Best Online Indoor Cycling Classes

Indoor cycling classes have really took a massive spike in the last 10 years.

It seems since then, that there has been a whole dynamic shift towards healthier living and one way that contributes towards that is cycling.

Or in this case indoor cycling.

It just offers so many benefits

Ever since the launch of the Internet and having access to more efficient technology, it has now created a gap in the market where people can actually learn or take part in an online cycling class online.

It’s great!

Each day there are more and more people turning to online indoor cycling classes.

If you yourself find it difficult to attend a local indoor cycling class or you simply prefer exercising from the comfort of your own home or at your own time – then there are some excellent online indoor cycling classes you can take!


Here I’ve compiled a list of the best online cycling classes you can take your pick from and decide what is best for you!

Here I’ll discuss:

  • Aaptiv
  • Studio SWEAT OnDemand
  • SpinStream
  • CardioCast
  • Peloton Digital
  • Spinning® Digital
  • CycleMasters
  • Ciclozone
  • LesMills OnDemand
  • GymCube

For a quick guide – take a look at what I think is best for each purpose:

Most Affordable

GymCube – it’s a one off payment of £47 for lifetime access.

LesMills comes 2nd in at £11.95 per month

Best Indoor Cycling Experience​



LesMills OnDemand

They offer incredible indoor cycling classes that really pump you up and get you motivated to work up a sweat!

Best Audio-Based Cycling Program


Aaptiv is a great way of listening to the very best in online cycling classes.

No need for a screen – just pop your earphones in and off you go!

Their online cycling sessions are absolutely incredible!

Best Visual Cycling Program

It’s a toss up between LesMills onDemand & Ciclozone.

Both fitness programs offer really inviting and visually appealing online cycling classes.

The colours, the lights, the layout – it’s great to watch and cycle along to!


Aaptiv Website Photo

Aaptiv is an audio-based fitness app that allows you to take part in a number of different fitness areas such as:

  • Indoor Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Strength Training
  • Treadmill Exercising
  • Outdoor Running
  • & Many more!

These pre-recorded classes are all delivered by fully certified fitness instructors that are enthusiastic and really passionate by what they do.

You can hear it in their voice as they ‘personal train’ you!

All you need is your phone and earphones.

Jump on your exercise bike, load up one the indoor cycle classes and time to sweat it out!

Aaptiv was designed with the focus being on the workout rather than having to stare at a screen and follow along.

So, here you can put 100% of your energy into your workout that will really help focus on losing weight, toning and becoming healthier.

Now, there are thousands of classes to choose from with currently around 100 different classes specifically for indoor cycling.

And these are being updated every single week!

You can choose from classes such as:

Hip Hop Hills & Drills

Jumps N’HIIT’s

Ride to the Rhythm

Cycle Choreography

These are only to name a few!

Aaptiv Indoor Cycling
Aaptiv Indoor Cycling Workouts

As you can see, there are a number of different instructors that take the classes and each bring their own style of energy to it.

Between the classes you can filter for:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Or choose what type of workout you prefer such as Intervals or Endurance.

You can even select what type of music you want to listen to as the instructor takes the class!


Each class will show you what it consists of so you’ll know exactly what your getting from it.

Aaptiv Workout Programs
Aaptiv Indoor Cycling Class Details

You’ll be able to see:

  • Who is taking the class
  • How long it will last
  • What music will be played
  • What level of fitness it is for
  • The distance you will have travelled
  • How many calories you would roughly burn

How To Stream

You can easily download & install Aaptiv on either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


You can purchase a subscription either monthly or yearly.

Monthly costs $14.99

Yearly costs $99.99

By purchasing the yearly subscription you’ll be able to save 45% over the monthly subscription.

My Rating


I think Aaptiv is a really well designed app that allows the user to focus all of their energy and effort into their workout rather than watching a screen.

The certified instructors are really motivating and it feels like you’re being personally trained 1-to-1.

You can check out my full review of it here!

