Aaptiv Vs Peloton

Aaptiv and Peloton are two of the most popular fitness apps right now, but what if you can’t decide between the two?

If you take the time to learn more about these apps, you will have an easier time to find an option that works for you.

So read on and I’ll provide a full breakdown of each.


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Working with a personal trainer can transform your body. Aaptiv lets you connect with experienced trainers through your smartphone. The app connects you with 15 trainers in total and also gives access to more than 2,500 classes, with at least 30 new classes added every week. 

As Aaptiv offers such a wide range of workouts, it can give you an experience that is tailored to your needs. When you start using the app, you will be asked to answer questions about your current fitness levels and fitness goals. You will also be asked about your preferences for music, workout length, and workout frequency. 

After you have answered all these questions, you can start working out. Your training coach will assign you workouts to help you meet your goals. When you complete this, you have the option of completing other workouts too. 

All the workouts are set to music based on your preferences. You’ll get regular prompts from your personal trainer, which will help to keep you motivated. There’s also a team feature that will let you share your workouts with other users. 

What makes Aaptiv stand out from other workout apps is that it is audio-only. Trainers give clear instructions during workouts, talking you through each move. As the app doesn’t use video, you can exercise without looking at a screen.


Peloton is famous for its indoor exercise bikes, but the Peloton app can be used without purchasing the brand’s home gym equipment. The app lets you stream live and on-demand classes that are taught by expert instructors. As well as individual classes, you can take training programs that let you work towards specific goals. 

When you follow a class in the Peloton app, you will be able to see other people that are taking part in the class too. You can earn badges, which can motivate you to take on challenges and spend more time working out. 

The app adds new classes daily and often spotlights specific types of classes. As well as giving you video, trainers offer audio-based instructions, which makes it simple to follow along with a class even if you can’t see a screen clearly. 

The Peloton app offers a lot of cycling classes, but a variety of other classes are available too. If you don’t have a stationary bike, you can still get a guided workout experience.

Audio Vs Visual

So this all depends on how you exactly like to exercise.

You see Aaptiv solely provides audio-based workouts whereas Peloton is more focused on visual workouts where you watch and follow along to the instructors.

Now, Peloton do also offer audio workouts so it’s worth taking note of.

Aaptiv was designed specifically for people who prefer not to train or exercise without the distraction of any visual aid.

You simply pop your earphones in, listen and follow along to the instructor and give your full focus to the workout.


You don’t need any home workout equipment to work out with Aaptiv, apart from your stationary bike if you’re focusing on the cycling options. There are other workouts available that use equipment like yoga mats, resistance bands, and weights. You can select a workout that uses the equipment you have.

If you don’t have a stationary bike at home, you won’t be able to make much use of many of the classes offered by Peloton, though you will still be able to take part in Peloton Digital classes that don’t require workout equipment. 

As well as a stationary bike, there are many other accessories that you might want to consider using alongside these apps to get the most out of them. For example, if you use a heart rate monitor alongside the Peloton Digital app, you can track your metrics. Both Aaptiv and Peloton can be used with fitness trackers, like the Fitbit

Without an exercise bike, your options might be limited on Peloton, but Aaptiv can be used without any equipment.


An Aaptiv subscription costs $14.99 a month, which provides unlimited access to workouts, and lets you work alongside personal trainers. A year-long subscription can be bought for $99. 

A Peloton Digital subscription is priced at $12.99 a month. All-Access membership costs $39 a month. Peloton Digitial is designed for one user and gives access to studio and outdoor classes. All-Access membership is for people with a bike or treadmill and can be used by multiple people at the same time. 

Both apps offer a free trial, so you can test both out to see which one best suits your needs. Aaptiv offers a 30-day free trial, and Peloton Digital offers the same. Remember that if you don’t cancel by the end of the trial, you will be charged. 

But which app offers the best deal? For most users, Aaptiv is the more cost-effective option, as to get the best of Peloton, you will need to invest in some expensive pieces of exercise equipment. Peloton All-Access membership is quite pricey at $39 a month. 

One thing to consider too is the added price of your equipment of you’re looking for an app for indoor cycling. Peloton has it’s own stationary bike on the market, and you might wonder if you need to invest in their own bike to get the most out of the app.

You can use Peloton with any bike-setup, but you should know that during classes, your Peloton instructor will call out various resistance levels that correspond to their own bike. If you’re new to cycling, and aren’t sure how to set your own resistance to challenge yourself, getting a good workout at home on a DIY bike could be hard.

However, if you’re used to studio cycling and are familiar with your own resistance settings and know how to translate what the instructor is saying to what you need to do on a different machine to feel challenged, you don’t need to shell out for the branded bike. 


Both Aaptiv and Peloton offer guided cycling workouts for at-home cycling fans. Both apps have their own benefits and drawbacks, that will matter for different people. 

  • Best Overall Value – Aaptiv alone is cheaper than the Peloton All-Access, and much cheaper than a Peloton bike and app. 
  • Easiest to get going – Peloton. If you have the spare budget and don’t have the time or interest in finding and setting up your own bike hardware, or investing different software, and benefit from feeling accountable, the all-inclusive hardware and software package that Peloton offers is the fastest option from purchase to pedals. You can be up and running very quickly, with little effort from you, although this option isn’t cheap.
  • Best for on-the-go. If you often travel for work, you might prefer Aaptiv. As well as the cycling options, Aaptiv has a wide variety of workouts, many of which can be done bodyweight only, or with only very limited equipment. This is ideal for exercising in your hotel room or in a basic hotel gym before you can get back to your bike. Many of the workouts can also be done outdoors. Peloton is starting to add more variety of workouts onto the platform, with some outdoors, but Aaptiv currently has more and is always adding to their library. If you only want cycling, then this might not be a concern for you. 
  • Best ability to work out live – Peloton. Aaptiv does not currently offer live classes. This can make it easier to fit workouts into your schedule, but if you need the accountability of feeling as though you’re letting someone down by not showing up, then Peloton’s live classes could be the answer for you to keep you on track. 
  • Best Community – Peloton’s live classes attempt to cultivate community, but some riders report feeling as though they are more of an outsider looking in than an actual part of the studio experience. Everybody who uses Aaptiv is remote, so the social media community is a lot more active, which you might find more supportive and helpful. Aaptiv is known for their customer service, but bear in mind that in 2019, they were subject to complaints about the handling of customer credit card details, and the removal of popular classes and trainers. 
  • Best for motivation – This will depend on what personally motivates you. Peloton’s live classes might have the edge here if you can afford them. On the other hand, if you find screens distracted and feel as though you get the best workout when you can tune into your own body and how you feel to push yourself, then the audio-only workouts on Aaptiv might work better for you. 

The best cycling app for you will depend on your budget, your goals, your equipment, your lifestyle, and what you find motivating. If you want to buy one thing and only use it for home workouts, have a larger budget, and need more motivation, then Peloton’s bike and app might be the best option.

If you want more flexibility to use your own equipment, try other kinds of workouts, and workout away from home, then the cheaper Aaptiv option will work better. You can try the free trials of both apps to see which you prefer before making a final decision and parting with your hard-earned cash.


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