Best Folding Exercise Bikes

Is space a problem in your home but you’re looking to get your daily dose of exercise in without going to the gym?

Well, a folding exercise is probably what you’re after.

There’s a whole host of them out there but what we’re looking at here is the best folding exercise bikes you can get for your money.

Things To Consider Before You Buy

Where Are You Putting Your Exercise Bike?

So, first things first.

Have a look at the area where you’re planning on using your exercise bike.

Will it have the space to hold it bearing in mind that the bike will fold out to almost twice its width?

It should be no problem when it’s folded and put away for the day but just be aware of your dimensions when you’ll actually be using it.

Your Budget

Always work within your budget.

The good thing about folding exercise bikes is that they are a lot less expensive compared to other exercise bikes.

Folding exercise bikes can range from as little as £69 to £299.

Obviously higher priced bikes have greater features but even the lower prices bikes still offer a good solid workout.

Recumbent or Upright?

So what type of folding exercise bike are you after?

Recumbent or upright?

The difference between the two is simply that recumbent bikes have a backrest with a slightly more laid back design, whereas upright bikes just have a padded saddle.

Recumbent bikes are more designed for people with poor mobility, have arthritis or are recovering after knee or hip surgery.

This helps take the weight and pressure off their lower back and joints.

Choose what you feel is best for you.

Your Workout Intensity

Coming down to the actual workout now.

All folding exercise bikes do provide an excellent form of exercise that will help improve endurance, strength and mobility all whilst maintaining a strong and healthy heart.

Now, some of the bikes discussed here do vary in workout intensities and what you actually get out of your workout.

However, I’ll show what level of fitness a person is suited to for each bike.

Best Folding Exercise Bikes You Can Get !

Price : High To Low

ProForm X-Bike DUO

Proform X-Bike DUO Folding Exercise Bike

Key Features

The ProFrom X-Bike comes in at one of the priciest on the list at around £299.

It’s one of the most expensive due to all the amazing features it has.

This bike is a duo so it can be used as a recumbent and also in an upright position!

It’s an incredibly sturdy and robust bike that can easily handle any tough workout you have so you can cycle in confidence!

There is a beautiful, crystal clear LCD display that allows you to see all of your metrics such as speed, time, distance, RPM and calories burned.

It also has 14 pre-set training sessions from beginner right through to advanced and also 14 different resistance levels so you should have no problem in finding the right level of exercise for you.

If that’s not good enough – how about cycling around your favourite area or somewhere you’e never been.

The Proform is iFit Bluetooth Smart enabled so it allows you to connect to Google Maps so you cycle anywhere you want!

An amazing bike that will surely have you working up a sweat!

Exerpeutic 525 XLR

Exerpeutic 525XLR Folding Exercise Bike

Key Features

The Exerpeutic 525 XLR is an awesome heavy duty bike that can hold an incredible weight up to over 28 stone!

Due to this level of robustness you can cycle and workout as hard as you want without experiencing any shakiness or unsteadiness.

It has 8 different levels of resistance enabling you to choose the best resistance for you that’s going to work up a sweat!

A large seat and backrest just give you that added comfort when cycling along with large pedals with safety straps to ensure your feet stay secure at all times. 

It’s an excellent folding exercise bike if you’re after something with durability!

Pleny Exercise Bike

Pleny Folding Exercise Bike

Key Features

The Pleny exercise bike is a well designed bike that has a ‘S’ curve to it’s frame.

This is great for easier access on and off the bike and is able to fold away for neatly due to this design.

It has an incredible 16 levels of resistance so you can keep pushing through those boundaries and get a better workout everytime!

The LCD display shows all the relevant information you need in terms of speed, time, distance, odo, calories burned and pulse which is picked up through the pulse sensors built into the handlebars.

The countdown feature is great as this allows you to input a time of how long you want to cycle for and counts your session down.

Excellent at just keeping you on the bike just that bit longer!


AtivaFit Folding Exercise Bike

Key Features

The AtivaFit is another great folding exercise bike that provides an awesome workout each time and can then be folded down to save space.

This also has a ‘S’ curve arc to it to allow for easier access on the bike.