Studio SWEAT OnDemand

Studio Sweat OnDemand

Studio SWEAT OnDemand is another fitness suite full of live and pre-recorded classes you can take part in.

It offers everything from:

  • Indoor Cycling Classes
  • Abs & Core
  • Mind & Body
  • Sculpt
  • TRX

All the classes are set in a studio – the reason for the name.

They have a range of indoor cycling classes you can take such as:

28 Minute Calorie Crusher

EDM Vibe Ride

30 Minute Non Stop Cycle

Plus many, many more!

In the class itself, it looks like you’re there – in between your other indoor cycling class friends.

The camera faces directly onto one of the instructors and all you need to do is follow along with the instructions given and the beat of the music.

Not only does Studio SWEAT have online videos to cycle along to but they also have audios you can listen to if you’re nowhere near a TV or tablet.

Studio Sweat OnDemand Spin Class

How To Stream

Studio SWEAT have an incredible amount of ways you stream their OnDemand classes:

On your TV, you can stream through:

  • AppleTV
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Google TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Playstation 4
  • Roku
  • Xbox One
  • Or just any TV that has Internet compatability

On your mobile or tablet, you can stream through:

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store


Studio SWEAT OnDemand has 3 main subscription plans:

Monthly: $19.88 per month

Semi-Annual: $99.28 for 6 months

Annual: $188.56 per year

They also have single class downloads for $7.88 per class.

Here you can download any single class to your phone or tablet  – no need for any internet connection.

Great if your looking to exercise when off-grid!

The subscription plans gives you access to all classes.

You can also get personalised workout guidance and nutritional advice with their Backstage Pass for $5 extra per month.

My Rating


Studio SWEAT OnDemand is actually a very service that offers incredible indoor cycling classes.

There are a number of different classes you can take from beginner right through to advanced.

You also get access to all their other fitness programs as well so you can adapt a more varied workout routine.

The only drawback I can see personally is the quality of some of their older videos.

It’s great that they’re are based in an actual cycling class however I feel the video quality of these aren’t the best and come across slightly amateurish.

The newer videos however are more professional looking I must say.

But apart from that – all the workouts are top notch and offer a great cycling workout!

You can check out my full review of it here!


SpinStream is another great online site that offers great spin classes all from the comfort of your own home.

Gareth Prices, based out of the UK, founded SpinStream.

He states that it wasn’t until later on in his life that he started to become more active by completing three Iron Mans, a Marathon and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

He has now brought his active presence online and wants to help other people from around the world get into shape again.

Hence, starting SpinStream!

So SpinStream is designed for anyone with different fitness levels whether you be a complete beginner to indoor cycling or a seasoned spinner.

There are tons of videos you can stream easily that consist of a range of different spin workouts such as:

  • Freestyle
  • Rolling Hills
  • Hills Vs Sprints
  • Attack Happy

& these are to only name a few!

Now, what’s great is that SpinStream take and teach their online cycling classes on either an indoor cycling bike or a turbo trainer.

You choose what suits you!

So it’s great for both people who enjoy indoor cycling & also people who usually cycle outdoors and train indoors.

The music is completely alternative – you can choose what cycling class you want to take based on the type of music that’s being played.

How To Stream

There is no app for SpinStream currently so it’s as simple as watching your classes on your browser through your computer, tablet or phone.


So SpinStream have a few memberships:

  • Basic Membership
  • Premium Membership
  • Club Membership

Their prices between each membership is broken down either monthly, quarterly or annually.

Basic Membership

Monthly: £5.99

Quarterly: £14.99

Annually: £49.99

Premium Membership

Monthly: £6.99

Quarterly: £19.99

Annually: £69.99

Club Membership:

Monthly Club Membership: £19.99

Monthly Premium Club Membership: £24.99

The higher the membership you take out – the more features and added extras you get such as access to live classes and nutritional guides.

My Rating


I think SpinStream do offer a great indoor cycling experience.

The classes are all diversified so there basically is a class for everyone – whether you’re new to indoor cycling or an avid cyclist.

