JLL IC300 PRO Spin Bike Review

Nowadays it can be very difficult when choosing the best indoor bike for you. There is a huge selection to choose from but each one comes with their own characteristics that can meet different fitness goals/needs of every individual.

I have seen a lot and reviewed a lot of indoor bikes but now it’s time to throw the JLL IC300 PRO into the spotlight and see what I think.

Quick Overview

JLL IC300 PRO Spin Bike

JLL Fitness is a very well-known manufacturer of all types of fitness equipment. Their aim is to design quality products but offer great value for money for the user.

So the JLL IC300 PRO is the company’s 4th product within their indoor bike range and is really a better bike from its predecessor the IC300. It is well-designed with a steel frame boasting a nice black and red finish.

The bike has a great flywheel weight of 20kgs and uses magnetic resistance to really give you that edge on your cycling.

It has a 7-function console that allows you to see all of your key cycling data right in front of you and has wheels that allows you to move the bike and store away.

Technical Specs

  • Maximum user weight: 130kgs
  • 3 piece crank system
  • Q Factor: 180mm
  • Min Adjustments: 120cm (Length) x 51cm (Width) x 98cm (Height)
  • Max Adjustments: 131cm (Length) x 51cm (Width) x 112cm (Height)

Key Features

It’s actually surprising how good the features are on this bike for the price of it! Some of these types of features you would generally see on a more expensive bike but I suppose it does come to JLL Fitness’ aim to provide quality products at a great value for money.

20kg Flywheel

When recommending an indoor bike, I always believe a bike that has a flywheel weight between 18ks-20kgs is absolutely ideal.

Commercial indoor bikes could have a greater weight of flywheel but for a home use indoor bike this is the weight you want!

A 20kg flywheel isn’t too difficult to push at the beginning of your cycling by any means but as the momentum picks up and inertia sets in this 20kg flywheel will provide a smooth and consistent cycle.

You won’t be experiencing any bumps, jolts or sudden movements  – just a smooth ‘road feel’ cycle that will allow you to put all of your effort into without worrying about any shakiness.

Magnetic Resistance

The IC300 PRO is one of JLL’s first indoor bikes to incorporate magnetic resistance. Their previous models are all friction based.

With magnetic resistance not only are you getting a complete silent cycle as there is no actual contact between the magnet and flywheel but it also means less maintenance needed.

Magnetic resistance really does give a good workout – the more you turn on the resistance, the closer the magnets come to the flywheel and really slows the momentum down making you push harder with each pedal.

Belt Driven

Just the same as the magnetic resistance, the IC300 PRO is the first in it’s family’s line to incorporate a belt to drive the pedals to the flywheel.

A belt driven bike offers so much more over a chain bike. First off, the belt is made of strong, durable kevlar so there’s very little chance of breaking or snapping. And secondly, as there are no small metal parts clanking over the top of each other such as a chain over a sprocket – there is very little to no noise!

A great feature in an indoor bike!

7-Function Console

JLL IC300 PRO Console

It has a very appealing console where you can see all of your cycling stats. Yes, it’s simple in design but I think that’s great. You can see clearly how you’re doing and what you are looking at.

You can see your time, speed, distance, calories, odometer, pulse and RPM.

Adjustable Seat & Handlebars

The handlebars can be adjusted up and down whereas the seat can be adjusted up, down, forward and back.

This allows anyone of a particular height to use the bike that best fits them. Simply pull the knob out and raise or lower to meet the correct height for you.

Multi-Position Handlebars with Heart Rate Sensors

JLL IC300 PRO Handlebars

There are 4 different handheld positions that allow you to find the right comfort for your level of cycling whether it be during intense HIIT workouts or warm ups or cooldowns.

Heart rate sensors are perfectly located so you can measure your current heart rate which will then display in front of you on the console. This will measure up and give you a rough idea of how many calories you are burning.

Easily Transportable

Wheels are located at the front of the bike which can be wheeled along with ease to your workout area and then returned again. After all, this bike weighs in at just under 50kgs and you don’t want to be lifting it around or else you’ll cause yourself injury.


Assembling the bike is very straight forward. 

Full instructions are provided but it’s just a matter of building the bike and sliding one part of the frame into the other, making sure to lock in and tighten with the knobs provided.

Nuts, bolts and a multi-sized wrench is all provided so you don’t need any of your own tools.

This should take you no more than 1 hour to fully assemble.

You can check out just how easy it is here:

Would I Recommend?

Yes, definitely!

The reason why is simply what I said earlier on. It has all the main features you would expect with a more expensive indoor bike but at a very affordable price coming in at around £400!

You can relax knowing that it has been developed by a reputable company based in the UK and the quality put into it is incredible.

It’s well-made and completely durable and guarantees to provide you with an excellent workout every single time!

So if you are interested in it, check it out below and see if it’s the bike for you.

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