Best Indoor Cycling Bikes

Is getting fit, healthy and shedding those extra pounds top of your agenda?


If so, will then an indoor cycling bike is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment to help you achieve that.


Nowadays, fitness equipment is becoming more and more affordable and enabling people to purchase their own equipment so they can workout from home.


No more expensive gym memberships….Jackpot!


The indoor cycling bikes I’m going to discuss here are not only incredibly robust, affordable and will guarantee to provide you with fat melting workouts for years to come as long as you remain consistent – that’s the key!

Buying Guide - What To Look Out For

So, whenever you’re buying your own home indoor cycling bike look out for few factors firstly:

Amazon offer some incredible indoor cycling bikes that are actually really affordable that you can get your hands on. Obviously, the more expensive the indoor cycling bike the more features you can get with it but there are a number of indoor bikes under the £600 price range.

The purpose of an indoor cycling bike flywheel is to replicate that of a real outdoor bike. It generates energy and momentum which is used to create a smooth cycle and to promote consistent cadence.


The heavier the flywheel, the smoother the cycle will be.


Home indoor bikes generally come in flywheel weights of 10kgs – 22kgs. Anything less than this weight may create a bumpy and uncomfortable cycle.


Check how to choose the right weight for your indoor bike

This is should be a rule of thumb when purchasing anything online, especially if it is something that you want as an investment and that you’ll be using for many years.


Before you purchase any indoor bike, always look at the reviews. They’ll always give you an honest independent review. However, these indoor bikes that I am reviewing all come with excellent customer ratings but I would advise to still check them out yourself.

A good indoor bike must come with a strong steel frame.


When you’re cycling hard and really putting the bike under some serious pressure, you want peace of mind knowing that the bike will be able to handle this intense pressure and that it’s not rocking side to side or parts falling off.

So, let’s not wait around any longer and have a look at some of the best indoor cycling bikes you can easily get a hold of.

XS Sports Bike

XS Sports Spin Bike

The XS Sports bike is an incredible indoor cycling bike that I am currently using myself. You can check out my full review of it here.


It has a strong steel frame with adjustable seat and handlebars so you can find the best fit for.


It has a 15kg flywheel that is going to create a smooth cycle with a friction resistant system that allows you to turn up the resistance to really burn off those calories.


The hand pulsers are located on the handlebars were it will allow you to measure your heart rate and calories burned. This is then linked up to the electronic console where you can further measure your speed, distance and time.

JTX Cyclo 6 Bike

JTX Cyclo 6 Spin Bike

The JTX Cyclo 6 bike is definitely up there with being one of the most advanced indoor cycling bikes that you can buy for your home.


It has an incredible 22kg flywheel that is going to give you a consistent and very smooth cycle – it’ll be like just cycling an outdoor bike.


The flywheel itself is powered by a belt driven system. You see a large amount of home indoor cycling bikes usually come with a chain driven system as they are less expensive to manufacture but the JTX Cyclo 6 has a belt powered system.


This simply means it is quieter, has very low maintenance and is exactly like a bike you would get in any good gym.


It has 2 sets of handlebars so you can find the best cycling position for you whether you want a gentle cycle or get into racing mode. The outside set of handlebars has integrated pulse sensors to measure your heart rate and calories burned.


The electronic console is very smart, attractive and provides detailed information on your speed, time and distance.


It also has a nice turn crank so you can increase the resistance up or down with absolute ease.

BodyMax B2 Bike

The BodyMax B2 bike is a very popular indoor cycling bike that is sleek, robust that will provide an incredible cardio workout for you.


It has a 13kg flywheel that provides an effective, consistent smooth cycle that is generated with the 3 piece chain crank system.


The LCD Console is very appealing that measures time, distance, speed and temperature.


Most indoor cycling bikes have a very narrow saddle or seat however this bike has a larger padded seat that is a lot more comfortable and will provide that extra cushion you need for those long cycling sessions.

JLL IC300 PRO Bike

JLL IC300 PRO Spin Bike

The JLL IC300 PRO is an indoor cycling bike for someone who wants to get the best out of their workout. It incorporates the ‘newer mechanics’ of indoor cycling bikes with its very robust belt drive and magnetic resistance.


With the belt drive and its magnetic resistance it will make for a more quieter workout that you can enjoy for years to come with very little maintenance…if any.


It has a nice 20kg flywheel that is going to keep a very smooth ride where you can crank up the resistance with the brightly coloured turn dial just in front of you.