The instructors taking the class are extremely knowledgeable and are great at what they do – knowing what tempo to use and how much intensity you need to each song.

Everything you need from a good instructor

You may find the quality of the class videos may not be studio quality unlike some of the other online cycling classes in this list.

However, it’s a great place to get in a good workout where you’re guaranteed to workout up a sweat!


CardioCast Website

CardioCast is very similar to Aaptiv where it’s also an audio-guided workout app.

It was previously named CycleCast but was renamed after they started adding in running workouts.

It provides a range of classes for both indoor cycling and outdoor running.

It has 11 certified coaches that will talk you through each workout in your ear.

No need to look at any screen – just listen and cycle!

There are over 1000 different classes you can take that range from beginners through to advanced.

Their classes are all music-driven that’s really going to get you pumped up and cycling to the tempo from EDM, Classic Rock to the latest Pop songs!

Pick what you feel is best for you and your own training needs.

CardioCast App Workout

How To Stream

So CardioCast only offer their app on the Apple App Store.

Simply click download & install and sign up for an account.


So first off

Take advantage of their 7-day free trial

See if it’s for you.

If not, simply cancel your subscription or if you choose to continue on with it.

This 7 day free trial will automatically renew after the trial ends so if you want to cancel it before – make sure to click opt out or it will charge you.

Monthly subscription is $9.99 

Yearly subscription is $89.99

My Rating


I think CardioCast is a well designed app that is very user-friendly.

The indoor cycling classes are very professionally created and provide real heart pumping workouts thanks to the enthusiastic instructors along with the excellent choice in music.

It’s a great app that’s going to give you that extra motivation to keep going, keep pushing through the tough parts of the workout and really make you burn those extra calories!

You can check out my full review of it here!

Peloton Digital

Peloton Digital

Arguably one of the most recognised home studio cycling brands!

Peloton is the company that basically transformed how we cycle from home and really brings the local indoor cycling class into your own living room.

Now, I’m not here to talk about the Peloton bike

However, you can check out my post I wrote about Echelon Vs Peloton

It will give you everything you need to know!

Here I’ll be talking specifically about Peloton Digital.

So, Peloton Digital is still provided by Peloton and gives you all the indoor cycling classes you need – the only difference is you don’t have the actual Peloton bike.

So what does the Peloton Digital App offer?

It gives you access to 20+ lives classes a day and over 10,000 on-demand classes that you can use on an exercise bike that is compatible to connect with the app.

Bikes such as the Keiser M3I, Nordictrack or Schwinn IC8 are all compatible with the app.

If you don’t have a compatible bike and just a standard exercise bike – that’s fine!

You can still use the app but just won’t be able to track and log your workout information.

Peloton also do offer audio based indoor cycling classes where you can listen and ride along to!

Peloton has some of the best cycling instructors in the world who offer their enthusiasm, encouragement and motivation that provides an incredible indoor cycling experience.

Peloton Digital App Classes
Peloton Digital App

How To Stream

So you can download and install the Peloton Digital App on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

You can Chromecast it to your TV offering a more engaging experience or simply log in through your browser if you have a Smart TV.

You can also use the app through the Amazon Firestick.


The Peloton app is £12.99 per month

You can choose to pause the subscription or cancel anytime.

My Rating


I think Peloton do offer an incredible indoor cycling experience.

At times it has been subject to poor ratings and some people think it’s not worth the price.

However, the critisim is usually aimed towards the price of the bike plus the ongoing subscription costs.

With the app though, I think it’s an affordable price to pay for some excellent indoor cycling classes!

I do think the people that will benefit the best from the Peloton app though is the ones whose bikes are compatible with the app.

You’ll be able to track all of your own workout data which just makes it that bit more motivating!

Spinning® Digital

Spinning Digital

Spinning® the company who started it all and coined the term of ‘Spinning’.

They have now created their own digital spin class website for everyone to take part in, all from the comfort of their own home.

