Best Exercise Bikes UK Buyers Guide

Exercise bikes are excellent pieces of fitness equipment that can provide all the cardio you need to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Improve your endurance…..of course!

Lose a few pounds…..easy!

Maintain a healthy heart…..definitely!

Whether you’re looking for an exercise bike to train during the winter months, to add to your home gym or simply as a space saving cardio-packed fitness piece then I’m here to show you the best exercise bikes that are available to UK buyers.

Things To Consider Before You Buy

Where Am I Putting My Exercise Bike?

This is first and foremost – You need to look at where you are planning to put your exercise bike.

Depending on the exercise bike, one my be different in size than another.

Make sure that there is enough room just around that area also to allow for proper movement of your legs and for adjusting the seat up, down, back or forth.

So measure out your area and keep your dimensions in mind.

Check out Anne Roderique-Jones post on how she sets up her area.

My Budget

Secondly, your budget.

How much are you planning to spend on an exercise bike?

Most decent exercise bikes range from between as little as £100 to £600.

However, if you really want to invest in a top of the range bike then you could be looking in the ranges of £900 to £2,700.

In my opinion, the less expensive bikes work just as well as the more expensive exercise bikes simply without all the bells and whistles.

But don’t worry, I’ll discuss them all here.

The Type Of Exercise Bike I Want

Right, next you need to decide what exercise bike you’re looking for exactly.

There are 4 main ones:

  • An Upright Exercise Bike
  • A Recumbent Exercise Bike
  • An Air Bike
  • An Indoor Cycling Bike (Racer)

Each one of these comes with it’s own pros and cons.

It’s a matter of weighing up what is best for you.

So, for example:

  • The Upright Bike (suited to someone who wants a good workout but not put too much strain on the hip or knee joints)
  • The Recumbent Bike (suited to someone who enjoys a good, solid workout but prefers a comfortable back support to take stress off the lower joints)
  • The Air Bike (suited to someone who wants the absolute most out of their workout. It works both arms and legs – this packs a serious cardio punch!)
  • The Indoor Cycling Bike (suited to someone who has a real enjoyment for cycling or loves a good HIIT session)

What Resistance Should I Look Out For?

So, resistance comes in a few forms:

  • Magnetic
  • Friction 
  • Air

Magnetic resistance is when two magnets are at either side of the flywheel in front or back.

The closer they are together – the greater the resistance.

Friction resistance is when two cotton felt pads replace the magnets

Same function however can be slightly noisier as the pads push against the flywheel to slow it down, causing resistance.

Air resistance is when air passes over the fan’s blades resulting in drag. The harder you pedal, the faster the blades turn resulting in in greater airflow over them causing resistance.

The Best Upright Exercise Bikes You Can Get!

Ultrasport F-Bike

Ultrasport F-Bike

Key Features

The Ultrasport F-Bike comes in as the least expensive upright bike you can buy.

There are concerns that with a bike being collapsible that it loses it’s robustness. However, not in this case!

Ultrasport are one of the leading manufacturers that produce home exercise equipment – they understand that customers want less expensive, space saving equipment without sacrificing sturdiness.

The bike itself weighs 18kgs with a wide base and surface gripped pads so you can cycle as hard as you can go without any real shakiness.

It can be easily folded away and compacts right down to 20 x 19 x 52 inches.

Ideal for small rooms!

You can check out my full review of it here! 

York Upright Exercise Bike

York Upright Exercise Bike

Key Features

The York Upright Bike is an incredibly sturdy home exercise bike.

It has a large seat for optimum comfort and a wide base to provide ultimate sturdiness.

You can cycle your own way using the 8 different levels of resistance or choose from one of the 4 preset workouts or fitness test to provide that guided workout.

The large LCD screen is great to track your time, distance, speed, pulse and calories burned.

Great looking bike from a leading manufacturer!

Check out my full review here.

DKN AM-E Upright Exercise Bike

DKN-AM-E Upright Exercise Bike

Key Features

The DKN AM-E is a well designed and very stylish bike for the small price it comes in at.

