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Indoor cycling classes have changed a lot over the years. What began as bare-bones cycle classes in your local gym’s back rooms are now, thanks to places like CycleBar, a luxurious boutique experience. And now that same luxury comes to your home thanks to CycleBar Go. 

The last few years have seen an explosion of digital fitness offerings, and indoor cycling studios have been no exception to this trend. With social distancing at the moment now the norm, dedicated indoor cycling apps are the best way to keep up with your workouts, and maintain a healthy lifestyle while we’re all in lockdown mode.  

CycleBar studios have made it their mission to continue meeting your fitness needs even during the pandemic. So, if you’re looking to get more out of your on-demand workouts, look no further than the fantastic features of CycleBar Go. It will feel just like the real deal.  

Who is CycleBar Go For?

Anyone really, anyone is who committed to getting more fit!

Fifteen years of passion, science, and expertise have made CycleBar one of the leading cycling studios out there, and their dedicated cycling app is no exception. There truly is something there for everyone at every level of fitness.  

With many different class formats to choose from, you can pick and choose the classes that meet your needs with a healthy mix of strength, endurance, challenges, drills, and hills. 

CycleBar’s trained elite instructors create a safe and welcoming environment where you can remove your self-conscious daily armor and connect to your inner strength. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cycler, you’ll leave the workout elevated, inspired, and ready to take on the world.  

Anyone can challenge themselves and push past their limits regardless of where you are on your fitness journey. You won’t have to worry about being the best in the room because, with CycleBar Go, you’ll be in your room.  

CycleBar's At-Home Experience

This excellent app will give you nearly everything you need to turn your own home into an indoor cycling studio and receive CycleBar’s outstanding services.  

With the app, you’ll receive unlimited access to their on-demand rides allowing you to participate in a wide variety of immersive and pre-recorded, and live classes. 

CycleBar’s instructors will get you tapping into your best self. Their on-the-go classes are tailor-made to bring CycleBar’s professional workouts to wherever you can take your phone or tablet. This will allow you to get the excellence and energy of CycleBar’s renowned CycleTheatre to your home without having to make the trek. 

You’ll need your own stationary indoor bike, of course. Suppose you haven’t invested in one already. In that case, there is a vast selection on the market these days ranging from relatively inexpensive and no-frills to top-of-the-food-chain bikes packed with functionality and features.  

As long as you have a bike with good support and a range of resistances, you should be able to do everything CycleBar Go has to offer. Some classes incorporate a weighted bar, so getting one will be a must if you plan on choosing those classes.   

CycleBar Go App

CycleBar Go Classes

The app itself is user-friendly and easy to navigate. All you’ll have to worry about is signing up for the next live class or choosing which kind of workout you want, and tracking your goals, stats, and milestones.  

That app itself divides into five sections: 

  • ME: shows you which rides are available to you in their studios, suggests rides you might like, shows you which CycleBar studios are closes to your location, and whether or not you’ve reached your ride goals for this week.  
  • RIDES: displays upcoming live video productions. Select the date to see what’s coming up, or click the ‘instructors’ panel to see if your favourite instructor is teaching and when. 
  • SCHEDULE: gives you an overview of your riding calendar. If you’ve signed up for any live classes, you’ll get the breakdown here, making it that much easier to stay on top of your workout goals. 
  • ACTIVITY: This is where you’ll go to keep track of all your riding stats. We’ll go into this in some detail below, but CycleBar Go will give you all the data you need to motivate and peek your performance. 
  • GO: This is where all of CycleBar’s renowned pre-recorded classes live. Divided by categories that include:
  1. CLASSIC: 45-minute rides in a variety of intensities. 
  2. XPRESS: shorter 30-minute rides.
  3. EMPOWER: features motivational, high-energy rides meant to power your mindset and tap into your inner strength. 
  4. AUDIO CONTENT: contains audio-only workouts from yoga and stretching to running, weight lifting, and cross-training. 
  5. NEW ON CBGO: shows you the most recent on-demand videos available so you can keep your workouts fresh with inspiring new training sessions. 

With more than 200 hours of video and audio to date, and new sessions coming online every week, CycleBar Go is constantly updating its playlists to bring you the most pedal-turning, mood-lifting fitness fun.  

CycleStar Instructors 

CycleBar Go Instructors

Part of CycleBar studio’s in-person classes’ appeal has always been their highly trained, highly energetic instructors. That same experience is available in all of their offerings on CycleBar GO.  

These are not your average instructors. Part DJ, part educator, part motivator, and part coach, these training experts will not only help your reach your fitness goals. They will inspire and uplift you, shake up your cardio, and help you burn off those calories.  


Aside from their excellent roster of professional, uplifting instructors, a huge part of CycleBar Go’s appeal is your ability to see your CycleStats. You’ll get all the workout data you crave, including the following: 

  • Ride duration (MM:SS) 
  • Average power (in Watts) 
  • Maximum power (in Watts) 
  • Average speed (mph) 
  • Maximum speed (mph) 
  • Average revolutions per minute (RPM) 
  • Maximum RPM 
  • Distance travelled (in Miles) 
  • Calories burned 

You can connect your CycleStats with your Apple Watch and Apple Health. You’ll also have the ability to set milestones (100 rides, 250 rides, 500 rides) and set yourself weekly streak goals to make sure you’re on target.  


Two affordable pricing tiers available:  

  • CycleBar Go Monthly (includes a 7-day free trial) = $19.99/month 
  • All-Access Monthly Pass (includes 7-day free trial) = $29.99/month 

CycleBar Go monthly will give you unlimited use of everything on their app including all of the features listed above. But with an All Access Monthly Pass, which is only ten dollars more per month, you’ll gain access to all of Xponential Go’s fitness apps, CycleBar Go included.  

The other apps in Xponential Go’s fitness suite include:  

  • Club Pilates Go 
  • Yoga Six Go 
  • Stride Go 
  • AKT Go 
  • Row House Go 
  • Pure Barre Go 
  • Stretch Lab Go 

This fantastic deal will give you access to thousands of hours of workouts across eight different fitness brands. 

Pros & Cons

Final Thoughts

Now you can join your favorite CycleBar classes right from your phone or tablet with their all-encompassing, immersive, easy-to-use CycleBar GO app.  

You’ll find inspiring, low-impact, high-intensity experiences for riders of all fitness levels. Track your progress, listen to some energy-enhancing instructions and motivate your progress toward a healthier lifestyle.  

CycleBar GO has exactly all the main features you want within a indoor cycling app.  

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