They offer a really immersive indoor cycling experience – more or less like Peloton where the instructor is based in a studio and staring down the lens at you.

There are a number of instructors offering many different classes for beginners through to more advanced ‘spinners’.

The instructors are all fully certified spin instructors who know how to deliver an awesome spin workout.

Their enthusiasm and motivation really allows you to dig deep and get the most out of every workout.

How To Stream

There are 3 different ways you can stream live and pre-recorded indoor cycling classes.

Through your phone or tablet on the Apple App Store.

On your TV – stream them through your Apple TV or Roku.

On your mobile phone, you can also Chromecast the classes to your TV.

The Spinning® Digital app isn’t available through Google Play however they have the Spinning® Connect App.

Here you can measure and track your spin workout by connecting up a speed or cadence sensor to your bike.


You can get an all-access pass on either monthly or annual memberships.

Monthly: $14.95 

Annual: $159

Your membership automatically renews after each month unless you cancel.

My Rating


You’re basically learning from the best here.

The instructors, the backdrop of the studio and the motivational music is going to have you pushing past your boundaries with each cycle and really work up a sweat here!

The only downside is that there is no free trial.

Like I said, if it’s not for you – just make sure to cancel it before it charges you for the next month.

Why not check out my review of the Spinning® Digital Plus app?


CycleMasters Website

CycleMasters takes a slight different take on indoor cycling.

With all of the online cycling classes discussed here –  they all take place inside a studio.

However, CycleMasters let’s you take your indoor training ‘outdoors’ as such.

What do I mean?

Well, with any class you take you’ll be transported and cycling through some of the most beautiful and scenic places around Europe.

Why not cycle through the picturesque Col D’aubisque or Col D’Aspin in France.

Or how about the stunning Passo Di Gavia in Italy?

It really does offer that amazing alternative to indoor cycling!

You’ll have the cycling instructor at the side of the screen – giving you direction, motivation and guidance throughout your workout also.

CycleMasters is a dutch firm that offers their indoor cycling classes in English, Dutch or French.

With each lesson, it tells you:

  • How long it will last
  • What type of lesson it will be (e.g HIIT, Endurance)
  • What intensity the lesson is

It offers a great online cycling class experience where you can take your indoors – outdoors!

CycleMasters Spin Class

How To Stream

So CycleMasters is only available on the Apple App Store.

You can then either Chromecast it or Airplay it onto your TV creating that more immersive experience.


CycleMasters offers a 7 day free trial to see if it’s for you or not.

After this it costs £12.00 per month.

After the free trial ends – you’ll membership will be converted to a paid membership.

However, you can cancel at anytime!

My Rating


I think this is a great app for anyone who wants something different from the ‘usual’ spin classes.

I think this app is better suited to outdoor cyclists who are maybe training indoors over the winter period.

Part of being an outdoor cyclist is having the scenic views, feeling the wind on your face and experiencing different types of weather.

So, I think this will be the next best thing to that.

I must say I love the scenery – it is absolutely breathtaking!

They do have a lot of scenic routes but it’s mostly in Italy and France.

I think if they created more real-world cycling routes around the world it will provide a greater, more in-depth experience for the user.

This isn’t to say they’re not – hopefully they add a greater range of routes in the future.

You can check out my full review of CycleMasters here also!

If you want to try it out and get your first 7 days free along with an additional 50% off your first month, check out the link below!


Tempo Classes on Ciclozone

Ciclozone is definitely one of my favourite indoor cycling apps.

It offers an incredible user experience that is completely tailored to you and your effort level.

What’s great about it is that it is ever changing.

What do I mean by that?

Well, once you sign up you’ll be asked to take an FTP (Functional Threshold Power) test. This is where Ciclozone is able to determine your current rate of effort and power output into the bike.

As you begin taking classes and building on your endurance and stamina, it will change the number of your FTP so that the workouts are always challenging for you.

This is to ensure that your becoming stagnant or plateauing in your training.

