Comparison Of All Indoor Bikes

Looking for your first or even next indoor bike can be difficult to decide, especially when there is so many to choose from.

Just by doing a simple search on Amazon and it will just scroll through lists of different indoor bikes that all have different brands & different features.

However, I’ve done my research and decided to create a full comparison table of the main features you can expect from over 75 indoor bikes (p.s this list is constantly being updated).

So, let’s take a look at some of the features you may decide you want within your next indoor bike.

Key Features To Look Out For

Flywheel Weight

The flywheel on an indoor bike is what is going to give you the power output that is being generated from your legs.

As you pedal this turns the drivetrain which creates the momentum of the flywheel. As the inertia begins to pick up, you will be able to create a smooth and consistent cycle.

The weight of the flywheel determines how smooth and consistent your cycling may be – rule of thumb is the heavier the flywheel, the smoother the cycling.


Indoor bikes come with one of two forms of drivetrain – they are either chain driven or belt driven.

A chain driven indoor bike is the same as an outdoor bike with a chain rolling over a sprocket.

A belt driven indoor bike is usually a Poly V belt directed from the pedal system right to the flywheel.

When it comes to noise levels – a belt driven bike is what you want.

Type Of Resistance

Resistance on indoor bikes comes in two forms – Magnetic or friction resistance.

This is what is going to give you your leg burn, melt those calories and ultimately lose weight.

Magnetic resistance is a lot more quieter as there is no actual contact between the magnets and the flywheel. However, friction resistance can possibly give a higher level of resistance if you really want to get your legs fired up.

Check out the video we made to weigh up the differences here.

Caged Pedals or Duel Pedals

Almost every indoor bike will come with caged pedals , it’s really the standard.

However, some indoor bikes have integrated duel pedals with caged pedals on one side but SPD pedals on the flip reverse.

This gives you the choice of either cycling with standard trainers or using cycling shoes and being able to get a more secure fit and effective cycle.

Maximum User Weight

When buying a new indoor bike, you need to look at the maximum user weight it can hold.

Now most indoor bikes have been built with enough durability where it can hold anyone up to 130kg (just over 20 stone).

Most of the population generally do fall under this user weight however there are bikes that do offer an increased user weight capacity.

Does It Come With a Console?

Having a console on an indoor bike isn’t a neccassity however it is a good feature to have if your looking to measure your metrics such as speed, distance, time and rough calories burned.

Most indoor bikes do have some sort of console fitted (whether these are designed good or bad is another point entirely though).

Having a console just allows you to keep track of your own cycling workout and can even give that extra motivational boost to keep you on the saddle.

Does It Have Bluetooth Connectivity?

Bluetooth connectivity is a great function to have on an indoor bike as it can allow you to connect to 3rd party apps such as Zwift, Bkool, Peloton Digital etc.

Normally, you’ll find Bluetooth installed in more expensive bikes but there are other external ways that you can add Bluetooth connectivity to transmit your cycling data with the use of power meter pedals or speed and cadence sensors.

Does It Have a Phone/Tablet Holder?

With the current world we live in, we are constantly connected to the online world and indoor bike manufacturers understand this.

With most indoor bikes, you will find some kind of phone or tablet holder where you place place your device on and link up to a 3rd party app or catching up on your latest episodes on Netflix.

So, now that we know the main features to look out for when looking for your next indoor bike, it’s time to take a look at over 75 indoor bikes I’ve gathered information on.

So here I’ve put together a table of all of the key features. This will be constantly updating but for now – take a look.

