CycleMasters Review

With everything going on in the world today, people are looking for alternative ways to get fit in the privacy of their homes. This also includes the popular indoor cycling classes that so many of us used to love attending at our local gyms.  

But now, there are ways to push yourself beyond your limits by utilizing online courses. This is where CycleMasters excels, leaving a lot of the competition in the dust. You can have access to hundreds of different indoor cycling classes that are based on your skill level. 

CycleMasters is known for providing various indoor cycling courses to gyms throughout the world, but now they offer their classes to people who want to do their indoor cycling at home. So if you’re looking for some expert instructors, you’ll definitely find them here.  

It’s actually quite genius when you think about it – everything you loved in the gym is now available right in your house! 

Who Is CycleMasters For?

CycleMasters Review

CycleMasters is ideal for the indoor biking enthusiast that loves taking different indoor cycling type classes to build their endurance and help train their bodies to withstand longer durations of working out.  

It can also be valuable to the individual who is just being introduced to the various types of indoor biking and wants to try different classes to see what all the hype is about with indoor cycling.   

Different training programs are tailored for advanced bikers and beginners. You can choose whatever training schedule fits your level of fitness and work your way up from there.  

There are even high-intensity training courses that will provide you with an intensive workout through short intervals to maximize your burn.   

Key Features

One of the best key features about CycleMasters is the wide selection of online indoor cycling workouts. There is a huge diversity between the different levels that each course offers and how you can stay motivated with various instructors.  

Below you will find the different types of workouts you can choose from: 

Beginner Crash Course

CycleMasters offers a variety of videos that will help the novice biker get familiar with all the different types of movements. There are explanations for learning the correct techniques and even ones that show you how to warm up correctly and cool down afterward.

Beat Ride

Beats Ride at CycleMasters
In-class Beats Ride

If you love moving to the beat of the music, then you’ll love the Beat Ride by CycleMasters! It will give you a complete body workout that is based on the rhythm of the music. It’s been scientifically proven that music makes people exercise harder and longer. So if you want to go to the extremes and feel that it’s the music that really motivates you then the Beat Ride can offer you the challenge you desire.

Signature Ride

Signature Ride at CycleMasters

If you find an instructor that really motivates you and you thoroughly enjoy their cycling courses, you can continue to enjoy their style by choosing their classes. You can even opt to take a live lesson from your favourite teacher whenever it is offered. 

Scenic Ride

Scenic Ride at CycleMasters
In-class Scenic Ride

If you love the idea of cycling through some of the world’s most picturesque views, then the Scenic Ride is for you! You will be able to enjoy various indoor cycling techniques while climbing some of the most scenic mountains. 

This is the feature I really enjoy myself personally. Don’t get me wrong, the beat and signature rides are awesome and full of energy but I prefer to see a visual point where I can focus on the screen and get to the end of this road, to reach that bend in the road or to climb the next hill. I just like to see myself cycling the route and it makes my workouts a lot more enjoyable!

What’s great is that the instructor will be cycling with you (as seen above) and providing instructions along the way whilst keeping you motivated the entire time!


Programs at CycleMasters
Program Breakdown in CycleMasters

What I love about CycleMasters is the programs they offer!

They have a vast amount available all to suit different needs and fitness goals. You can choose the intensity from:

  • Beginner
  • Average
  • Advanced

All of these programs run between 4-8 weeks and will provide you each workout all tailored to you.

Each of the program mix it up by offering their Beats Rides, Signature Rides and Scenic Rides. It’s a great way to keep your training fresh and exciting.

Nothing worse than doing the same workout over and over again!

These workout programs are a great way to build your endurance on the bike and will shred those calories in no time at all!

You can choose whatever type of class you want to take, so if you want to ride through some of the most beautiful scenic landscapes one day and then climb one of the highest mountains in the world the next day, the choice is yours! 

The good thing is that you won’t ever get bored with your choice of courses or the different instructors that are available to motivate you to push harder as many times a week as you desire.

The Instructors

CycleMasters Instructors

A big part of getting involved and really getting into your element when indoor cycling mainly comes from the instructor. 

You need that type of person who you can follow along to, who can motivate and inspire you to keep pushing – keep moving and help you get every drop of juice from your workouts.

That is what CycleMasters has! Currently there are 12 instructors who all bring their own sense of energy and vibrancy to their classes. Each one of them is more than quailifed in indoor cycling and know how to structure a class and help you along the way – no matter what your fitness goals are, you can reply on these guys!

Padraigs Workouts at CycleMasters

Even within the app, if you like the way a particular instructor takes a class you can easily filter down for their classes alone!

Just a great and easy feature to have!

Pros & Cons

CycleMasters is a unique option that is different from all the other traditional indoor cycling and cycling apps out there. Since most of those occur in an indoor environment, such as a studio or gym atmosphere, you’ll find that this program will expand your horizons. 

