Are Sunny Health Indoor Bikes Good

There is a lot of different brands of indoor cycling bikes on the market today simply because indoor cycling is bigger and more popular than it has ever been.

Whenever you’re looking for your first or next indoor bike, you want to make sure that the bike you eventually end up getting is made from the upmost quality in regards to the bike itself but also the service provided.

Now, there are a lot of main players in this industry but one that will always stand out is Sunny Health & Fitness.

So you may be wondering – are Sunny Health bikes any good?

Well, the overall answer to this is yes!

Without question.

But what is it that makes Sunny Health & Fitness bikes so good?

Well let’s dive a little deeper and see what you get for your money.

Sunny Health & Fitness – The Brand Name

Sunny Health & Fitness Company

Sunny Health & Fitness have been in the fitness industry for over a decade now and are one of the leading fitness equipment distributors across the globe.

They are headquartered in Los Angeles, California and Xiamen (China) and work along with leading manufacturers to deliver quality and competitively priced fitness equipment directly to you.

Sunny seen a gap in the market where some other indoor bike distributors where selling their bikes at a higher price point which would be too costly for the majority of the population.

So Sunny delivers on the promise of providing quality made and durable indoor bikes at a more affordable price where anyone can benefit from having an indoor bike in their own home.


When designing and building an indoor bike, one the of the key features it must have is durability.

As a rider puts all of their effort and energy into the bike, it can cause a lot of stress on the bike itself.

If a bike is not made well, the bike may start show signs of wear and tear very easily.

This is why indoor bikes needs to be made with the upmost quality.

Each part of a Sunny bike has all created to make sure they can handle pressure under extreme circumstances such as when a rider is cranking the resistance up to it’s maximum through tough pedal patterns.

Firstly, the Sunny bike frames are made from alloy steel.

Sunny Health Indoor Bike Frame

This is going to give the bike the greatest amount of durability and ensure that the bike can handle the maximum user weight.

All of the ‘weak points’ on an indoor bike such as the stand connecting to the legs are all meticulously welded together to ensure resilience to stress and pressure.

Secondly, the handlebars, pedals and saddle are designed to provide optimum comfort along with helping you to maintain proper indoor bike form with adjustable points.


Like I said, Sunny Health & Fitness want to make their indoor bikes available to the majority of people.

This is why they sell their bikes at a lower price point compared to other indoor cycling distributors.

A Sunny bike can range anywhere from $199 to $1,212 however the average price you would pay for a Sunny bike is around $530.

A bike in this price range will provide some incredible features that makes your indoor cycling more effective, comfortable and enjoyable.

Types Of Resistance

There are 3 main types of resistances that Sunny use on their bikes. These are:

  • Felt Pads (Friction Resistance)
  • Leather Pad (Friction Resistance)
  • Magnets (Magnetic Resistance)
Resistances On Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Bikes

Bikes that have friction resistance either with felt or leather pads tend to be installed within their lower priced indoor bikes.

This is simply because it is easier for these types of pads to be made and mounted to the bike.

You will generally pay more for an indoor bike that has magnetic resistance. However the price difference between these isn’t massive.

The other reason is that a magnetic bike tends to be more sought after because it provides a very quiet and silent rotation when resistance is cranked up.

There is also virtually no maintenance involved with a magnetic resistance bike as there is no physical connection between the magnets and the flywheel.

Types of Drivetrain

There is 2 types of drivetrain you’ll get within a Sunny bike, or any indoor bike for that matter.

  • Chain Driven
  • Belt Driven

Just like a lot of other brand names in indoor cycling, Sunny bikes can either come with a belt drivetrain or chain drivetrain.

A belt driven indoor bike is going to give you a quieter cycle as there’s no metal clanking over the sprocket with the likes of a chain driven indoor bike.

This is more favoured in indoor bikes.

Not to rule out chain driven bikes. These are still incredible at providing an awesome workout but there is more noise and more maintenance required such as lubricating the chain every now and again.

Flywheel Weights

Now you may or may not know that the flywheel is a very important component on an indoor bike.

But what is more important is the weight of it.

You see, the general rule of thumb is that the heavier the flywheel – the smoother your cycling will be.

This is simply down to physics.

As you begin to pedal, the flywheel will turn slowly. However after you have created momentum – inertia kicks in and with that ‘weighted’ flywheel the cycle will run consistent and smooth.

Usually with lighter flywheel, you may feel an inconsistent and slightly shaky ride.

Now, Sunny offer their bikes in a range of flywheel weights however most of them range between 30lbs (13kg) to 49lbs (22kg).

Flywheel Weights On Sunny Health & Fitness Bikes

Generally I think a flywheel weight between 18kg-20kg (39lbs-44lbs) is spot on!

Sunny Health & Fitness Bikes I Recommend

When choosing the right Sunny Indoor Bike, there are 2 that I would recommend based on certain factors.

Most Affordable

If budget and affordability is an issue but you still want an awesome bike that will provide an excellent workout then I recommend the Sunny Health & Fitness SF B-1423.

  • Great 18kg (40lb) Flywheel
  • Belt Driven
  • LCD Monitor

Best Features

If you feel you want the best that Sunny offers, then I would recommend the Sunny Health & Fitness SF B-1986.

  • 20kg (44lb) Flywheel
  • Magnetic Resistance
  • Belt Driven
  • Phone/Tablet Holder
  • Dumbbell Holder
  • Performance Monitor
  • Duel Pedals

My Thoughts

So over the past few years I’ve tried and tested a lot of different indoor bikes.

There is some bikes that blow it out of the water but unfortunately come in at a high price.

And then there is bikes that simply just don’t make the cut.

However, anytime I come across a Sunny indoor bike I can honestly say that each one of them holds the best in quality standards.

Some may come with more features than others. However this is always reflected in the price.

Even their bikes that have the best top features always seem to come in just that bit more affordable compared to other brand names in the same category of indoor bike.

In overall, I think Sunny offer incredible indoor bikes that match a number of peoples different needs.

If you’re after an indoor bike that you want to last years from now at an affordable price – Sunny is the brand you want!

I hope this give you some insight into their bikes.

If you do have any questions, please drop them below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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