who is looking to get into fitness or get more from it!

As long as you bring yourself, let Aaptiv take care of the rest – all you need to do is focus on your training.

It’s great for people with a range of different fitness goals too whether this be losing weight, gaining muscle or simply becoming more fitter.

Aaptiv will help you reach these goals!

Benefits of Audio When Exercising

You’re either a person who loves to train with music or some form of audio

….or you hate it.

However, research has shown that listening to some form of audio when exercising can be very beneficial for your training.

According to research performed in 2012 by the Brunel University in London, one of the leading world experts in this field wrote that ‘one could think of music as a type of legal performance enhancing drug’.

It goes on to state that listening to music can enhance endurance by 15%.

That’s incredible!

What’s also great about listening to music whilst exercising is that it can distract you from the pain and fatigue of exercising – making you work harder and for longer.

It also helps to elevate your mood, reduce stress, reduces your perceived effort and can even promote metabolic efficiency.

What Programs Does It Offer?

Choose from a list of:

  • Treadmill Exercising
  • Strength Training
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Outdoor Running
  • Elliptical Exercising
  • Yoga
  • Stair Climber Exercising
  • Pilates
  • Meditation
  • Stretching
  • Restful Sleep 

As I said, each one of these has a number of different classes you can take within them.

All can be listened to through your headphones giving you a structured workout that will provide the best workout experience.

How To Get Access To Aaptiv

So, the Aaptiv is an app that you can easily download and install to your phone.

Get access to it either through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Apple App Store
Google Play Store

How To Use Aaptiv

So once you download the app it will firstly ask for some personal details.

After this, Aaptiv just needs to gather more information about you and what your fitness goals are.

Aaptiv Fitness Goals

Once you answer the initial questions, Aaptiv will have gathered key information so it can tailor make your experience on the app specifically for you.

However, this doesn’t limit you per say.

(You can always check out all the other programs available on there at anytime)

It will then bring you onto your home screen where you can see all the classes being delivered.

Aaptiv Indoor Cycling

Once you’ve chosen the one you want to workout to, simply click into it and off you go!

It tells you everything about the class!

  1. What instructor is taken it
  2. How long it will last
  3. What level of fitness it’s aimed at
  4. The type of music being played
  5. How many calories you would roughly burn
  6. The distance you will have travelled
Aaptiv Workout Programs

How Much Does Aaptiv Cost?

There are 2 ways your can pay for Aaptiv:

Monthly or Yearly

Both subscriptions plans give you access to every feature within Aaptiv.

A monthly subscription is $14.99

A yearly subscription is $99.99

The yearly subscription however gives you a saving of 45% over the monthly subscription.

After the first month (monthly subscription) or the first year (yearly subscription) these plans will automatically renew.

If you are looking to cancel your subscription you need to give 48 hours before your renewal date is due.

To do this you can contact support on support@aaptiv.com.

Aaptiv Pros & Cons

Just like anything out there – they all have their pros and cons.

I have used it now for a while and feel I can make a good judgement at this stage.



What People Think Of Aaptiv

There is a lot of hype around Aaptiv though and plenty of reasons for it – because it does exactly what it says on the tin!

It delivers upon its slogan – ‘The New You in 30 Days’

I have been using it now for a few months and I personally think its awesome!

I have never felt more motivated when I get on the exercise bike and really helps me push past my boundaries.

Since I started using it, I can tell you I have lost half an inch off my waistline (however my weight never really fluctuates – I tend to keep as lean as I can).

My endurance has definitely improved and I also have greater muscle tone on my legs.

But that’s just me!

There are over 200,000 people currently using Aaptiv.

Just check out what these other people have to say:

"I am a runner, but I get bored when I go to the gym to cross train. Aaptiv has completely transformed my workouts. I really love the spin classes. I don't like taking spin classes at the gym because if they're boring and I try to leave, the instructor gives me the death stare. Also, I don't need to spend an hour spinning. I'd rather spin for 1/2 hour, strength train for the other 1/2 hour. Aaptiv allows me to do that."
Aaptiv Testimonials 2
"This app has all the right ingredients to help develop new fitness habits and support movement toward goals. I'm in my fifth week and still feeling refreshed and motivated beyond the novel, honeymoon period. Trainers are encouraging and the sessions fit EVERY combination of time, frequency, level, type of exercise. I highly recommend giving it a try!!"
"Amazing app! Have been using it for 3 months now actively and it has helped kicked my life into shape!"
Aaptiv Testimonials

The Aaptiv Community

What I find great about these types of apps or programs is that it really does bring people together.

You’re able to share your thoughts and experiences with other like-minded people.

The community within Aaptiv are nothing short of inspirational.

People here share how they felt after taking part in certain classes – it really gives it that class environment.

You know where after a class, you talk to other members how they got on & have a laugh or a high five after.

You know what I mean…

Well, this is exactly how Aaptiv feels like.

Like-minded people coming together and taking the same path as you!


Final Say On Aaptiv

Aaptiv has a lot of great features that offer the next best thing to personal training – without the hefty cost!

You have clearly set out and fully guided classes coached by some of the best within the industry.

Aaptiv may not help you get out of bed to put in a good solid workout – but it sure does make it a lot easier!

You’ll have an instructor in your ear pushing you on  – telling you what to do.

It takes out any of the thought process and simply allows you to just focus on the training.

I honestly think Aaptiv is incredible and has really helped me reach my own fitness goals along with thousands of other people.

I find it to be one of the best indoor cycling class apps out there!

Why not try it yourself?

If you do have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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