First thing to notice is the large blue LCD console in front.

Here you take advantage of the 32 levels of resistance!

Or select one of the 12 pre-set programmes already installed that can help deliver a sweat!

Here you can measure speed, time, distance, watt and calories burned – great to see just how well your workout is going.

The DKN AM-E has been built to the highest standards and provides the ultimate sturdiness so you can cycle with full confidence!

Schwinn 570U

Schwinn 570U Upright Exercise Bike

Key Features

The Schwinn 570U is an awesome upright bike that is slightly pricier than the others here however it delivers a whole host of incredible features.

First off, it has 3.5kg magnetic flywheel that allows you to cycle as hard as you want with minimal noise.

It has a large and very beautiful LCD training console with 2 screens. Here you can select your preferred level of resistance, choose one of the 29 pre-installed programmes but also monitor your calories burned, speed, time and distance.

Track your heart rate via contact and telemetry monitors then use the Bluetooth to sync your data with Schwinn® Connect™, the Schwinn® Trainer™ App, My FitnessPal and other Under Armour Connected Fitness Apps.

Perfect motivation to help you keep your goals in line!

NordicTrack GX 4.4 Pro Cycle

NordicTrack GX 4.4 Pro Cycle Exercise Bike

Key Features

The NordicTrack GX 4.4 Pro Cycle is the priciest of the upright bikes on this list.

With this bike you get what you pay for!

It comes with a host of amazing features that provides the ultimate workout but maintaining comfort and stability at the same time.

This bike has an awesome display where you can choose your own resistance level or take advantage of one of the 30 different workout apps.

Measure all of your data such as speed, time, distance and calories burned which can then be synced via Bluetooth to any workout trainer such as MyFitnessPal.

If you’re really putting a hard workout in – not to worry! The NordicTrack has you covered thanks to the AutoBreeze fan installed within it.

Stay cool while training!

The Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes You Can Get

UltraSport Recumbent F-Bike

Ultrasport Recumbent F-Bike

Key Features

The Ultrasport F-Bike is the least expensive in the recumbent exercise bike list.

Yes, it does have a simple design to it but don’t let that mistake you for unreliability.

It has a robust design with padded seat and backrest to provide a comforted cycle everytime.

It can provide a mean workout allowing you to choose from 8 different levels of resistance.

Best of all, it compacts down to a size of 36 x 45 x 142cm – great if you’re running low in space in your home!

It’s a great bike if you’re a person who wants to build their training up gradually!

V-Fit G-RC

V-Fit G-RC Recumbent Bike

Key Features

The V-Fit G-RC has a more recumbent design than the F-Bike and better for someone who wants to take the pressure off their joints!

It’s a well designed bike that provides comfort along with an effective workout.

The 8 resistance levels allow you to increase your power whilst the LCD Display provides all relevant information on your time, distance, speed and calories burned.

It has a 6kg cast iron magnetic flywheel at the front that is completely friction free so you can cycle as hard as you want with very minimal noise.

XS Sports Recumbent Bike

XS Sports Recumbent Bike

Key Features

The XS Sports Recumbent bike is a great, sturdy and well-made bike you can get for your money.

It has an easy to step into design with no bar in the middle that you have to step over – ideal if your recovering from knee or hip replacement surgery.

The seat can be adjusted up, down back or forth to get the perfect position along with a large padded seat and backrest to provide optimum comfort.

The 8 resistance levels allow you to exercise effectively and increase your volume gradually.

It has a 4kg magnetic bi-directional flywheel which means you can cycle both clockwise and anti-clockwise – a great way to build strength and mobility in your legs and hips.

ProForm 325 CSX

ProForm 325 CSX Recumbent Exercise Bike

Key Features

The ProForm 320 CSX bike is the next step up.

Slightly more pricier than the others but comes along with a host of additional features!

It has a Digital Silent Magnetic Resistance ranging from 1-22% along with an inertia enhanced flywheel and a freewheel clutch that keeps the motion of the bike consistent at all times – providing that feel of a real road bike!

