Benefits Of Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is becoming an ever before popular form of exercise due to its incredible health benefits. People may think that indoor cycling is just another way of losing weight. I mean, yes they are right but there is so many other health benefits to it than you actually think.

It is a stationary machine so it doesn’t go anywhere unlike an actual outdoor bike but the principles are still the same. Indoor exercise bikes have a weighted flywheel that goes through its own technical process that requires motion from you. This motion is what provides the benefits you will now see.

So, without further ado let’s have a look at some of these fantastic benefits & get you started!

14 Benefits of Indoor Cycling

1. Burns Fat

Without question – this is one of the major benefits of indoor cycling. In order for you to melt fat away you need to be in a state of motion or create kinetic energy – for the scientific minds out there.

By doing this, it increases your heart rate and pumps blood quicker through your body, this is the basic understanding of how you ‘work up a sweat’.

So, by your legs constantly moving up and down against the resistance of the bike you are exerting more effort and burning fat (burning calories).

After a good high-intensity workout for 45 minutes you could burn off around 500 calories! 

Imagine spin cycling for just 45 minutes a day over a week – that’s an epic 3,500 calories!

Burns fat

2. Healthy Heart

This is one of thee most important organs you must take care of to live a happy, healthy life. According to some health experts, even just by brisk walking for 25 minutes a day you can add another 7 YEARS ONTO YOUR LIFE.

Indoor cycling is great for the heart as whether you are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Low Intensity Steady State Cardio (LISS) for the duration of your workout, you can guarantee that your heart will be pumping keeping it active, strong and healthy.

Your heart is basically like the furnace of your body and as long as you keep it fired up (through exercise) it will keep you fit and healthy your entire life.

3. Toned Quads & Bum

Without question, two of the major muscle groups that you are going to tone is your quadriceps and bum (Gluteus Maximus).  

As these two muscle groups are basically the driving force that pushes through that resistance of indoor cycling, you will notice them very achy after a hard cycling session on the bike. This ‘achiness’ feeling is your body repairing any damage done from said cycling session – which by the way is totally natural and supposed to happen.

This process then makes the muscle fibres stronger and more tightly bonded which is the result of toned quads and bum.

Pedalling faster at low resistance will promote toning whilst pedalling slower and high resistance will promote muscle growth. 

Toned quads and bum

4. Strong Core & Back

When indoor cycling, your session may consist of sitting and standing a lot of times! So when you are changing position, your body needs to find the correct alignment so you can push on through the session. This helps to develop a stronger core and back.

At the time when you are cycling, you won’t necessarily notice your core or back being involved but I can tell you now that you’ll feel it the next day!

Once again, totally natural and sure it only helps to make you stronger and push yourself further.

5. Endorphin Rush

Indoor cycling helps to release endorphins (happy hormones) into your body as after an indoor cycling session you’ll feel a lot better about yourself. This has a great effect on your mood and keeps your mental state healthy and happy.

Indoor cycling is a great physical way of letting go of any stress and negative thoughts as it puts you in a stronger state of mind. The challenge alone with indoor cycling helps to build mental strength, discipline and determination.

Endorphin Rush

6. Flexible Joints

Indoor cycling is a low impact exercise and is usually performed in high intensities – this helps to keep hip flexors and knee joints well oiled and flexible

7. Increases Stamina

With consistency, dedication and persistence you will start to see just how well your stamina improves through the use of indoor cycling.

To get a good workout, a 45-minute session is generally recommended. Now, these 45-minutes can feel like hell at times but the next time you jump on the bike, you’ll notice that you are able to go that bit longer!

Even if you are just doing some light steady state cardio, you’ll still see some incredible benefits in your stamina.

8. Increased Cardiovascular System

This is another major benefit of indoor cycling.

Your cardiovascular system can be defined as ‘how far you can go before getting out of breath’ at its very basic level. So just the same as your stamina, with dedication and consistency you will see yourself improving day by day without running out of breath as quite as easy.

They say ‘Tomorrow’s warm up is yesterday’s workout’.

9. Reduced Risk of Hurt

Spin cycling is different to other forms of exercise such as running, weight lifting or even outdoor biking such as mountain biking as it is a low impact exercise

This means less chance of injury.

These other forms of exercise can over a long period take its toll on your body and may even cause injury.

However, spin cycling is a great exercise routine to get into especially if you suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis. 

Reduced risk of injury

10. Monitor Your Progress

The awesome thing about some exercise bikes is that they offer a monitor that allows you to keep track of your calories, distance, resistance and time.

This can be a great motivator and helps you to push through your own boundaries to achieve better results.

Monitor your progress

11. Betters Immune System

Simply by exercising, improving your stamina which in turn will improve your cardiovascular system, you’ll notice your health becoming a lot better.

With this knock on effect, your immune system will improve so it will help to keep away colds, flus and any diseases.

If you do suffer from illness and find you are catching the common cold more often than you should be, well getting hold of an indoor cycling bike could be an excellent solution for you.

12. Tempo Control

The good thing about indoor cycling bikes is that they offer the option of controlling your own pace. Resistance can be turned up or down easily with a push of a button or turn of a knob.

It just gives you more liberty in choosing how you want to exercise.

13. Suits all Fitness Levels

When using an indoor cycling bike you control your pace, you control your resistance – stick to the speed you want to go at.

It doesn’t matter what your level of fitness is whether your an athlete or a complete beginner, anyone can learn it and pick it up. You’re in control at all times and can match your intensity to your fitness level.

14. Weather-Proof Exercise

The last benefit of indoor cycling is that you don’t need to watch the weather to see when you can exercise. It’s all indoors so you don’t need to rely on the weather to burn off those unwanted calories.

Indoor Cycling Training

So there you have it, 13 outstanding benefits of indoor cycling that will help improve your cardio, stamina, strength, mood and overall health. is a great website that also approves of these benefits.

I hope you found these points helpful and if you have any further questions, drop me a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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