It has a steel frame with wide feet to allow you to cycle as hard as you want without comprising durability.

The 8 different levels of magnetic resistance offer an effective, heart-racing workout but at the same time keeps noise level very low.

Here you can monitor all of your workout information with the LCD display or sit your phone in the phone holder in front of you and watch your favourite shows or cycling apps!

A great added yet simple feature that will just make your workout more enjoyable!

Ultrasport F-Bike

Ultrasport F-Bike

Key Features

The Ultrasport F-Bike is an incredibly popular bike to buy!

It has over 2,200 ratings on Amazon and is regarded as one of the most affordable yet robust folding exercise bike.

It has a few brothers and sisters that allow a user weight from 100kg right up to 130kgs.

So if would feel more comfortable having that extra stability then you can always look at the more heavy duty bike in its range.

It has 8 resistance levels that provide a good, solid workout where you can see all of your workout information on the training computer in front.

It has a wide durable base and anti-slip pedals so you can feel confident cycling with your full effort!

You can check out my full review of the Ultrasport F-Bike here.

TechFit Exercise Bike

TechFit Folding Exercise Bike

Key Features

The TechFit bike is a great affordable bike that offers a an amazing cardio workout.

It’s an attractive, stylish yet very durable bike that does exactly what it says on the tin!

It has 8 resistance levels so you can train at different intensities for a heart pounding workout.

It also has a 6kg flywheel with magnetic resistance so you can cycle as hard as you want without waking up the rest of the family.

A large cushioned saddle provides optimum comfort that you can adjust up or down to fit your height.

The user-friendly LCD monitor displays all the information you need such as speed, time, distance and calories burned.

Helps you keep track of your progress !

Skandika Exercise Bike

The Skandika exercise bike is an awesome bike that you can use as an upright or recumbent bike.

If using as recumbent, it has handlebars at either side of the saddle to provide comfort and confidence in your cycle.

The Skandika bike is also Bluetooth enabled allowing you to connect your bike up to various apps to track your progress such as MyFitnessPal.

8 levels of resistance help you to crank up the intensity to burn off those unwanted calories with the LCD Screen in front providing you with all of your workout data.

If you feel like watching your own shows or reading a book from your Kindle library on your tablet or phone – no problem!

It has a tablet holder in front so you can workout and catch up with your latest episodes!

ZAAP Exercise Bike

The ZAAP exercise bike is a very funky and sharp looking bike!

It’s a great recumbent bike that provides ultimate comfort with cushioned backrest and handlebars at either side.

It’s made of a heavy duty steel frame with a wide base so you can cycle in confidence without worrying about any unsteadiness.

The 8 resistance levels can be turned up with the simple crank just facing you.

The on-board monitor displays all of you workout information such as speed, distance, time and calories burned – helping you stay motivated on the bike and keep track of your progress.

Olympic 2000

The Olympic 2000 is one of the least expensive folding exercise bikes available to buy.

It’s a simple yet very durable bike that provides all you need to work up a sweat.

The recumbent design has a cushioned saddle and backrest with handlebars at either side to provide a comforted cycle.

The 8 resistance levels can be turned up or down with a simple crank of the tension control in front.

All of your workout information is displayed nicely on the LCD monitor in front to help you keep track of how well you’re doing.

Fit4Home Exercise Bike

The Fit4Home exercise bike comes in as the least expensive bike you can buy.

It may not have all the bells and whistles as some of the other folding exercise bikes do but don’t mistake it for it’s durability.

This bike can hold the weight of a person up to 100kgs, with a wide base and ‘S’ curve design.

This gives the bike more rigidity and robustness so you can cycle in confidence without any serious shaking.

Monitor all of your workout information via the LCD screen in front and increase the intensity if you feel so to really get the best out of your workout!

If you feel like pimping up your cycle, why not attach a phone holder and watch your favourite shows whilst you work up a sweat!

So there you have it!

10 of the best folding exercise bikes you can get for your money.

So, just make sure when you’re buying to measure out your area (at full length) and keep your budget in mind.

Some of these bikes have more features than the others however all of them will provide an awesome, effective workout each time!

If you have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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