Indoor BikeType of ResistanceDrivechainFlywheel WeightCaged/SPD PedalsHold Max WeightConsole/ ScreenBluetoothTablet/Phone Holder
JLL IC200 PROMagneticBelt7kgCaged100kgYesNoNo
JLL IC300FrictionChain18kgCaged130kgYesNoNo
JLL IC300 PROMagneticBelt20kgCaged130kgYesNoNo
JLL IC350 PROMagneticBelt7kgCaged125kgYesNoNo
JLL IC400 ELITEFrictionBelt20kgCaged150kgYesNoNo
JLL IC400 PROMagneticBelt22kgCaged/SPD 150kgYesYesYes
JLL Velox 2MagneticBelt9kgCaged/SPD 130kgYesYesYes
Schwinn IC2FrictionChain14.1kgCaged113kgYesNoNo
Schwinn IC4MagneticBelt18kgCaged/SPD149kgYesYesYes
Schwinn IC7FrictionBelt18kgCaged/SPD136kgYesNoYes
Schwinn IC8MagneticBelt20kgCaged/SPD150kgYesYesYes
Proform TDF CLCMagneticBelt10kgCaged115kgYesYesNo
Proform TSF 10.0MagneticBelt12kgCaged125kgYesYesYes
Proform SmartPower 10.0MagneticBelt12kgCaged115kgYesYesNo
Proform 500 SPXFrictionBelt18kgCaged115kgYesNoYes
NordicTrack S10i Studio CycleMagneticBeltUndisclosedCaged150kgYesYesNo
NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio CycleMagneticBelt14kgCaged150kgYesYesNo
NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio CycleMagnetic Belt14kgCaged135kgYesYesNo
NordicTrack GX 3.9FrictionBelt18kgCaged115kgYesNoNo
NordicTrack Grand Tour ProMagneticBelt7kgCaged170kgYesYesYes
NordicTrack GX 7.0FrictionBelt20kgCaged115kgYesNoNo
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002/CLeatherBelt22kgCaged125kgNoNoNo
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901FrictionChain18kgCaged125kgNoNoNo
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901BFrictionBelt18kgCaged125kgNoNoNo
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1509CLeatherChain18kgCaged/SPD136kgNoNoNo
Sunny Health & Fitness Pro 2FrictionBelt18kgCaged125kgYesNoYes
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1423FrictionBelt18kgCaged120kgYesNoYes
Sunny Health & Fitness Evolution PRO II MagneticBelt18kgCaged/SPD149kgYesNoYes
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1879MagneticBelt13kgCaged125kgYesNoYes
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1851MagneticBelt18kgCaged/SPD136kgYesNoYes
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1995FrictionBelt18kgCaged125kgYesNoYes
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805MagneticBelt19kgCaged136kgNoNoYes
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1714MagneticBelt19kgCaged150kgNoNoNo
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001SFrictionChain13kgCaged99kgNoNoNo
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1421FrictionChain13kgCaged120kgYesNoNo
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1877MagneticBelt13kgCaged120kgYesNoYes
Peloton BikeMagneticBelt17kgCaged/SPD135kgYesYesNo
Peloton Bike +MagneticBelt17kgCaged/SPD135kgYesYesNo
Echelon Connect EX-3MagneticBelt13kgCaged/SPD136kgNoYesYes
Echelon Connect EX-5sMagneticBelt13kgCaged/SPD136kgYesYesNo
Echelon Connect SportMagneticBelt7kgCaged136kgNoYesYes
Apex RidesMagneticBelt4kgCaged/SPD140kgNoYesYes
Spinner® L1 - SPIN®FrictionBelt14kgCaged/SPD113kgNoYesYes
Spinner® L5 - SPIN®FrictionBelt16kgCaged/SPD113kgNoYesYes
Spinner® L9 - SPIN®FrictionBelt16kgCaged/SPD113kgNoYesYes
Keiser M3iMagneticBelt3kgCaged/SPD158kgYesYesYes
