CycleGo App Review

Ever heard of CycleGo?

Well, if not, I highly recommend you check it out!

CycleGo is a virtual cycling app that you can download, train and cycle along to.

It very much resembles Zwift to a certain extent.

You follow the virtual cyclist around scenic backdrops whilst paying attention to their cycling speed – trying to maintain their RPM.

It’s great at providing that structured workout routine that allows you to sweat it out and burn off those unwanted calories – all whilst keeping it fun and appealing!

Who Is CycleGo Designed For?

CycleGo is more designed for beginners

Anyone new to cycling or feels they need guidance or a structured indoor cycling routine.

It provides detailed virtual cycling programs that shows you when to increase the resistance, drop it down, increase the RPM or reduce it down again.

Even if you don’t have a smart bike or an actual exercise bike and you’re using an outdoor bike on rollers you can still get an awesome workout from it.

Simply match the virtual cyclists speed and you’ll be able to get the full effect of the workout.

CycleGo Virtual Class

Structured Cycling Programs

CycleGo Structured Programs

This is what’s great about CycleGo.

It currently has 25 different structured cycling programs you can workout along to.

These differ in terms of:

Workout length


Type of program ie. HIIT, Seated, Jumps

Each of these programs provide a different cycling experience depending on the user and their current level of fitness.

You can choose what suits you the best whether you prefer short HIIT sessions or if enjoy a longer ride – it’s all here!

What I really like about CycleGo is the actual workout layout.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see the peaks and troughs of when you need to increase your resistance and when to reduce it.

These are all colour-coded so it makes it more appealing, more fun and so you know when to really turn up the heat!

CycleGo Workout Layout

Along with this guide – a voiceover tells you when to increase or reduce your resistance.

It just adds that extra element to make it more interactive!

Graphics & User Experience (UX)

So, like I said, in terms of appearance it very much resembles Zwift with it’s virtual cyclists and backgrounds.

The graphics within CycleGo have came a long way and they have just released to their 3.0 version.

This has made the graphics slightly more realistic, the workouts more engaging and interactive and most of all the cycling more fun and enjoyable.

It now has a lot more workout programs like shown above than the previous version and allows you to see exactly what a certain cycling workout offers before you commence it.

It’s really user-friendly.

Simple swipes and clicks and you can choose what cycling workout best suits you!

The workout itself is totally guided so just follow the virtual cyclist and keep an eye on the bar graph at the bottom to follow the tempo of the workout.


CycleGo currently have 3 ways of paying:

Monthly: $2.99

Yearly: $22.99

Lifetime: $49.99

These are really low prices, actually one of the lowest you can get when it comes to downloadable apps for indoor cycling.

For what you get with the app too – I think it’s definitely worth the purchase!

Future Features

Greater Range Of Workouts & Music

As the app continues to improve, CycleGo will be adding more workouts and more music to offer a better experience where you can get the most from.

Longer Workouts

CycleGo really want to diversify their workouts.

Like I said, some people prefer the short HIIT workouts (which is the length of the majority of their current workouts).

However, they have advised that within their next releases they will feature longer workouts between 2-3 hours long!

So, if you’re a person who prefers long cycling or endurance rides – this will be awesome for you!

Adaptation For Other Fitness Machine

Currently the app is designed to be used along with your exercise bike, however CycleGo are now adapting the app so it can be worked in conjunction with recumbent bikes, arm bikes and also treadmills!

How To Get Access To CycleGo

Download CycleGo from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

My Rating


I would CycleGo a solid 4.5/5


Well for a few reasons.

CycleGo provides something different to the standard indoor cycling class.

It easy to use and easy to follow.

There is basically something for everyone here;

  • Standing workouts,
  • Seated workouts,
  • HIIT workouts or long endurance workouts.

I think this app is especially great for beginners who need a sense of guidance and direction when jumping on the exercise bike for the first time.

And lastly, I think there’s the inner child within us all that enjoys something interactive & something fun.

Yes, Zwift is certainly comparable to CycleGo with it’s similar design however it can be a lot more expensive in terms of subscription fees and the equipment you need to communicate with it.

CycleGo on the other hand, currently may not have the connectivity behind it but for the amazing experience you get with it and at the price it’s available – I think it’s an absolute steal! 

I do highly recommend you check them out.

If you do have any questions, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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