Joroto X2 Indoor Bike Review

As experienced indoor cyclists will know, it’s a simple matter of fact that not every spin bike is built the same. The Joroto X2 indoor bike review you’re about to read, however, will present you with one that’s a stellar all-rounder, and a solid choice no matter the proficiency level of the user. 

In the case of Joroto X2, we’re presented with a product that delivers on most fronts at a fairly acceptable price point, but without resorting to skipping certain creature comforts you might expect out of premium indoor bikes. 

All in all, we’re rather pleased with what Joroto has in store with this product, and in the following couple of sections, we aim to explain what exactly is it that makes X2 such a solid choice. 

Joroto X2 Specifications

Joroto X2 Indoor Bike

The first order of business are the exact specifications of the bike, just so you have a clear idea of what to expect out of Joroto X2. 

  • Weighs 49 kg / 108 lbs 
  • 108 cm / 42.9 inches long 
  • 50 cm / 19.7 inches wide 
  • 107 cm / 42.5 inches high 

Overall, a very robust and solid-feeling, albeit ordinarily sized implement. The considerable weight of the bike is the result of two deliberate design choices. The first was to build the frame out of thickened steel tubes. The second was to include a 16 kg (35 lbs) magnetic flywheel. 

Joroto X2 Flywheel

The end result is an indoor bike that’s just the right weight not to move around while you’re using it, but that can also be moved around with relative ease. 

Let us take a look at some of the more granular specifications now. 

  • Supports users weighing up to 127 kg / 280 lbs 
  • Maximum upturned handlebar angle of 18 degrees 
  • Inseam range 70 – 92 cm / 27.5 – 36.2 inches 

As should be clear by now, Joroto X2 is designed to be usable by the vast majority of people. Whether bulky or lithe, chances are that this indoor bike will be a good choice for just about anyone, and this is owed mostly to its customizability, more on which we’ll talk about later. 

All in all, while Joroto X2 won’t break the proverbial mold with an out-there design, it’s certainly a reliable daily driver in just about every way that matters. 

We’re hard-pressed to think of anyone who could mind this, because – as with most indoor bikes – Joroto X2 really shines when it comes to non-standard features and standout additions that you won’t always find on similarly-priced models. 

Key Features of the Joroto X2 Indoor Bike

The sheer frame and size of an indoor cycle matter, for sure, but Joroto X2 has got a lot going for it even outside of its solid feel and sleek appearance. 

Magnetic Resistance

Joroto X2 Magnetic Resistance

One of the most important aspects of Joroto X2 is certainly its incredibly quiet magnetic resistance system. Featuring no less than 6 stages of simulated friction, you’re in for a really smooth ride no matter your desired workout intensity. 

Of course, no matter how quiet the resistance mechanism is, it would all be for nothing if it didn’t come equipped with a solid bidirectional flywheel, as that’s usually the other loud component of any indoor cycle. 

Belt Driven

Joroto X2 thankfully delivers in this aspect, too, as its belt drive system combines with a solid steel flywheel for a cycling experience that’s as satisfying as it is quiet. Another unexpected upside comes from the fact that it’s delightfully low-maintenance. A great feature in the long run! 

Fully Customizable & Adjustable

Joroto X2 Handlebars

We mentioned already that Joroto X2 will be a good fit for most users, no matter how large or tiny they might be. This is afforded by the bike’s nicely customizable physical interface. 

On top of its manageable inseam distance, Joroto X2 also comes with a 4-way adjustable seat, as well as 2-way adjustable handlebars. Further, these handlebars also offer three separate grip positions, allowing you to adapt to specific workout plans on the go. 

Speaking of handlebars, the multi-use holder you’ll find right in the middle of them is a great addition. If you’re keen on keeping things simple, it’ll handle any old water battle without complaint, but if you’d prefer to use it for a tablet instead – you can. 

Of course, Joroto X2 does have an integrated digital monitor just beneath said multi-use holder, and it does its job well enough. Unless you really need the extra goodies afforded by your smart device, you can easily stick with the integrated monitor instead. 

More Comfortable Than You’d Think

It’s no secret that many indoor bikes are simply not built for comfort. Their primary purpose is, of course, to keep you cycling, and any old bike will do that. Thankfully, the good folk over at Joroto Fitness decided that this just won’t do. 

To that end, Joroto X2 is a surprisingly comfortable ride. The bike’s reasonable heft and sturdiness are a part of this, to be sure, but the remarkably wide (and soft!) seat plays a major role as well. Naturally, you can replace it, if you’d prefer a custom model. 

Even the pedals are a cut above most others in this price range. Fully adjustable and made of steel, these will easily accommodate just about every user under the sun, much like the rest of the bike.  

We’d also like to mention Joroto X2’s insta-brake function located on the uppermost section of the frame, just beneath the handle assembly, as well as the two cutesy transportation wheels located on the front section. Handy stuff! 

Customer Support Counts, too

It’s not something that gets mentioned often but we believe Joroto’s customer support deserves a shoutout. 

If you do end up purchasing their X2 model, you’ll also get a full year’s worth of access to their part replacement programme. It’s precisely what it says on the tin: you can get replacement parts for your X2 for a full year post-purchase, in case something breaks during regular use. 

On top of that, Joroto also has a 24-hour customer support line available for contact. Whether you need help with assembling your bike (which is easy, truly) or if you need to report shoddy transport, they’ll have your back. 

Joroto X2 Pricing

Having referenced Joroto X2’s price range a few times by now, you’re probably curious just how much will such an interestingly solid indoor cycle cost. And the answer is – $489.99 with no discounts applied. 

This is hardly a deal breaker, considering the quality of craftsmanship on show, we feel.  

Some might be disappointed with the admittedly spartan integrated stats monitor, but at this price point, something’s got to give, and it’s certainly far better to have a reliable and satisfying cycling mechanism coupled with a simple display, rather than have it be vice-versa. 

Who is the Target Audience?

For the most part, it does feel like Joroto is targeting a more casual audience, and those that might not need the absolute pinnacle of an indoor cycling experience. 

The focus was clearly on delivering a product that will work for most people, rather than outliers. There’s also its impeccably silent mechanism to consider, and it’s a given that dedicated sportsmen might not care that much about comfort, which X2 definitely provides. 

With that, it does seem like Joroto X2 is designed for home gyms that need a silent and reliable cycle that won’t break the bank, rather than one that’s going to prepare you for a triathlon all on its own. 

Joroto X2: Pros & Cons Summary

If you were hoping to get a more succinct overview of Joroto X2’s pros and cons, this is the part you’ve been waiting for. 


Joroto X2 is an indoor cycling implement that’s just easy to recommend – we actually recommend it as one of the best magnetic bikes you can buy!

With a wide variety of features and an ease-of-use that rivals that of professional gym bikes, this is a product that easily punches above its weight class. 

Its main draw is, for sure, the remarkably well-implemented flywheel and the cycling system in general. It’s smooth, reliable, and way more comfortable than we expected it to be, and that alone makes for an easy recommendation in our book. But it gets better, because it’s silent. 

The total customizability that X2 supports practically out-of-box is nothing to scoff at, either, as this ensures  

ssible, provided that you’re within the designated weight and height limits, of course. 

All in all, if you’re looking for an indoor AV-type cycle that’s going to keep running for years to come, we feel confident in recommending Joroto X2. 

If you do have any questions, simply drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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