You’ll be able to cycle through some of the outdoors most elite terrains and enjoy views that other bikers only dream of seeing. It’s the perfect combination of appreciation and motivation for the various levels of cyclists.  

Below you will find what we liked best about this program and what we believe could be improved.  



What Equipment Do You Need to Start? 

You don’t need any fancy gym equipment to start using Cyclemasters, you just need an indoor bike, and you are all set. The type of bike you choose is up to you and should be based on your budget and level of expertise.  

You don’t need the most expensive indoor bike to benefit from all the classes that CycleMasters offers. However, you will want one that you are comfortable riding and allows you to push your limits when attempting to climb some of the biggest mountains in the world.  

Other than your indoor bike, you will need a media device to play and watch your workouts on. This can be done with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, external monitor, or even your TV. You will also need a working internet connection to stream all your favorite workouts. 

That’s it! SIMPLE!  

How To Watch

Google Chromecast for CycleMasters
Connecting CycleMasters through Chromecast

Since CycleMasters is a website-based service, you can easily watch the videos on their website via an app on your smartphone or stream to your TV with Chromecast or Apple TV. 

Here I’ve opted for the Chromecast option. I simply attach my phone to my phone holder and cast my screen onto the TV.


You can stream on-demand or live cycling classes whenever you want, regardless of where you live. There is a massive collection of workouts to choose from, so you do not have to do the same course twice in three months or even longer based on how many times a week you ride! Now that’s impressive!  


There is a 7-day free trial that everybody should take advantage of before committing to the subscription service. It’s plenty of time to try out the various types of courses and see if CycleMasters is something you would enjoy using for an extended amount of time.  

After your free trial expires, then you can choose from the monthly or yearly option. Since this is a Dutch-based service, the prices shown will be in euro and converted to your currency when signing up.  

Here are the costs: 

  • Monthly Membership – €14 billed per month  
  • Yearly Membership – €11.67 per month and includes two free months (€140 per year)

Both options include: 

  • Unlimited Access to All Courses  
  • Access to Both iOS and Android Apps 
  • 7-Day Free Trial   

Note: You can cancel your membership at any time without any other fees or consequences.   

How To Sign Up

How to get started with CycleMasters

To sign up and try out CycleMasters for 7 days completely free, check out the link below.

Not only will you get your first 7 days free but this link will also give you 50% off your first month at CycleMasters!

This means after your trial period ends, your first month will only cost €7!

That’s incredible! – especially for the vast amount of workouts that’s available to you. 

I think it’s definitely worth the try and if you feel it’s not for you – no problem, just cancel your subscription and you won’t be charged a penny.

Do I Need Any Extras? (Heart Rate Monitor, Cadence Sensor, Etc.)

Depending on the type of biker you are, you may want to monitor things like your heart rate or even how fast you are pedaling. Today, many different devices on the market can give you all kinds of details about your body while working out. 

However, you don’t need any of these while you use the CycleMasters program. But, it is nice to measure things like your heart rate if you have specific goals in mind. People who are trying to achieve a certain level of fitness will need to use some external devices to measure their fitness levels. 

Here are some options to consider: 

Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)

You can find these available in most smartwatches or fitness bands, but the most accurate HRMs are the ones that have a chest strap that monitors your heart rate. These can provide you a precise number as you reach various fitness levels. It’s a great way to monitor your health and your zone while cycling different courses.  

Power Meter

These devices are becoming more and more popular because they are now more reasonably priced, and they offer a lot of insights into your cycling habits. The power meter is attached to your indoor bike and will provide you with your power output measured in watts. These are real-time measurements that give you valuable information about all your efforts.  

Cadence Sensors

Another way to measure your endurance is by using a cadence sensor on your indoor bike. You’ll be able to determine the rotations per minute on the crank arm and see what your actual speed is while cycling. This can be done via your bike computer or any smartphone with compatible training apps.   

Training Mat 

Some of the intense courses from CycleMasters can have you moving very quickly, and without a good training mat under your indoor bike, you could slide or even damage your floors. You can choose different mats; just make sure that the thickness doesn’t affect your indoor bike’s stability.   

Proper Clothing

You don’t need to go out and buy a whole new biking wardrobe, but you might find that some padded biking shorts will make your experience much more enjoyable. Riding for long periods of time or even with the constant movement that some classes require, you’ll notice very quickly how nice the padding really is on your bum!  

As far as the shoes go, you can get away with wearing the same shoes you use for all your outdoor workouts. However, if you are going to become an avid cyclist, then investing in some quality shoes might be worth the money.  


If you want to experience indoor cycling that takes you not only outdoors but abroad to some of the most scenic views the world has to offer, then CycleMasters might just be what you need.  

Not to mention the hundreds of courses available for both the avid cycling enthusiast all the way to the beginner who just wants to bike along the ocean or through the mountains.  

Either way, CycleMasters is an excellent alternative for people who want to get more action from their indoor cycling classes. You’ll have hundreds of options to choose from, and the cost is minimal compared to everything you get.   

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