JLL IC400 PRO Review

JLL is a long-standing UK-based fitness equipment supplier with a penchant for high-quality products, and as this JLL IC400 PRO review will show, their latest work may well be some of the best they’ve done yet. 

IC400 PRO is an indoor cycling rig that’s jam-packed with features but doesn’t compromise on build quality and ease-of-use. Though its ‘PRO’ moniker might be off-putting to the more casual cyclist, it needn’t be! From our experience, even a child could use it effectively. 

Big, hefty, and sturdy all-around, IC400 PRO is a stellar example of home gym equipment that doesn’t cheap out, and which actually feels like the kind of gear you’d expect to see in a proper commercial studio. 

We know that none of the above means much unless we back it up with cold, hard facts, though. To that end, we’ve prepared a comprehensive review covering IC400 PRO’s technical specifications, features, and pricing, as well as a variety of other interesting tidbits. 

JLL IC400 PRO Technical Overview

JLL IC400 PRO Spin Bike

Quick Key Feature Breakdown

Those who have had previous experience with JLL’s line of home cycling rigs may be surprised by how large IC400 PRO is. The assembled cycle – and you do need to assemble it – reaches its maximum height at 145 centimeters and weighs a whopping 59 kilograms.  

For our American friends, the maximum height of the rig comes out at 4.76 feet, and its weight sits at about 130 pounds. A chunky piece of equipment, to be sure. 

This chunkiness isn’t without reason, mind. IC400 PRO’s frame is built out of stainless steel, and this, in turn, ensures that it’s about as stable as a home exercise bike can get. Provided, of course, that you’re under its 150 kg maximum weight limit. 

Thankfully, the rig doesn’t look half-bad at all. All the important bits are tucked away underneath a sleek plastic chassis that reminded us of classic rally vehicles from the 90s. A huge plus if you don’t want your gym equipment to stick out like a sore thumb, really. 

Dimensions of the JLL400 PRO Bike

Mechanism / Drivetrain Behavior

One of the main highlights of this machine is surely its 22 kg inertia-driven flywheel, which is a great flywheel weight as it makes for a phenomenally smooth ride no matter how strenuous you want it to be. Better still is the fact that IC400 PRO uses a rubber belt instead of a chain, which translates to quiet cycling action.

JLL IC400 PRO Belt Drive

Even more impressive still is the bike’s electronically-controlled magnetic resistance actuator. All you need to do is pick the exact settings you want to use via the quick-select dial on the integrated console, and you’ll be good to go. 

We also enjoyed the fact that IC400 PRO comes with a high-quality three-piece crank to top it all off. A single-piece crank would’ve been fine, for sure, but this just underscores the company’s dedication to delivering a quality product. 

This whole killer-combo means that JLL has come up with a home exercise bike that’s capable of simulating the vast majority of standard driving paths you might have in mind. From casual city rides all the way to literal hill-climbing. Neat, isn’t it? 

Feature List: What Can IC400 PRO Do For You?

We already mentioned how well JLL has handled IC400 PRO’s usability and ease-of-use, but there’s way more to this cycling rig than that. There are two additional standout features that we want to mention here: its implementation of a heart-rate sensor and its default console. 

Heart-rate sensors are important for IC400 PRO’s on-board computer because it tracks all sorts of statistics about your exercising as you use it. JLL has – much to our joy – decided to implement them into the cycle’s handlebars. 

In practice, this means that you always have ready access to really granular information about your cycling habits, which will in turn help you improve them in the long run. 

All of this information is conveyed to the user via IC400 PRO’s default console. It’s a relatively simple gadget, but a very useful one that can be replaced with your Android and/or Apple devices, if you prefer it that way. 

Smaller Notable Features

We’re also thrilled to report that IC400 PRO doesn’t skimp out on smaller creature comforts, either. 

Far as general ergonomics, go, for example, expect to be able to adjust the rig in three main ways. You can change seat height, how far back it extends from the front assembly, and the height of the handlebars. 