It has a large multi-functional LCD screen in front where you can select any one of 24 pre-set workouts along with measuring your time, distance, speed and calories burned.

It is iFit Bluetooth enabled so you can get access to a new workout everyday, track your progress or replicate real life runs with Google Maps

An amazing feature !

NordicTrack Commercial VR21

NordicTrack Commercial VR21 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Key Features

The NordicTrack Commercial VR21 is the most expensive on the recumbent bike list here.

And there is a reason why!

It’s a incredibly robust and sturdy bike designed by one of the leading manufacturers in fitness equipment.

It has a fully ergonomic step-through design with large padded seat and comforting backrest so you can exercise effectively with optimum comfort.

This bike is also iFit Bluetooth enabled so you can track and sync all of your training data along with a host of many other features.

Choose from one of 32 pre-set workouts or cycle at your own pace with the 25 levels of resistance.

You’re guaranteed to work up a sweat with this bike!

The Best Air Bikes You Can Get

V-Fit ATC 1 Air Cycle

V-Fit ATC 1 Air Bike

Key Features

The V-Fit ATC 1 is the least expensive in the air bike category here.

It’s a great bike that provides a simple yet effective all body workout.

You can use it as an air bike or demount the handles and use it as an ordinary exercise bike.

It has 5 functions that allow you to increase resistance with the adjustable tape adding further resistance to your cycle.

If you’re after an air bike but have a low budget, this may be the bike for you!

SportPlus Fan Bike

SportPlus Fan Bike

Key Features

The SportPlus is a very stylish and robust air bike.

It has an adjustable fan belt that allows you to increase or decrease the resistance.

The air turbine further adds to the resistance by creating drag over the blades and boosts the training effect.

The large padded seat can be adjusted from 70cm to 88cm in order for you to find the correct height for you.

The training console provides all the relevant information you need in regards to speed, time, distance and odometer.

Great at keeping track of your workout.

Schwinn Airdyne AD2

Schwinn Airdyne AD2 Duel Action Air Cycle

Key Features

The Schwinn Airdyne AD2 is a perfectly designed air bike made by the one and only Schwinn!

It’s an incredibly well made and durable bike that allows you to push yourself to your upper limits so you can really benefit from a heart pounding workout.

Work your upper and lower body whilst keeping track of your speed, distance, RPM, time and calories burned.

The seat has been designed so that you can workout to your best ability without feeling uncomfortable.

Schwinn has a patent pending fan that displaces the air effectively so that it requires greater effort to spin the turbine with each pedal.

Schwinn Airdyne AD6

Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Duel Action Air Cycle

Key Features

The Schwinn AD6 is the next step up from the AD2.

The main differences is that it has a 2 drive belts compared to the one with the AD2 and it has a larger LCD display that is actually closer to you during your workout.

It’s a great, stylish air bike that really helps you get every drop of juice out of your workout especially with the RevMeter RPM Gauge.

It tells you how hard your pushing with every rotation of the pedals and handlebars.

An excellent air bike to have if you feel your budget can stretch that bit further.

Schwinn Airdyne AD8

Schwinn Airdyne AD8 Duel Action Air Cycle

Key Features

This is the head honcho of the Schwinn air bike family

The Airdyne AD8

Straight away you can notice the size of the wind turbine in front – almost twice the size of the AD6 model!

This has larger blades that generates a greater drag so that you can really get the added benefit from your workout.

It has an even larger LCD display that provides all the relevant information you need such as speed, RPM, distance, calories burned, time and power.

It has 9 preset programmes you can choose from such as Interval, Target, Heart Rate, Fat Burn, Aerobic and Anaerobic.

Great if you really want a challenge to burn off those unwanted calories!

The Best Indoor Cycling Bikes You Can Get

XS Sports XS012

XS Sports XS012 Spin Bike

Key Features

The XS Sports XS012 is a great, affordable indoor cycling bike that really provides an awesome workout every time!