Keiser M3i LiteMagneticBelt3kgCaged/SPD158kgYesYesNo
Joroto X1sFrictionBelt15kgCaged127kgYesNoYes
Joroto X2MagneticBelt15kgCaged136kgYesNoYes
BH Fitness DukeFrictionBelt20kgCaged/SPD150kgNoNoNo
BH Fitness Duke MagMagneticBelt20kgCaged/SPD150kgNoNoNo
BH Fitness RexFrictionBelt20kgCaged/SPD150kgYesNoNo
BH Fitness i.Spada 2 RacingMagnetic & FrictionBelt20kgCaged/SPD130kgYesYesYes
BH Fitness SB3 MagneticMagneticBelt18kgCaged/SPD110kgYesYesNo
BH Fitness AirmagAir & MagneticBelt18kgCaged150kgYesYesYes
BH Fitness StratosFrictionBelt22kgCaged130kgYesYesNo
BH Fitness Spada 2Magnetic & FrictionBelt20kgCaged/SPD130kgYesYesYes
BH Fitness RDX 1.1FrictionBelt20kgCaged/SPD130kgYesNoYes
BH Fitness SB MagMagneticBelt20kgCaged/SPD130kgYesNoNo
BH Fitness TokyoMagneticBelt20kgCaged/SPD130kgYesNoYes
BH Fitness SB 2.6FrictionBelt22kgCaged/SPD105kgYesYesYes
BH Fitness SB 2.2FrictionBelt20kgCaged/SPD105kgYesNoNo
BH Fitness SB 1.4FrictionBelt18kgCaged100kgYesNoNo
BH Fitness SB1.16FrictionBelt16kgCaged100kgYesNoYes
Life Fitness IC1FrictionBelt18kgCaged130kgYesNoNo
Life Fitness IC2FrictionBelt15kgCaged/SPD130kgYesNoNo
Life Fitness IC4MagneticBelt15kgCaged/SPD149kgNoNoYes
Life Fitness IC5MagneticBeltNot disclosed (possibly 9kg)Caged/SPD150kgYesYesNo
Life Fitness IC6MagneticBeltNot disclosed (possibly 9kg)Caged/SPD150kgYesYesNo
Life Fitness IC7MagneticBeltNot disclosed (possibly 9kg)Caged/SPD150kgYesYesNo
Life Fitness ICG IC8MagneticBeltNot disclosed (possibly 9kg)Caged/SPD150kgYesYesNo
Star Trac Studio 3FrictionChain19kgCaged/SPD136kgNoNoNo
Star Trac Studio 7FrictionBelt19kgCaged/SPD159kgNoNoNo
Concept 2 BikeErgDamperBeltUndisclosedFlat Pedals136kgYesYesNo
XS Sports SB350FrictionChain8kgCaged 100kgYesNoNo
XS Sports SB500FrictionChain15kgCaged 125kgYesNoNo
Bodymax B1FrictionChain10kgCaged110kgYesNoNo
Bodymax B2FrictionChain13kgCaged125kgYesNoNo
Bodymax B10FrictionChain18kgCaged125kgYesNoNo
Bodymax B15FrictionChain20kgCaged125kgYesNoNo
Bodymax B50 TourFrictionBelt20kgCaged130kgYesNoYes
Taurus IC50FrictionBelt20kgCaged135kgYesYesNo
Taurus IC70LeatherBelt20kgCaged/SPD130kgYesYesNo
Taurus IC90MagneticBelt22kgCaged/SPD150kgYesYesNo
Taurus Z9MagneticBelt14kgCaged150kgYesYesNo
Taurus Z9 ProMagneticBelt17kgCaged/SPD150kgYesYesNo
Body Power SP.IC14FrictionChain14kgCaged100kgYesNoYes
Body Power SP.IC20FrictionBelt20kgCaged110kgYesNoYes
Bowflex C7MagneticBelt18kgCaged/SPD147kgYesYesYes
Matrix Fitness CXMMagneticBeltUndisclosedCaged/SPD158kgYesYesNo
Matrix Fitness CXP MagneticBeltUndisclosedCaged158kgYesYesNo
Spirit CB900MagneticBelt20kgCaged/SPD160kgNoNoNo
Spirit JB950 Johnny GMagneticBelt21kgCaged/SPD159kgYesYesNo
York SB9000 LeatherChain20kgCaged/SPD130kgNoNoNo
TechnoGym Group CycleMagneticBelt15kgCaged/SPD160kgYesYesNo
TechnoGym BikeMagneticBelt17kgCaged/SPD160kgYesYesNo
TechnoGym SkillbikeMagneticBelt4kgCaged/SPD160kgYesYesYes
Stages SC1MagneticBeltUndisclosedCaged/SPD158kgYesYesYes
Stages SC2MagneticBeltUndisclosedCaged/SPD158kgYesYesYes
Stages SC3MagneticBeltUndisclosedCaged/SPD158kgYesYesYes
Stages SB20MagneticBelt22.6kgCaged/SPD147kgNoYesYes
Nero SportsFrictionBelt12kgCaged120kgYesYesYes

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