Best Home Studio Bikes

We’re now in the digital age where everything can be done, seen or achieved online!

And what’s great to hear is that exercise bikes have now jumped on the bandwagon!

Enter in Home Studio Bikes!

They are simply top range exercise or indoor cycling bikes….but smarter.

I’m sure at this stage you’ve probably heard of Peloton.

Remember that advertisement were the wife receives a new Peloton bike from her husband at Christmas and creates a years video diary for him?

Bad publicity for Peloton there!

However, take away the very poor marketing…it still leaves an excellent home studio bike that offers an incredible workout.

So, what we’re going to be looking at here is the best home studio bikes you can get your hands on that provides a fully immersive indoor cycling class experience.

What To Look For (Buyer's Guide)

Studio Built Exercise Bike

Like I said, these bikes are top of the range.

So when you’re looking at buying your very own home studio bike you want to know that it’s made with the best of high grade materials.

You want to know that you can really ‘give it your all’ without comprising sturdiness.

Well, fear not.

These bikes discussed here are made of highly durable steel or carbon with wide heavy bases so there is no shakiness involved.

You can cycle in full confidence knowing that your bike has got your back!

Access To Live Or On-Demand Workouts

This is one of the main reasons why we would be looking to buy a smart exercise bike.

Otherwise, a normal standard indoor cycling bike would suffice!

With these bikes discussed you’ll be able to get access to a plethora of pre-recorded workouts or book in for the next live class!

These bikes come with subscriptions that you’ll need to sign up to to access these but once your in, there’s an abundance of workouts available to you.

You can book in and workout in the next live indoor cycling class all from the comfort of your own home!


Bluetooth and/or WiFi Connected

What you want to look out for is to see if the home studio bike you’re looking at is either Bluetooth or Wifi compatible…..or both!

2 reasons for this:

  1. You’ll need access to Wifi to take part in the live or pre-recorded classes.
  2. You may want to connect your own gear such as a heart rate monitor to sync up to your smart bike to track your calories burned.

Being a smart exercise bike they should be able to connect to WiFi at least and the bikes discussed here are completely compatible.

Tracks Accurate Workout Data

Another key part of having a home studio bike is being able to track all of your own workout data.

And accurately!

I know with some standard exercise bikes they give you a rough idea or a ‘calories burned guide’ which is exactly what it is….a guide!

However, with these home studio bikes you’ll be able to see complete accurate workout data from your distance, time, speed, RPM, Watt, exact calories burned and even where you are on the current leader board of a live indoor cycling class.

You can also check and compare with previous workouts you’ve done to see your improvement.

Quick Look Guide

Home Studio Bike

Key Features

Where To Buy?

Peloton Indoor Bike
  • Access to Live & On-Demand Indoor Cycling Classes
  • Large 21.5″ Touchscreen
  • Measures Your Real-Time Workout Metrics
Echelon Indoor Bike
  • Access To Live & On-Demand Classes
  • Measure Your Real-Time Workout Data
  • Compete On 3 Global Leaderboards
NordicTrack Commercial S10i
  • Access To Live & On-Demand Classes
  • Incline & Decline Training
  • Includes 3lb Dumbbells
NordicTrack Commercial s22i
NordicTrack Commercial S22i
  • Access To Live & On-Demand Classes
  • Incline & Decline Training
  • Hugh 22″ Full Colour Touchscreen
Proform Smart Power 10.0 Cycle
ProForm Smart Power 10.0
  • Access To Live & On-Demand Classes
  • 10” Full Colour 180° Rotation Touchscreen
  • Includes 12 Months iFit COACH Membership
Technogym Live Smart Bike
TechnoGym Live
  • Access To Live & On-Demand Classes
  • 22” Full HD Touchscreen Display
  • Includes 1.5kg Cast Iron Dumbbells

Best Home Studio Bikes


Peloton Indoor Bike

Key Features

So, as you may well know Peloton is the most recognised home studio cycling bike that offers the fully immersive spin class brought right to your very own living space.

The Bike

The bike itself is sturdy, made of high grade steel with a quiet belt drive so you can cycle in the early mornings without waking the family.

It’s fully adjustable so you can find the right fit for you.

The pedals can be used either with normal trainers where you can strap your feet in or turn them around and you can click your cleats into place.

It has a 38lb (17kg) flywheel at the front with magnetic resistance so it’s smooth and as quiet as can be.

This can be controlled by the bright red resistance crank below you that can be pushed in and stopped at a moments instance.

It comes with 2 water bottle holders at either side of the front frame and a dumbbell holder at the back where you can add weights to your indoor cycling workout.

The cycling experience

Peloton allows you to connect up to any live or take part in a pre-recorded class where you can see all your relevant workout data displayed right in front of you thanks to the very attractive 21.5″ touchscreen.

When you join a live class, you’ll have an instructor cycling directly in front of you from one of their studios across the globe.

You’ll be able to see where you are on the leaderboard so it helps provide that competitive edge to it to make your work harder.

