Does An Exercise Bike Tone Your Stomach

An exercise bike itself won’t tone your stomach….obviously but it’s how you actually use it that is going to sculpt those abs right into shape that will make anyone jealous.


So it basically comes down to 4 key factors:

That’s all!


I’ll explain each one separately and you’ll begin to see exactly how an exercise bike can tone your stomach.

Losing Weight

This is without a doubt the biggest factor that is going to start showing off those incredible abs.


There is a misconception out there in the vast universe of fitness where people feel they need to perform 1000+ sit ups to tone your stomach. This is not the case.


The thing is everyone on this planet has abs, it’s just with the layer of fat around these abdominal muscles is actually the main reason why we can’t see them.


Lose Weight with Exercise Bike

You see fat gathers easiest around the midsection of the body or the core and it’s only through proper, consistent exercise are you able to start melting away that fat to show off your toned stomach.


An exercise bike is designed to melt fat. That is it’s only aim.


If you develop a consistent and pulse racing exercise regime, along with a proper nutritional diet you’ll have no problem in seeing your waistline reducing very fast.


From one of my previous posts I talked about how indoor cycling can burn off a mass of calories. For example, if you were to weigh 220lbs and cycled for 60 minutes, you could burn off an incredible 735 calories!


That’s amazing!


So, losing weight is going to be your main goal here. Not only is it going to work wonders for your cardio, stamina and endurance but also your general overall health. So, in order to start seeing that six pack developing, melt away that fat firstly.


Depending on the bike you have, your balance will differ. If you’re using an indoor cycling or an upright bike, then this section will apply. There is not much balancing to be used on a recumbent bike as you are laying back but you may still be able to benefit from it.


So with an indoor cycling or an upright bike, the pedals movement is generated from the power of your legs. Your legs generate power from your hips and your hips power is generated from where?


Yes, you guessed it….your abdominal muscles (or your stomach region)

Balance on a bike

It all starts with your abdominal muscles here. The body has to move from side to side to convert this movement of energy from your abs to your legs to your bike.


This movement is all about balance. Your body needs to react and find the right level of balance to use to push down your legs to keep them moving. It’s this sudden and sharp movement of balancing that will force you to use your abdominal muscles.


When these are activated and engaged upon, they will become stronger and more resilient which is what we know as ‘toning’.


You’ll be surprised just how sore your abdominal muscles will be after coming off the bike, this is the process of them tearing and repairing to become stronger for the next time.


Once again this would be more applied to the upright or indoor cycling exercise bike as there is a lot of movement required when exercising on these types of bikes.


With the upright bike, you’ll notice your hips moving side to side – this is constantly keeping your core muscles engaged helping to tone and define.


Research performed at the American College of Sports Medicine seen that the ‘rhythmic alternating movement of the legs are important for exercise’.


It states that ‘man and machine must work together to reach a certain objective’.


That the body and bike work in harmony to get full effectiveness out of the workout.


The indoor cycling bike in this case is the bike that is going to benefit you the most. Not only are you moving side to side but you can also pedal seated or standing. This up and down motion is going to put your abdominal muscles under more stress so you perform your workout more effectively and with this additional stress comes toning.

Movement on Exercise Bike


Using the resistance on your bike is another great way of helping to tone your stomach muscles.


Cranking up the resistance is going to make it harder to pedal as the flywheel needs that extra boost of energy to keep rotating. As I said above, the power is generated from the pushing of the legs but is directed down from the core.


With the resistance cranked up, your core is going to have to really engage more effectively so you can drive that power to keep the pedals moving.

Any cycle with the resistance cranked up on is going to make you feel muscles in your core that you’ve never felt before.


This is good because today’s workout, is tomorrow’s warm-up.


All of the factors explained above do intertwine with each other and all are used in unison to deliver an effective and heart pounding workout that is going to be very beneficial for your overall health.


Developing a stronger or more toned core is essentially a byproduct of an exercise bike. If you’re new to cycling, it’s not something you will focus on at first however try out the ab techniques of including more movement into your cycle by engaging that core. Let me tell you though, the day after a good solid cycling session, you’ll see just how effective an exercise bike is at toning your stomach.


If you have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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