Kinomap Review

Without question, cycling is one of the best ways to keep fit.

However, doing the same indoor cycling workout can become very boring quite quick.

You need something to focus on, something to see how well your doing, something to keep you pushing or simply to view different surroundings.

This is where Kinomap comes in.

Brief Overview

Kinomap is a subscription-based workout app that allows you to access a whole library of videos submitted by other users from all around the world.

All you need to do is simply download the app, connect your Bluetooth, ANT+ or speed sensors on the training bike to project your position on the video you choose to train with and off you go!

Kinomap helps you to train more effectively by taking control of your bike and bringing the ‘outdoors – indoors’.

You simply follow along to the video your cycling to and adjust your inclination or increase your resistance whenever you come to a hill turning your simple bike, rower, or treadmill into a fun but powerful fitness device.

It has geolocated videos that you watch and train to following the rhythm in the video.

It has a great social aspect to it also as it has a multiplayer mode where different people can use the same video to train and update their progress using the vocal chat feature.  


Key Features

Over 129,000 Miles Of Route Videos

The route videos are real-world footage made by Kinomap users from different parts of the world.

You can choose whatever video you like the look of or find challenging of the 129,000 miles of routes of cycling, running, or rowing, all readily available in the app.

Every video is encoded with data regarding its location, allowing you to see the video while also mapping out your location and landscape profile.

With so many videos available, you access diversified training options. You can choose to train anywhere, including Central Park, on the French Polynesian coast, or anywhere else that you wish to.  

Easy To Use Dashboard

Kinomap Dashboard

The dashboard is incredibly easy to use and displays everything perfectly.

You can choose what type of cycling route you want and suits you best.

You can break it down even further to very specific requirements you want on a certain cycling route such as:

  • Where in the world you want to cycle
  • The video duration
  • Length of the cycling route (km)
  • The ascent of the route

It’s a great way to really get the most of your training and can make your indoor cycling a lot more fun!

Highly Compatible

The Kinomap app is highly compatible with various exercise bikes as long as they can connect to some form of data sharing file such as Bluetooth or ANT+. 

You can connect up to Kinomap if you:

  • Have an exercise bike that has Bluetooth inbuilt
  • Use an outdoor bike and attach a turbo trainer such as a Wahoo Kickr
  • Use speed & cadence sensors and attach them to your bike wheel (flywheel)
  • Make use of a power meter 

This is my chosen form of connection to Kinomap.

I use the Favero Assioma power meter pedals have provide an excellent connection to the app and interaction within the videos.

Incredibly Affordable

Kinomap is probably one of the most affordable online cycling apps you can get.

It comes with a free version available via Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

It has a licensing model made for annual, monthly, or a full version model plus a license that lasts a lifetime.

The best thing is that the app is updated with new functions continuously along with new routes, which are uploaded regularly.

Multiplayer Sessions

When cycling, the Kinomap app shows you all the essential training data, which ensures you enjoy the route and stay informed regarding your performance.

It is made more exciting by the fact that there are multiplayer sessions where you can participate in race events and measure your level of performance against others.

You can choose to join an open competition or create one with your friends and family.  

Tracking Your Progress

Kinomap is a straightforward platform and allows you to track your performance history by saving your training sessions.

No fitness journey can be successful without goals; this app makes it possible to set goals and track your progress, which helps you improve on speed, distance, and time taken to complete a race.

Besides, you can monitor your pulse rate as you train and improve your overall health.

This app saves your workouts, and you can check them to see your improvements.  

The Cycling Experience

Kinomap France Cycling Route
Kinomap New York Cycling Route

Like I said, cycling is not always exciting.

There are days were you’re not going to feel motivated, days you wish don’t want to get out of bed and train, days were you just don’t have the energy.

This is where Kinomap can really fill that void and adds some fun that will make you stick to your training program.

This app is going to make you work harder by simply making your exercises more interesting. You’ll end up cycling for longer and actually enjoy your time on the bike rather than just staring at the 4 walls around you.

The cycling experience here is never boring. With the continuous updates of new and fresh real-world scenery with close to 300,000 km routes for cycling around – it’s going to make every time you get on the bike enjoyable but also help you burn fat like nothing normal.

As the app has a combination of geolocation technology and real video footage. This makes Kinomap more than just virtual reality entertainment, but an arena focused on sports performance.  

When cycling, you have to cover the tracks in the videos, which are available in the Challenge Mode. You see an avatar moving on the map at the same speed. However, you do not have to take the same time taken by the person who uploaded the video to cover a track. You can less or more time, depending on your ability and output.  

Your cycling experience is best if your cardio training equipment has a sensor feature that can pair Kinomap such as Bluetooth or ANT+. For example, when cycling, it will automatically allow resistance and adjust to an inclined track.

But, Kinomap is still usable with an old piece of training equipment that has no inbuilt features. You use a smartphone with a front camera, and it will sense your cadence as you ride, run, or stroke on your machine.  

Also, you can use downloaded videos or go to the Discovery mode for entertainment videos. The only difference when using an old machine is that you do not get to feel the full experience of the track.  

Where To Access It

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Kinomap is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

It is compatible with different bikes, turbo trainers and sensors and comes with a licensing model that suits various needs. 


The app is free via Google Play and Apple App Stores, and users are given a 14 days trial period.

Once this elapses, you have to pay for a premium subscription which is:

Monthly: €9.99

Yearly: €79.99

Lifetime: €229

Pros & Cons


If you’re a person who really does enjoy indoor cycling but feels they need that extra motivation then Kinomap is certainly going to benefit you.

It’s designed to basically make indoor cycling fun and enjoyable all whilst burning a shed ton of calories at the same time.

It’s time to bring the outdoors – indoors and really work up a sweat.

Challenge your friends, other online users across the world or simply cycle the routes yourself.

It’s your choice!

I hope this helped when choosing Kinomap or not for your cycling needs. 

If you do have any questions, simply send me a message and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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