Apex Rides Review

The home studio indoor cycling bike experience is a whole new market that’s been developed over the last few years thanks to developments in technology where you can literally have your own private indoor cycling class experience all from the comfort of your own home.

The most common names you’ve more than likely heard of is the likes of Peloton, Echelon or possibly NordicTrack.

However, now there is a new kid on the block.

Welcome in Apex Rides.

Quick Overview

Apex Rides

Apex is the latest company to have developed a brand new exercise bike where you can connect up to their own online cycling class network and take advantage of hundreds of different workouts.

Now, the bike hasn’t officially been released as of yet.

It’s due for release on November 2020.

However, you can pre-order the bike now for delivery in November.

Why was this new bike developed in what seems to be an already saturated niche?

Well, Apex seen there was a gap in the market.

And that gap was affordability.

You see to purchase a Peloton bike, now just the bike – it’s going to cost you a minimum of £1,990 ($2,570).

This is the basic package bear in mind.

The subscription is then £39 ($50) each month thereafter.


The Apex bike comes in at a very affordable price of £1,200 with a monthly subscription of £30.

So Who Is It Suited To?

If you really enjoy indoor cycling and prefer to have that fully immersive indoor cycling class experience.

The this is the bike for you!

And at only at a fraction of the cost compared to the likes of Peloton.

Due to the lower price-point it makes the bike more accessible to people who want that full exercise class experience and be able to workout from their own home.

Apex Rides are sure to give you a great workout where you can watch and follow along to London based cycling instructors in their Boom Cycle studio.

It's Look

Apex Bike in White
Apex Bike in Black

I must say, at first glance this bike is very aesthetically pleasing.

It has a smooth, compact and ergonomic shape to it with the flywheel placed at the back compared to that of standard bikes where the flywheel is in front.

It comes in 4 different colours:

  • Black
  • White
  • Navy
  • Sand

Apex wanted the design and look of the bike to blend in and complement furnishings inside the homes of today.

Most exercise bikes tend to be an eyesore sitting in the corner of the room but with the Apex bike it seems like it can really add to the fashion of homes today.

It’s also a great talking point too!

The Studio Experience at Home

Apex Spin Class

Apex really wants to bring the local exercise class into your living room.

So, here you’re able to take part in live classes or On-Demand 24/7.

Apex have exclusively partnered up with Boom Cycle.

They have 10 of their instructors who are fully qualified and skilled in teaching and guiding you through your  session.

The Apex bike has no in-built screen so it requires the use of an iPad or iPhone to connect up to it’s classes.

Currently there is no platform for it yet on Android but it’s soon to be in pipeline.

The Bluetooth connectivity within the bike will be able to connect up to your device so you can see all of your cycling metrics on-screen.

All of the instructors are upbeat, motivating and really try get the best from you so you can get the best workout possible.

What’s great is there is a very fun element of competition involved if you wish to take part.

Try and make your way up the leaderboards and challenge yourself to push harder to reach the #1 position!

It’s a very fun, immersive and motivating experience that’s also going to have you melting fat away in no time!

Key Features

Now, lets take a better look at the bike itself and see what key features it has.

4kg Flywheel

A very light flywheel – lighter than I would usually recommend for a flywheel weight but Apex have said they have purposefully designed it like this so it’s more convenient to move around your home.

With this weight of flywheel, you will find it very easy to take off and begin pedalling with but it should also provide enough weight and resistance to deliver a smooth enough ride.

Bluetooth Connected

Fully Bluetooth enabled, the Apex bike allows you to connect to your iPad or iPhone and deliver all of your cycling data on screen such as distance, cadence and speed.

This will measure your power output so you can see how well your doing during the class.

Dumbbell Holder

A great feature to have on exercise bikes nowadays.

Some of the classes within the app are going to allow you to work your arms as well as your legs.

Now, the dumbbells aren’t included with the purchase of the bike – these are sold separately. 

Tablet Holder

So, like I said the Apex bike doesn’t come with a screen but you are able to use your iPad or iPhone that can be placed on the tablet holder directly in front of you.

I would however consider using an iPad as it will give for a better, fully immersive experience.

Even better, cast it up to your TV and really get the most out of it!

Duel Pedals

What’s awesome on the Apex bike is that it has duel pedals – both caged feet and SPD.

You can use your standard exercise trainers or a pair of cleats and clip them onto the pedals.

It’s up to you.

To get a more effective and powerful workout, I would recommend using the SPD side of the pedal as it allows you to put out maximum effort on both the pull and push motion of the pedalling.


Currently the Apex bike is being sold at a very affordable price of £1,200 with the monthly subscription of £30.00.

This is incredible value for money as you’re not only receiving a great looking exercise bike but participating in a fully immersive exercise class right from your own home.

Like I said, comparing this to the likes of Peloton – it’s a no brainer!

You’ll get the same experience but at a lesser cost to you.

My Rating


I have to say, I really like this bike and the service that Apex provide for a few reasons.

Firstly, the bike itself looks incredible.

It’s stylish, neat and compact with great colour options.

I prefer the black – it’s just really sleek looking.

Secondly, the features that the bike comes with;

  • Bluetooth
  • SPD Pedals
  • Dumbbell holder

Really great features to have that allow for a more varied and personal workout.

Thirdly, the service provided in the form of their subscription is next to none.

Boom Cycle is probably one of the most well-known indoor cycling studios in London that offer awesome classes.

With Apex now having that exclusive partnership with them, you just know you’re going to get an incredible workout each time!

And lastly

The price.

This is what really differentiates Apex from other home studio exercise bikes such as Peloton or Echelon.

At an incredible price of just £1,200 and a £30 per month subscription – it really makes the Apex the easier choice when deciding what to buy.

I think it’s a great bike that everyone can enjoy.

You’ll be motivated to workout, to push past your own boundaries and ultimately melt away that unwanted fat all whilst improving your cardiovascular system.


If you do wish to check it out, click the link below.

If you do have any questions, drop me a message and be sure to get back to you.

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    1. Hi John

      The bike isn’t intended for the use with Zwift. In saying that though, the bike has Bluetooth installed within itself and possibly could be paired with Zwift to measure your power and cadence.

  1. Good morning.
    Is the Apex bike magnetic resistance? I couldn’t find this out anywhere which is strange because I personally think it’s a very good selling point.

    1. Hi Jonathan

      Yes, the bike has magnetic resistance and you can cancel your membership at anytime if it doesn’t suit you but unfortunately won’t get access to all it’s features

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