It has a 150mm Q-Factor. This is a term used to compare different bike sizes. It analyses your ‘stance width’ when standing on the bike. The average road bike is 150mm so the JLL IC300 is able to resemble this.


Maximise your workout by analysing your progress with the combination of the hand pulsers and large electronic console.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1509C

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1509C

Designed by one of the leading health and fitness manufacturers, Sunny Health & Fitness. The SF-B1509C is a highly popular home indoor cycling bike that many people enjoy.


It has an incredible flywheel weight of 18kgs (40lbs) so will offer a real road bike feel to it as you cycle.


It’s resistance is created with the use of a leather pad that will offer incredible tension against the flywheel to help you work harder as you crank the knob directly in front of you. What’s great about this is that leather is can take a lot of wear and tear before you have to make any real maintenance to it. Not a lot of indoor bikes have this feature!


It’s a great bike that comes in at a great price and will surely have you working up a sweat!

OnePeloton Indoor Bike

The OnePeloton is not just a standard indoor cycling bike, it’s much more than that. It’s main aim is to replicate a gym cycling session such as SoulCycle….all from the comfort of your own home.


Now, it is a lot more pricier compared to the other bikes discussed however if your after the full all-interactive experience then this may be the one for you.


It has different membership packages you can sign up to for as low as $39 per month that gives you 24/7 access to a range of different indoor cycling sessions or you can join in on a live online stream from their headquarters in New York.


You can tap the classes you want to workout to with its HD touchscreen that is going to show session duration, your speed, your distance and you also have the option of connecting a heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate and calories burned.


You can check out the OnePeloton further here.


The Echelon bike would be in the same category as the OnePeloton in regards to having the ‘full immersive indoor cycling class from home’.


The Echelon is significantly a lot more affordable compared to the OnePeloton and it also comes with a years free membership whereas the Peloton does not – this is an additional expense.


However if your budget can allow for the it and you’re interested in the extensive training courses you be able to justify it.


When you purchase the Echelon bike, you can download their own personal app; the Echelon Connect App. Here you can watch and train along to live or pre-programmed workouts.


Echelon designed the bike where instead of you buying additional tech, it gives the choice of using your own devices such as your mobile phone or tablet. This brings down the cost considerably.


So if your after the full immersive indoor cycling training but keeping costs to a minimum, then the Echelon may be the bike for you.


Check out the Echelon here.


So if you’re after a new indoor cycling bike or looking for an upgrade, these are some of the best on the market right now.


Each one of these indoor cycling bikes are incredibly robust so will be able to handle being under constant pressure. They can be put together very easily and require very little maintenance over time but the main benefit is what they offer you – an awesome workout that is going to get your heart rate jacked up and melt that unwanted fat away.


Not only that, but you’ll notice a more ‘hop in your step’ were you’ll feel a lot healthier, have improved endurance and enjoy a more happy life. Exercising really does offer incredible benefits for your mind and general outlook on life.


All of these bikes are great that you can easily get your hands on so that you can train all from the comfort of your own home.


If you do have any questions about any of these indoor cycling bikes, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I like the fact that the guide is as a result of your testing of one of the products. I’m a fitness freak. I just like to keep fit every time because I love playing soccer too. Though I do not have a spin bike at the moment but I will definitely get the XS Sports Bike because thats what you use too and with that I’m sure its tested and trusted. 

    thanks for your information and guide

    1. Hi RoDarrick,

      I’m the same, I’m a big fitness fan and have to say that spinning is a great way to incorporate cardio into your workout regime.

      The XS Sports bike is an incredible bike to use from home that offers a heart pounding workout.

      Im glad you liked the review.

  2. What a great site for valuable information on spin bikes, being able to compare the top seven bikes all on the one page is a great idea. If people who want to get fit, lose few pounds or simply stay fit then it looks like these spinning bikes are what they should be looking at. 

    1. Hi Fintan,

      Thank you, well I hope this provides anyone looking for a spin bike for home valuable information on what may be best for them.

  3. This is one of the most amazingly informative and expository things I have read all weekend,more so as an avid students of sport, stumbling upon this has gave me some more knowledge on spin bikes. I like the Life Carver BTM Bike especially because of the adjustable handlebars and it looks really nice. Does the bike need to be adjusted to my exact height, weight and skill level?

    1. Hi Labulo,

      Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. The LifeCarver BTM is a great bike that is fully adjustable to height and anyone of any skill level can use it. It’s a great starter bike for any beginner.



