The BH Fitness I Spada 2 Review

So you’re after an indoor bike or a racer…

Perhaps the BH Fitness I Spada 2 in this case

Definitely a good choice!

In my personal opinion I think it’s right up there with some of the best.

No joke!

Firstly…..well just have a look at it!

BH Fitness I Spada 2

A beautiful indoor bike, is it not?

The black, charcoal, steel and dash of orange colour in there really makes it appealing to the eye in my opinion!

Maybe you’re looking to see how good the bike is.

Maybe you’re looking to see if it’s worth the money investing in.

Maybe you’re looking to see if it will provide that full, sweat-dripping cardio workout

Or possibly all of the above!

Well, don’t fret!

Throughout this review we’ll give a breakdown of each feature of the BH Fitness I Spada 2 so you can decide if it’s the indoor bike for you but let’s have a look at some of pros and cons of it before anything.



Who Is It Ideal For?

The BH Fitness I Spada 2 is designed for the cycling enthusiast.

Yes, anyone can use this bike even if you’re a complete beginner to indoor cycling or working out in general.

However, there are more affordable indoor bikes on the market that you can try out firstly.

The BH Fitness I Spada 2 is all about getting every drop of juice from your workout!

It’s designed for intensity!

If you’re a person who loves indoor cycling classes or looking to bring your outdoor cycling indoors – then this is a bike for you!


As you can tell just by looking at it, you can see just how robust and durable it is.

The frame of the bike is made from high grade steel with a wide base of 59cm (just short of 2 feet) with adjustable rubber soles attached so you can guarantee there will be no ‘rockiness’ when cycling at high levels.

It measures 130cm in length (4.2 feet) by 116cm (3.8 feet) in width and can hold a weight of up to 130kg (20st 6lbs).

The height of the saddle and the distance from the handlebars can all be adjusted with the secure dials to ensure that your cycling position is locked down.

Monochrome LCD Display

BH Fitness I Spada 2 Display

One of the main features of the Spada 2!

The monochrome display is a great way of seeing just how well your workout is going.

It displays your Time, Speed, Distance, Watt, Pulse, Calories burned and what programme your currently training on.

During any programme you can see the intensity levels displayed on a chart with it’s peaks and troughs. 

It’s incredibly motivating and a great way of tracking your progression overtime.

Intensity & Workout Programmes

The BH Fitness I Spada 2 has 24 different intensity levels you can choose from.

Thanks to it’s 20kg equivalent flywheel and duo resistance.

Both magnetic and friction based resistance allows for a much more difficult workout.

You can actually choose from 3 different resistances.

  • Friction – for a realistic cycle
  • Magnetic – for a quieter and smoother cycle
  • Both – to get the most of your workout

Start off slow with one of the lower resistance levels and crank it right up to really get into heart-pumping workout you’re looking for!

This can all be controlled with the turn crank just in front of you.

The Spada 2 also has 12 Pre-Set Programmes.

Choose from a list of:

  • 5 Customisable Programmes
  • 1 At Random Programme
  • 1 Fitness Test
  • 4 Heart Rate Control Programmes
  • 1 Recovery

Choose what you feel is best for you or create your own one – an absolute awesome feature!

Noisiness Levels?

Almost none!


2 reasons – the Poly V-Belt & Duo Resistance!

The Spada 2 has been designed so that noise levels are at an absolute low.

Now, you’ll not get any indoor bike that doesn’t have any form of noise but with the belt drive behind this bike – it offers a smooth, quiet and maintenance-free performance.

Like I said the Duo-Resistance is both magnetic and friction based.

Now, friction resistance can be slightly more noisier than magnetic however, very minimal!

With both magnetic and friction at work here, the Spada 2 delivers an intense workout but helps keep noise levels at a low!

Triathlon Handlebars

BH Fitness I Spada 2 Handlebars

Get deeper into each workout with the secure-grip triathlon handlebars.

The 3 main handlebar positions with elbow rests allow you to cycle or race just like you would in competition.

Perfect for when your standing, sitting or leaning into each cycle.

These can be adjusted horizontally or vertically to get the right fit for you.

Duo Pedals

The Spada 2 has two ways of cycling.

You can wear normal trainers and secure your feet with the adjustable straps


Wear a pair of cleats and lock the soles to the pedals.

Whatever type of footwear you prefer to use when cycling is up to you but it just gives you that added option.

IConcept Bluetooth 4.0 Enabled

IConcept Bluetooth 4.0 Enabled

Connect to your favourite apps such as Strava or MyFitnessPal to monitor and track your progress.

You can even connect your heart rate monitor up to the bike via Bluetooth whether it be on your wrist or chest strap.

It just helps to give you that better tailored cycling experience and see actual figures of how many calories you burned.

Is It Worth The Money?

Like I said, the BH Fitness I Spada 2 is one of the more pricier indoor bikes or racers you can get.

If you’re just starting out and have never cycled with intensity before I just wouldn’t think you would get your value for money from it.

A more affordable indoor bike may be more suited to you.

However, if you’re after an indoor bike that gives you all the benefits a studio bike would that you can use at home, then I think this is what you’re after!

It’s an awesome bike that is going to make you work up a sweat in no time!

The Spada 2 is a bike that promotes intensity in your workouts but doesn’t compromise durability and makes sure the bike stays steady, level and secure without any shakiness.

It’s a great indoor bike to add to any home gym that also looks very stylish!

If you have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you soon!

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  1. Hi, after looking for a spin bike, I decided on buying a Spada 2 having read your great review. I managed to find one on ebay, brand new, in the box, with a great saving. I built it up over the weekend, and have encountered a couple of problems, I wonder if you could assist me with – BH Fitness won’t help me because I didn’t buy it from one of their dealers – 1. The monitor will not power up, and 2. There is a strong resistance in the pedal stroke when the crank arms are almost vertical, but far less so when they are horizontal. I have loosened the resistance knob right off. I would have thought that without the bike being plugged in, there would be little or no resistance, but I can hardly pedal at all. I am used to pedaling on my Schwinn AD8, which I’ve had for nearly four years now.
    Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks. Kind regards, Nick.

    1. Hi Nick

      Try checking the belt drive within it to see if there is anything lodged there thats causing the resistance.
      I would also try and use a little DW40 on the crank arm to see if that helps at all.



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