Best Phone Holders for Exercise Bike

Cycling indoors from home at times can become monotonous and motivation levels can plummet fast…especially if you’re staring at a blank wall.


What you want to do is keep your interest at a peak and seriously boost your motivation so you stay on the bike longer and keep coming back for more.


As we all know, consistency is key in reaching your fitness goals and being able to push on past them for example ‘losing that extra couple of pounds you’ve always wanted to’.


One of the best ways to stay motivated from home is to either watch an indoor cycling session on YouTube or even work and train along with a trainer app downloaded from the Android or iOS Store. But how exactly are you able to watch these on your phone or tablet when exercising?


Well, this is where a phone or tablet holder is really going to help you out.


So, let’s have a look at some of the best phone & tablet holders you can get that easily attaches onto your exercise bike:


AboveTEK Bike Phone Holder

The AboveTEK allows you to mount your phone or tablet onto the front of your indoor cycling or exercise bike with ease. It has a 62-step process of how to secure it properly but will ensure that your device remains in the holder even when you’re exercising hard.


The 360 degree rotation ball head lets you watch your videos or trainer apps from your tablet or phone in any angle you prefer.


It’s a great holder that ensures your device is fully protected with the rubber padding – this also helps to reduce any vibration so that it’s not bouncing around when cycling.


The elastic silicon can expand and hold a variety of phone sizes. It also has 3 adjustable sizes of small, medium or large so you can connect it onto the handlebars of your exercise bike with ease.


Thanks to the the silicon material, it is excellent at absorbing shock and vibration which means you can still exercise with full effort, not having to worry about your phone falling off.


It’s a great phone holder that will even safeguard your phone from scratches due to this silicon material.

EasyAcc Gooseneck

EasyAcc Gooseneck Bike Phone Holder

The EasyAcc Gooseneck isn’t necessarily a mount that you connect to your bike but onto a table or a stand in front of you instead. It may be more suited to people who don’t want the distraction of it attached to the actual bike itself.


It can easily attach to any flat surface with its base clamp that can be extended to 80mm and accept thickness of about 70mm. You simply attach the clamp, tighten it the surface and lock in your phone or tablet.


If you have a heavier device it may be best to loop the gooseneck into a ‘S’ or ‘Z’ shape to provide that extra stability.


The anti-deformed rubber protective pads are much better than flat foam as if your device is inverted, the groove design prevents it from falling off.


Techole Bike Phone Holder

You simply mount it onto the handlebars of your exercise bike at whatever position best suits you. It has 4 clamp settings so you can adjust it from 0.7 – 1.25 inches in diameter so you can choose how close you want it to be to you.


It has 2 adjustable arms along with 4 thick stretchable butterfly rubber straps to help increase stability, eliminate vibration and to protect the phone in any direction when cycling.


With it’s 360 degree rotation, you can choose whatever way you want to display your phone – vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Choose the best fit for you!

UltraSport F-Bike Holder

UltraSport F-Bike Phone Holder

This phone and tablet holder was designed for the UltraSport F-Bike where it can be connected onto the main frame of the bike between the resistance dial and the electronic console.


You simply fit it in and turn the handle so it clamps securely. Fit in your phone or tablet and start exercising to your personal trainer apps, Youtube videos or your favourite show.


So I have researched and looked at numerous customer reviews on all of these phone or tablet holders. These are without a doubt the best you can get that will allow you to train hard on your exercise bike were you can also watch and train to apps or Youtube videos.


By having something to watch is going to keep you motivated, keep you pushing and will keep you striving to reach your own fitness goals.


If you have any questions about any of the phone holders discussed, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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