  4. Wow!

    This is a great news for me, o my God. I always thought about having a small gym but I never come out with something sound! This Buying Guide of yours is incredibly thorough, Ronan! Personally “Cycling from Home” becomes a great consideration for my proximity Gym. You’ve mentioned a big number of strong and robustness-proven bikes, there proves there a lot of choices. By the way, do these bikes use power or they are all mechanical?I ask this because some locations out there do not have enough electricity: if the bikes use electricity it would be hard for some guys out there.

    Thank you for sharing.


    1. Hi Oscar,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my review. I’ve looked around everywhere online and can confidently say that these are the best spin bikes that you can get for your home.

      Nearly all of these spin bikes simply use your own power generated by your cadence. However, the OnePeloton and Echelon use WiFi to connect up to so you can benefit from the online streaming classes.

      If you’re after a normal self generated spin bike, the majority of these bikes will be a perfect fit.

  5. Hello, this is a very insightful article on the spin bikes. Personally I have always had this discouraging factors of distance and procastination when it comes to going to the gym. So I basically do some excercising at home but recently I have been looking to acquire a durable spin bike and o think I already found one from your article. Thanks. 

    1. Hi Seyi,

      I was the same myself, I found going to the gym every now and again a chore as I live so far from the nearest one. With my own spin bike I can now get my exercise in my own time that suits me.

      I’m glad you’re able to find inspiration from my article when purchasing your new spin bike.

  6. Thanks for writing this review on best spin bikes. I must say am really impressed with all I ready about each and every spin bike you review and also I really like the feature of OnePeloton Spin thinking of buying it to replace the one I use at home, but I will like to OnePeloton Spin Bike available to buying easily in the market incase a component get faulty 

    1. Hi Afolabi,

      The OnePeloton is probably one of the most advanced home spin bikes you can buy. It’s an incredible bike but the service is even better with it’s own live streaming classes available. 

      You can check out for any parts you may need incase a part does tend to get faulty. However, OnePeloton does offer warranty on the bike frame for 5 years and 12 months on any accessories. 

  7. I am looking for a new spin bike for my home gym, so after doing a Google search, came across your excellent review page of the best ones for 2019. Timely indeed, you have included everything about each so I can quickly determine which is the one that will work best and get it ordered.

    In looking through all the options and also the guidelines you have included as to what to look for when selecting a spin bike, it seems that when all factors such as the flywheel weight, material of the frame, and of course, price, the one that will work best for me is the XS Sport Bike. 

    You mention that this is the one you are using so that in itself is a testament that it is likely suitable, and there are lots of testimonials too that are positive. I like the flywheel weight, and in addition to the electronics, it has the elbow rests. Pricing is secondary, but also a factor.

    Thanks for laying it all out succinctly and clearly to help me get to the purchase stage, you have really helped me a lot with this review of the best spin bikes for 2019! It would have taken me much longer otherwise. 

  8. This is a concise and informative blog post. You have thoroughly explained in detail from different perspective for everyone digesting this post to understand the major points and tips shared in this article. The buying guide and specifications are top notch and i can attest to the fact that i learnt a lot from these products review. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Tracy,

      I’m glad you liked the post. I hope that it has given you some insight into a few of the best spin bikes currently on the market that you can use from home.



  9. This is a really great review of the best spin bikes with a good explanation of what items to consider when deciding to buy a spin bike like flywheel weight. I just wanted to ask if you think that the Tacx neo smart bike or the imminent Wahoo KICKR smart bike also fall into the spin bike category?

    1. Hi John,

      Thankyou, I’m glad I can help. Definitely, the Tacx Neo and Wahoo KICKR smart bikes are incredible spin bikes.
      These are two bikes that definitely offer all the bells and whistles and I think are great for anyone who enjoys the feel of an outdoor bike.
      The only downside I can see for most people is the price. They are expensive bikes but if your budget can allow it – well I think they would be awesome to workout with!

  10. Hi Ronan
    Great blog and very helpful.

    I was wondering if i could ask your advice…I think the JLL range suits my needs best but which version would you go for between the IC300 Pro, IC400 Elite and IC400 Pro?

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Paul

      Thank you!

      When buying a spin bike, what generally attracts me is the weight of the flywheel and what type of resistance. Out of these 3 bikes, I prefer the IC400 Pro.

      Simply because it has a great 22kg flywheel and is magnetic resistance.

      JLL design some great durable bikes also!

      Hope this helps

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