The interface is incredible and provides all of the metrics you need to be able to match up to the effort and resistance of the class.

There are many different classes you can take here, such as:

  • Tempo Classes
  • Challenge Classes
  • Performance Classes

These are taught in different ways and each style is designed to suit every type of cyclist.

How To Stream

You can download and install the Ciclozone app on Android or iOS.

You can also login online and take classes through your laptop or PC.


There are 2 memberships you can choose from:

  1. Ciclozone TV: This costs £5.99 (€6.99 / $7.99) per month. This gives you can access to all of their live classes, every hours, on the hour along with personalised metrics.
  2. Full Ciclozone Membership: This costs (£10.99/ $14.73 month). This gives you access to everything in Ciclozone TV PLUS OnDemand classes so you can choose what suits you at a time of your choice.

My Rating


In terms of user experience, the app interface, connectivity for personalised cycling metrics I can honestly say that Ciclozone is in my top 3!

It’s such an incredible app that has so much going on in the background that delivers everything you want within an indoor cycling class.

Every workout I do I always come off the bike knowing I give it everything I got whilst standing under a puddle of sweat!

Even for the sheer amount of OnDemand classes and live classes you get access to for £10.99 per month – I think it’s an absolute steal!

I highly recommend you check them out on the button below.

I’ve even create a full article about Ciclozone you can check out here!

LesMills OnDemand

LesMills Website

LesMills is up there with one of the most recognised brands in fitness that feature a lot of cycling, high tempo and interval sessions.

Their OnDemand platform is really great and offer a number of different workout programs you can take advantage of.

Choose from the likes of :

  • LesMills RPM
  • LesMills Sprint
  • LesMills BodyCombat
  • LesMills BodyPump
  • LesMills BodyBalance
  • LesMills BodyAttack
  • LesMills CxWorx
  • LesMills Sh’bam
  • LesMills Grit
  • LesMills Barre
  • LesMills BodyStep
  • LesMills The Trip

With their OnDemand service you get access to all of their content and classes which makes for an incredible cardio workout regime!

There are over 800 workouts that are performed from their own gyms but streamed to you at home.

These workouts range anywhere between 15 to 60 minutes depending on the program but are guaranteed to have you working up a sweat in no time!

They have some of the best training instructors that really bring their workout enthusiasm to every class.

As long as you show up, just follow the instructor and you’ll be losing inches off your waistline!

LesMills RPM Class

How To Stream

You can stream the LesMills workouts on any computer, tablet or mobile phone.

You can Chromecast these onto your TV or Apple TV.

You can also watch them through the Amazon Firestick, Roku or the latest games consoles.


There are 3 ways you subscribe to LesMills OnDemand:

Monthly: £11.95 per month

3 Monthly: £28.70 per 3 months

Annually: £95.60 per year

Now, any new customer gets a 14 day free trial!

Better than a lot of other programs are offering.

After the 14 days, your membership will become a paid membership.

If you’re looking to cancel, make sure to do this before the 14 days.

My Rating


I think LesMills OnDemand is an incredible place where you can get access to some of the best in high intensity training that’s really going to have you working up a sweat!

The RPM, Sprint and the Trip are incredible spin classes that are very visual appealing, modern and offer up some motivating music to really get your legs working and heart pumping!

I really like the style of the classes how they’re performed at their workout studios with other members attending.

It’s upbeat, bright and incredibly motivating!

I think it does an awesome job at keeping you on the saddle and coming back for more.

Even getting access to the other programs really allows you to vary up your training and help tone up as well as lose weight fast.

You can also check out my full review on LesMills OnDemand here!


GymCube Website

GymCube provide fitness and online exercise classes based out of the UK.

The have a range of fitness activities you can take such as:

  • Indoor Cycling
  • HIIT
  • Abs
  • Combat
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

Your membership here gives you access to over 700 workout videos.

Along with your classes you’ll get access to over 400 healthy recipes and a step-by-step nutrition guide.