All of your workout data is gathered and stored so you can look back at previous sessions and see how well your are doing.


Echelon Indoor Bike

Key Features

Echelon would be highly comparable to the Peloton Bike.

It’s a more affordable bike that basically offers the same service however there are few difference to it.

the bike

It’s more of an upright bike whereas the Peloton would be basically like a racer.

One of the main differences you’ll notice is that there is no actual screen attached.

This is actually one of the main reasons why the Peloton is a lot pricier.

To get access to all the live classes, you’ll need to use your own tablet or smartphone.

The bike itself though is well built made from highly durable steel.

Fully adjustable to most heights so you can get the perfect fit for you.

There is duo-pedals where you can use the straps to lock in your feet or use the flip side and attach your cleats for a secured grip.

A great looking bike that allows you to use maximum effort with a smaller price tag.


the cycling experience

Echelon really does create an immersive indoor cycling experience for the rider.

Yes, it doesn’t have the screen as the Peloton has but using your own tablet really does the same job.

To get access to a host of live classes and pre-recorded classes you’ll need to download the Echelon app from the iOS Store or Google Store.

Here you have a variety of workouts to choose from that include full indoor cycling workouts or workouts that also include your arms.

(This is the reason for your dumbbell holder at the back)

From the pre-recorded workouts, you can choose workouts that range from beginner right through to advanced such as Endurance & Arms or 20 Minutes HIIT It!

Echelon also provides scenic routes where you cycle in for example the beach or a mountainous road.

It just gives that additional benefit if you prefer something more relaxing.

The live classes display at certain times so you can book in for the one you want at the best time for you.

Here you’ll have an instructor cycling directly in front of the camera guiding you through your workout.

They will be able to see your username when you sign in so every now and again you may get a shoutout!

NordicTrack Commercial S10i

Key Features

the bike

The NordicTrack Commercial s10i is an absolute incredible home studio bike.

It’s a well designed and very robust bike with a welded steel frame with enhanced corrosion resistance for that added durability!

The bike is fully adjustable at the front handlebars and saddle so jump on and find your best fit.

It has a silent magnetic resistance so it’s completely friction-less meaning it absolutely silent when changing your resistance.

What I find amazing about the NordicTrack Studio Streaming bikes is their ability to actually change the incline and decline of the bike.

To reenact an incline or decline on most studio bikes you simply turn the resistance up or down but with the NordicTrack bikes, your resistance is controlled directly behind you.

It can incline up to 20% or decline down to -10%.

An incredible feature!

The bike come with a 10” interactive coaching touchscreen that can rotate 360° so you can perform other workouts off the bike such as Yoga.

NordicTrack also throw in a pair of 3lb dumbbells so you can get your arm workout whilst you cycle.

It offer a nice complimentary breeze with it’s autobreeze workout fan installed helping to cool you down during tough workouts.

It’s Bluetooth enabled with two 2″ speakers so you can really get involved with the incredible sound it produces!

the cycling experience

NordicTrack allows you access live and many pre-recorded classes through the iFit Coach app which can be downloaded from the iOS Store or Google Store.

Here you can book in for a class at a time more suited to you or if you fancy a cycle around some of the worlds trails such as the Alps or Paris.

Whenever you cycle on these trails, your resistance at the back of the bike automatically syncs to the incline or decline of the terrains.

It gives it that real world cycling effect!


You can sync up your heart rate monitor to Bluetooth and connect it the bike.

Here you’ll be able to measure your heart rate and calories burned when taking the next indoor cycling class!

The iFit Coach app provides workouts from beginners right to advanced with ultimate indoor cycling classes and workouts that also incorporate your arms and shoulders.

Time to get those dumbbells ready!

NordicTrack Commercial S22i

NordicTrack Commercial s22i

Key Features

The NordicTrack S22i is an awesome home studio bike where it simply provides everything you need for you to get an incredible workout!

the bike

So the bike itself is made from welded steel with enhanced corrosion resistance so it really gives the bike a strong, durable frame so there’s no fear of any shakiness from it!

It’s fully adjustable from the saddle going back and forth or up or down and the handlebars being able to change up or down to find the right fit for you.

The handlebars themselves have different hand positions that you can get into which allows for easier cycling or intense HIIT cardio workouts.

Between them you’ll find your supplied dumbbells which you can incorporate into certain workouts to get your arms and shoulders involved.

It has a massive 22″ colour touchscreen where you’ll be able to connect and see your live or pre-recorded classes right in front of you.

The silent magnetic resistance allows for a smooth and real road bike feel with little to no noise coming from it.

What’s is an incredible about the NordicTrack studio bikes is the ability to change the incline or decline of the bike.

It can change the incline up 20% or down -10%.

An incredible feature!

Right in front, you’ll also find 2 water bottle holders for you to stay hydrated along with a built in Autobreeze fan which is needed on some of the heart-pounding workouts available!

the cycling experience

The NordicTrack Commercial s22i offers one of the best in an indoor cycling environment!