It has a 15kg flywheel – so it does make you work to produce consistent rotation.

The resistance is friction based by 2 cotton felt pads at either end of the flywheel. These are very durable and will last you years to come.

The bike itself is very sturdy and completely durable so you can cycle to your upmost ability without any form of shakiness.

Check out my full review of the XS Sports XS012 bike here.

JLL IC300 Pro

JLL IC300 Pro Spin Bike

Key Features

The JLL IC300 is another great affordable indoor cycling bike you can pick up!

It has a very sleek design but maintaining full durability at the same time.

It has an 18kg flywheel that makes you deliver that extra effort to keep the wheel in motion.

Friction based felt pads create the resistance with the turn of the large brightly coloured turn crank helping to make your workout more effective.

It has a 3-piece crank system on the pedals making it stronger and more reliable when working out. It also create a smooth and consistent flow so feels like your riding a real mountain bike.

The LCD display shows your speed, time, distance, pulse and calories burned – everything you need to know!

Body Power SP.IC14

Body Power SP.IC14 Spin Bike

Key Features

The Body Power SP.IC14 is great value for money bike.

It has a 14kg flywheel, the lightest out of the indoor cycling bike category here so it’s ideal for beginners or someone looking to slowly build their strength and endurance.

This bike also has friction based resistance with a quick release tension adjuster.

It has a 3-piece crank and chain driven pedals that makes for a smooth and reliable cycle.

You can also pop your phone or tablet in front and watch your favourite movies, listen to a cardio burning playlist or even cycle along to your favourite cycling apps.

BH Fitness SB 1.8

BH Fitness SB 1.8 Spin Bike

Key Features

If you’re a indoor cycling bike enthusiast or a racer then the BH Fitness SB 1.8 may just be the bike you’re after.

Coming with a slightly higher price tag – this bike has everything you need to get a proper cycling session from.

Made from steel, this bike is completely robust and durable so you can cycle to your hearts content without ever worrying about any shaking.

It has an amazing flywheel weight of 20kgs – this is guaranteed to get your heart pumping and breaking a sweat alright!

The belt driven system allows you to cycle with less noise and less and chance of repairs.

The resistance is applied through friction that comes in from the top rather than the sides. This creates instant resistance from one turn of the crank.

A great all round exercise bike!

BH Fitness I Spada 2

BH Fitness I Spada Spin Bike

Key Features

If you’re after an indoor cycling bike or racer that offers all the bells and whistles yet still affordable then the BH Fitness I Spada 2 may be what you’re after.

This is an awesome indoor cycling bike that is going to take your workouts to new levels.

It has 24 different intensity levels you can choose from beginner to advanced all generated by both magnetic and friction based resistance by the 20kg flywheel.


You can track all of your data via the large monochrome LCD monitor that shows your speed, RPM, distance, ODO, pulse, watts and calories burned.

You can also monitor your telemetric heart rate with a chest strap and connect it via Bluetooth technology.

It’s an unbelievable bike that will really work up a sweat!

So there you have it!

A complete breakdown on the best exercise bikes you can get your hands on in the UK.

Whatever type of bike you feel is best for you, these bikes are guaranteed to help you work up a sweat, improve your endurance, strength and mobility.


If you have any questions, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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    1. Hi Dave,

      Sorry that Spada 2 isn’t compatible with the Peloton app just yet but may have the functionality in the future

  1. Your advice has been invaluable! I am a spin instructor now teaching via zoom. Have a second hand bike which has done the job so far but really need a new one now. Can you recommend between these two:
    Body Power SP IC20
    JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Bike

    I am only about 45kg and 5’ tall but manage a powerful workout!
    Thank you very much!


    1. Hi Archana,

      Thankyou! It’s great that we have access to features such as Zoom were can continue teaching our classes.

      Between these two bikes I would recommend the BodyPower SPIC20.
      Both have a 20kg flywheel which is a great weight but I just prefer the setup and look of the SP IC20 – it’s much more streamlined!

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