Speaking of handlebars, we did like the neoprene cover that JLL ended up going with, and the existence of an emergency kill-switch close-at-hand means that you can rapidly stop the rig if anything happens. 

While the cycle cannot be folded down into a more manageable format, it does have two small wheels mounted to the front assembly. Those 50 kilos won’t move around on their own, after all. 

Did we forget to mention that you get a neat water bottle with IC400 PRO? Well, you do, and it’s a neat little bonus to an already remarkable package.  

JLL IC400 PRO Pricing

JLL has never been the go-to company for those who want merely the cheapest gear on the market, but their pricing has never been ridiculously high, either. Sitting at £599.99, IC400 PRO justifies its asking price in our book. 

Remember what you’re getting here: a sleek, stealthy-looking indoor cycle that runs quietly, is filled to the brim with useful tech, and will have no issue staying in place even if you crank the thing to its absolute limit.  

We do believe that this a premium product, just not one that’s going to break the bank far as home gym equipment goes. 

Who Is IC400 PRO For?

Another important point of contention is that of the target audience. Here we may need to go back to IC400’s ‘PRO’ tag, because it may suggest that JLL is looking specifically at seasoned cyclists who need a high-end home rig to keep themselves busy. 

As the rest of our text hopefully managed to convey, this could not be further from the truth. ‘PRO’ merely seems to indicate the level of quality and richness of features you’re getting with the cycle. 

The only real prerequisite for using JLL IC400 PRO is that you have the ability and know-how to ride a regular bike. From that point on, it really doesn’t matter how young or old you might be.  

IC400 PRO is a great product for every indoor cyclist, newbie or veteran-alike. 

Potential Downsides to Consider

Far as we’re concerned, there’s really not much we could ask for in regard to JLL’s IC400 PRO. It makes for a lovely addition to just about anybody’s home gym rig, and it’s sturdy enough to support even the most strenuous workouts. 

If we really had to find things we didn’t like about it, they’d probably be the pedals and the seat. Namely, the seat is rather firm and potentially uncomfortable, depending on what you’re used to, and the pedals come with anti-slip bumps that are oddly sharp. Don’t use these barefoot! 

The good thing about these downsides is that anybody with even a passing interest in the hobby will be able to fix them. We also believe that any really serious indoor cyclists will want to install their own custom-built seat and pedals of choice, anyway, so there’s no love lost. 

Conclusion: An Outstanding Choice

Considering all of the above, we can safely assume that JLL IC400 PRO is a phenomenal daily driver when it comes to mid-range spin bikes. 

It’s actually one of the indoor bikes I have included into my top 5 affordable magnetic indoor bikes you can buy!

The setup not only delivers a smooth and comfortable ride no matter how hard you might be going, but it’s also impeccably balanced and stable. After all, it’s not as weighty as it is for nothing. 

Such substantial weight comes from IC400 PRO’s stainless steel frame, but since it’s not really designed to move around much – it’s not an actual bike – this should hardly be an issue. At the same time, solid construction ensures IC400 PRO’s hefty 150 KG upper weight limit. 

The cycle’s supporting tech is just as impressive, to be sure. There’s a decent multi-functional monitor you can use out-of-box, but if you’ve come prepared, you can also forego the gadget in lieu of your own high-end iPad or the like.  

All in all, the bottom line is delightfully simple. JLL has, once again, delivered. They’ve done great work with IC400 PRO, and while they were at it, they also proved that home gym equipment doesn’t necessarily need to be subpar compared to studio rigs. 

What you’re looking at here is, in truth, the best of both worlds. The rigidity and reliability of a studio-grade spinner combined with the pricing and portability of a home exercise bike. 

With JLL IC400 PRO, you’re going to have the chance to work out precisely as hard as you want to, and you won’t have to worry if the rig is going to fall apart when you push it to the max. A hearty recommendation, far as we’re concerned! 

If you do have any questions, simply drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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