It has all the bells and whistles you could want if your after that real immersive indoor cycling workout all from the comfort of your own home.

It’s easy to get started.

You simply subscribe to and download the iFit Coach app.

Here you’ll get access to a host of pre-recorded classes from beginners right through to advanced.

You’ll get access to all the live classes. Simply book in a for a time that suits you.

You’ll also be able to cycle and ride around real world trails which displays real life video footage from certain places.

What’s great about this is that this is where the incline and decline of the bike really come into effect.

It will adjust accordingly to where you are and if it’s uphill or downhill.

This just adds to the immersive cycling experience you can get with the the NordicTrack s22i.

ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Cycle

Proform Smart Power 10.0 Cycle

Key Features

The ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Cycle comes in more affordable than the previous bikes discussed here.

However, don’t let the lower price tag confuse you – this is an awesome home studio bike!

the bike

The bike itself is incredibly strong and robust with a welded steel frame with enhanced corrosion resistance to give it that extra durability.

Just like the other bikes, it is belt driven with a silent magnetic resistance to allow for a smooth and very quiet cycle.

You could barely hear it even if you are standing right next to it!

It’s fully adjustable from the saddle moving back, forth, up or down and the handlebars being higher or lowered to get the right fit for you.

ProForm offer complimentary 1kg dumbbells that can be stored at the back of the bike.

Water bottle holder and resistance stop are directly beneath you so very easy to reach.

the cycling experience

So, to get access to all of the live and pre-recorded classes you’ll need to have an iFit Coach membership.

Well, ProForm have you sorted here!

They actually include a 12 month subscription to iFit when you purchase the ProForm Smart Power Cycle.

No extra expense to you!

The iFit Coach app has a range and variety of workouts you can take part in from beginner to advanced.

Workouts include full HIIT indoor cycling classes where you can also incorporate your dumbbells that are provided or turn the screen around and get involved in some Yoga. 

The instructors on iFit are excellent!

They’ll keep you motivated and interested in the class – helping you to push past your own boundaries.

You can cycle around real-world locations and the bike will automatically adjust the resistance to where you are – whether be uphill climbs or downhill slopes!

It really feels like your cycling these routes!

TechnoGym Live

Technogym Live Smart Bike

Key Features

TechnoGym have really just entered the market recently with the launch of their own made home studio on-demand bike back in early 2019.

the bike

It’s a well built and designed bike with a thick bulky structure.

This is great though for a home studio bike as it offers a strong, durable and robust frame so you can cycle as hard as want without any shakiness.

It has a Poly-V belt with Kevlar cords that promote a smooth and quiet cycle which also makes it feel like a real road bike.

The saddle and handlebars are fully adjustable so you can get the right size and height for you.

All of your classes are displayed on the beautiful 22″ HD Touchscreen which really draws you in and makes you feel like your actually in the class itself.

Dumbbells that are provided are stored just behind the saddle and water bottle holders are directly in front.

the cycling experience

When you purchase the TechnoGym bike you can avail of one of it’s 3 subscriptions plans.

  • 1 Rebel
  • Revolution
  • 1 Rebel + Revolution

1 Rebel live classes are streamed from their studio in London 

Revolution live classes from streamed from their studio in Milan.

If you purchase both together it gives you access to a lot more live classes that you can basically take anytime.

All the instructors from both London and Milan are excellent.

Very motivating with heart pumping music specifically chosen to get the very best out of your workouts.

You can connect your heart rate monitor up to your bike and get all your real time stats such as current heart rate and calories burned.

The TechnoGym Live bike reads all of your stats and allows you to compete on the leaderboard with thousands of other people.

Great at motivating you through tough workouts!


Yes, all these bikes have the latest in Bluetooth technology installed on them.

You can connect up any heart rate monitor or app to it and get personalised metrics delivered right in front of you.

All the classes are either live streamed or On-Demand so the better the connection you have the better your workouts will be.

However, you don’t need an ultrafast connection.

A decent upload and download speed should work perfectly without any buffering.


These bikes are designed for beginners and pros alike.

There are classes On-Demand that are specifically targeted for beginners that will offer an incredible workout!

I suppose this comes down to personal opinion but I think the NordicTrack Commercial s22i offers the best in features for a few reasons.

  • It’s a well built and designed home spin bike
  • It has a hugh 22″ HD Colour Touchscreen
  • It comes with 3lb dumbbells complimentary
  • You can incline and decline train on it in real-world trails
  • And the live & On-Demand classes are incredible!

The most affordable home studio bike here is the ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Cycle.

It comes in a couple of hundred pounds cheaper than the other bikes discussed here but don’t let the smaller price tag confuse you to think it’s a lesser bike.

Far from it – it has most of the features the other home spin bikes do simply with a smaller screen.

The TechnoGym and NordicTrack s22i have the biggest at around 22″.

If you have any questions about any of the home studio bikes discussed here, simply drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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