You can also get access to celebrity add-on plans and follow their own exercise routines that are catered to specific fitness levels.

The classes are all taught in different locations depending on the activity.

The indoor cycling classes are taught with one spin instructor facing down the camera at you as they guide you through their class.

This is usually just 1 person or 3 people – 1 instructing whilst the other 2 follow along.

If anything, it helps you keep to the beat and tempo of the cycle.

GymCube Spin Class

The classes have great guidance from all of the instructors.

They are simple yet very engaging and can really provide an effective cardio work that will have you sweating!

How To Stream

You can stream the classes through any browser from your computer, mobile phone, tablet or Smart TV.

Or Chromecast it onto your TV to give that better experience.


GymCube costs a one-off payment of £47 for a lifetime access.

You’ll get access to all classes and all nutrition guides.

My Rating


GymCube is an excellent platform for some amazing fitness classes. 

The instructors are all highly qualified and are masters in their own areas.

The spin classes are great in terms of getting a good workout, however not very appealing compared to the likes of Peloton Digital, LesMills or Spinning® Digital.

What I think let’s GymCube down in regards to spin classes – is that there’s just not enough of them.

They only have a handful you can take and although these are great to workout to I can see how they would become monotonous after a certain stage.

However, if you are looking for a varied exercise routine, then GymCube could be for you.


So there you have it!

These are currently the best online spin classes you can get for your money!

Each one of these is great in their own way – some offering a greater cycling experience than others.

Some are more affordable

It’s just comes down to what you’re after.

In terms of an audio cycling experience – I do highly recommend Aaptiv.

In terms of a full visual experience – I recommend LesMills or Peloton.

You really cannot go wrong this these platforms and you’re guaranteed an unbelievable workout every time!

If you do have any questions at all, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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  1. Hey Ronan,
    just found your site, some great advice! Wondering your thoughts on a couple of bikes. Missing being in a spin studio so looking to get my own bike to do Les Mills RPM & SPRINT (my favs) .
    Not much availability at the moment but powerhouse fitness has stock coming in soon. Looking at the Bodymax B2 and Bodymax B50. Is the price difference worth going up to the B50? Looking at getting a bike for around £500ish obviously if I can spend a bit less…the better ?Or can you recommend anything else (dont want to have to wait months for it though)
    Thanks! Monica

    1. Hi Monica,

      Sorry for only getting back to you now.
      I hear you!
      I enjoy getting the odd spin class from the gym in every now and again
      You’re right – stocks are low during this current pandemic but there are still some awesome bikes available.

      In regards to the Bodymax bikes – I must say I prefer the Bodymax B50
      It comes with a heavier flywheel at 20kgs, almost 7kg in difference compared the the B2.
      This is great at offering a more ‘real road’ like feel to it and has a much smoother cycle.

      The flywheel is also located at the back which keeps any sweaty spin sessions away from it – free from wear and tear.

      I understand the price point is a lot higher but if you feel you can stretch your budget – I would choose the B50 bike.

      Hope this helps!

  2. I think I’m in the minority, but I really like clear guidance from the spin instructor on target cadence and resistance. I have used cardiocast and peloton and am not getting a good workout because I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing. The cardio cast instructors were clear and easy to hear, but it’s very much “what you want.” What I want is to know am I taking it easy now or all out? Am I saving some energy for later? Peloton, I guess they give some sort of metrics, but I have some hearing loss and can’t for the life of me discern what they are saying to do with all of their banter and shout outs.

    So my main question is do any of your recommended apps have the target metrics from the instructor on the screen? I guess I expected that because my gym’s spin classes have all had that and I’m having a hard time adjusting. Thanks for your time!

    1. Hi Chris,

      Cyclemasters is a good online spin class if you’re looking for the metrics displayed on screen. You can follow along with the instructor but also look at the top bar and can see what your average RPM should and at what power level you should be at and what to expect next.

      It provides great scenery for you to look at too as you cycle. Best connecting up through your TV to get the full immersive experience!

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