Favero Assioma Power Pedals Full Review

If you’ve decided to up your cycling game and really dig deep into your metrics, performance and cycling data – then you need a way to record and measure this.

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Through speed & cadence sensors
  • Through crank-attached power meters
  • Through the use of a very expensive smart bike
  • Or through the use of Power Pedals

And this is exactly what I’m going to be talking about here. 

Or to be more specific – the Favero Assioma Power Pedals.

Quick Overview of the Favero Assioma Power Pedals

Favero Assioma Power Pedals Review

Favero have created a set of power pedals that are going to really help you get the most out of your cycling, whether this be for indoor or outdoor use.

You can either get these pedals with one sensor (uno) or 2 sensors (duo) and I must say they really up the game within the power meter industry. They are seen to be even more superior to their previous pedals, the BePro. 

Now, as I said the Favero Assioma pedals can be either purchased with one sensor (located within the left pedal) or with 2 sensors in each pedal.

The cadence sensor is totally secured and inbuilt within it’s own casing, which is great in helping to make sure it stays free from dust, dirt or from any of the elements outside.

A gyroscope is also inbuilt within the pedals and they are even compatible with the oval-shaped ring of the chain.

What’s amazing about these pedals is that they make use of the cycling dynamic technology called IAV (Instantaneous Angular Velocity) Power.

This is basically a breakthrough technology in measuring complete accurate performance and readings of the cycle within a ±1% range.

It’s incredible!

You will be able to display all of your cycling data on most GPS computers and various smartphones too via Bluetooth as well as ANT+.

Battery life of the pedals is nothing short of amazing. 

It’s a rechargeable lithium battery and on one full charge, you’ll get about 50 hours out of it.

I can tell you now though, when I got mine. I was too excited to use them so I plugged it in for around 20 minutes and I’m still using it off that single charge and I must have clocked up around 10 hours so far!

Tech Specs

Who Are They Suited To?

Normally you may find real cycling enthusiasts looking to purchase the Assioma Pedals so they themselves can get a better understanding of their current cycling performance and how to improve it whether this be for their indoor or outdoor training.

But honestly, anyone can benefit from these power pedals as long as you may feel you’ll get the proper use out of of them.

For myself, I purchased them as I wanted a more accurate and responsive setup to my cycling when taking part in Zwift.

Key Features

Easy Installation

Favero Assioma Power Pedal

Installing the pedals on your bike is super easy. 

The pedals are basically universal to all bike cranks which means you can swap and change to another bike if needed to.

Within the box, you’ll be provided with a 8mm hex wrench.

Simply slide the wrench through the hold of the crank arm to meet the pedal and just wind and tighten it into place.

And voila!

That’s your new pedals ready to use!

Now, within the box you do get access to a few metals washers that you can install between the crank arm and the pedal itself.

They do advise to use at least 1 of them, especially on the pedal that has the sensor (if you’re using the Uno pedals) as the sensor is super close to the crank arm and you don’t want to damage it.

The washers just give it that extra space so you cycle without worrying about any damage being done.

Breakthrough IAV Technology

IAV Technology
Courtesy of https://cycling.favero.com/

When pedalling, most power meters use the average angular velocity of each revolution.

You see, the force applied and angular velocity are not always constant and can vary so much within the same pedal revolution.

There are many factors that can impact this such as the riders style, the slope of the ground, the chain ring being used etc..

This can provide inaccurate readings and like I said, just takes it all at an average.

However with the Favero Assioma, the integrated three-axis gyroscope takes advantage of this and detects the real trend in angular velocity.

It can do this a few ways:

A riders position will change throughout an entire cycle from standing to sitting or cycling uphill with steep slopes.

This can provide very irregular pedal strokes and can create massive variations in angular velocity.

Each bike is different also and the inertia provided can change from bike to bike.

As the inertia produced impacts the angular velocity, there can be an incredible difference in power from the rider.

However, with the Assioma pedals, you can guarantee that each pedal stroke and revolution is read and measured with complete accuracy in real-time to give you the best readings of your cycle.

ANT + and Bluetooth

Not only does the Assioma have the very powerful and accurate IAV technology behind it but also incorporates ANT+ and Bluetooth both together.

This is where you can connect your cycling data up to any cycling computer that also can receive ANT+ or Bluetooth.

These two forms of transmitting data are completely effortless and can display the information in complete real-time.

In my opinion, Bluetooth tends to hold a better connection and with every revolution of your pedals it will automatically register your power and cadence.

But what’s also great is that as both Bluetooth and ANT+ are available you can connect your pedals to your bike console/computer and also connect another device such as a heart rate monitor to measure your actual calorie expenditure.

Consistency and Accuracy

The Favero Assioma pedals are actually incredibly accurate.

Thanks to the the Real IAV technology behind it, these are accurate to ±1%. 

With every revolution the sensor within the pedal is reading and calculating your force and cadence in real time.

Like I said, I prefer using mines indoors and love connecting it up to Zwift.

I do find it takes a second or two for the cadence to be detected at the very beginning and for the Bluetooth to connect up to my Zwift account.

However, this only happens at the beginning.

Once I’m cycling I can see my watts and cadence shown on screen instantaneously.

The consistency and accuracy in these pedals are, in my opinion, outstanding!

Waterproof, Shock Resistant & Lightweight

Favero Assioma Power Pedals Sensor

I must say these are tough little clipless pedals!

Firstly, they can hold my weight with absolute ease.

I currently weigh 80kgs and I feel fully confident in my pedalling.

There’s no creeking, no bending – they are completely durable and can definitely hold their own especially when you’re really giving it everything you’ve got on those steep inclines!

They are also very lightweight at just 151.5 grams per pedal.

They are actually the lightest power pedal on the market which is great if you’re into competitive racing and need that extra edge.

The sensor inside is completely protected thanks to the entirely sealed off fibre-loaded plastic casing.

There’s nothing protruding from the pedal so it makes sure that all the components inside to read all of your important cycling data are fully safe and secure.

Like I said, I use mines indoors but if outdoors is more your thing then you can guarantee that no mud, water, snow or any form of liquid will get access to the sensor.

Green and Rechargeable

What’s great about the Assioma power pedals is that they are rechargeable.

Within the box, you’ll get its own power cable that simply connects to the sensor via the magnetic rechargeable pins and has a number of international plugs that come along with it.

A full charge will provide 50 hours of use

Guaranteed and Tested

Every part and component with the new Assioma pedals has been tried and tested to ensure the ultimate quality for the rider.

Every pedal goes through a series of strict control tests such as shock, load, fatigue, wear, resistance and electrical safety.

These pedals have gone through these rigorous tests enabling them to be used indoors or outdoors, by different weights of riders and for long or short periods of time.

So whatever your style of cycling is, you can guarantee that these power pedals will stand everything you put them through.

Pros & Cons




So currently you can purchase the Favero Assioma power pedals with a single sensor for around £400.

(Click here for UK)

(Click here for US)

Or if you want extra readings and to se the difference and compare each leg and what is generating greater force you can get the pedals with 2 sensors at around £630.

They can be pricey upfront to pay for. Trust me I understand.

But the technology behind them to allow you to see your own individual and actual cycling metrics is incredible!

Like I said – these are ideal for connecting up to Zwift!


So there you have it

A full breakdown of the Favero Assioma Power Pedals.

In my opinion, these are absolutely ideal for actually seeing how well your cycling performance is.

Not only that but they are incredibly lightweight, feel great and comfortable to cycle with and really straight forward to connect up to your bike and use.

If you do have any questions, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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