My Peloton Bike Hack

So Peloton has been around for a few years now and is only really starting to take off running (or cycling in this case).

I’m sure you’ve seen the adverts almost every single day, it’s hard not to, they pump so much into their advertising now that you must have been living underneath a rock if you haven’t heard of them.

Peloton is the leading company who has changed how people around the world are able to workout and indoor cycle all from their own home.

I honestly think it’s a great concept and gives people more opportunity and makes it easier rather than going to the gym and waiting for assigned indoor cycling sessions.

Now obviously, being able to own your own equipment and having access to hundreds of indoor cycling workouts all at your fingertips comes with a price…..and quite a large price that is!

To give you an idea the very basic package comes in at £1,750 ($2,416) not to mention the subscription on top of that!

But as the title to this post suggests – this is a hack (or a much less expensive way) to be able to get the Peloton experience without having to spend all of your savings or rob a bank…. (okay that’s a bit much but you know what I mean!)

You can watch the full video here if you’re short on time or read on to see everything you need and what to do.

So here I’ll show you my method of getting access to the full library of Peloton classes that I feel is just as good as the real deal.

My Peloton Bike Hack

What We’ll Need

  • An indoor Bike
  • A Smartphone / Tablet
  • The Peloton Digital App
  • Cadence Sensor (Optional)
  • Heart Rate Monitor (Optional)
  • Google Chromecast (Optional)
  • TV (Optional)

So as you can see there 3 main things you need to form your own Peloton experience, the other 3 are optional however I feel they help make that experience just that bit more immersive and really makes your cycling workouts more enjoyable.

My Peloton Setup

So first and foremost to get cycling your going to need your own indoor bike.

One bike I highly recommend is the Joroto X2…..why?

Well, firstly the Joroto comes in quite affordable at £499 (UK) or if you living in the US or Canada I think it can even come in more affordable for you.

Now I know that there are less expensive indoor bikes you can purchase however I have done my research and when you take into account the key features and what each bike offers along with price, the Joroto X2 just wins hands down!

Check out my review of it here:

Whatever bike you choose or if you already have your own bike…brilliant!

We’re halfway there!

Next you’ll need access to a smartphone or tablet. Here we’re going to download the Peloton Digital App either through the Google Play Store or Apple iOS Store.

Peloton Digital App

Now that we have the app installed you can place it on a table in front of you and watch the classes on your smartphone or tablet.

However, for me, bigger is better so here I now link my phone up to my Google Chromecast and cast my phone screen onto my TV directly in front of my bike.

Connecting Peloton through Chromecast

Now, that we have phone and Chromecast linked up to the TV, its time to get into the app and take a look at the classes and what it has to offer.

The Peloton Digital App

So the Peloton Digital App costs £12.99 or around $18.00 per month and this gives you access to a whole host of pre-recorded and live classes.

Now if you had the actual peloton bike, the subscription service costs $39 or around £28.50 per month.

The reason for the price difference?

This is really down to the leader board you get with the Peloton Bike subscription.

With the Peloton Digital app, there is no leaderboard so you are unable to see who is cycling along with you or compete against others to rise up the leaderboard.

Apart from having the actual Peloton Bike – this is really the only difference it comes down to when having the actual Peloton bike compared to making your own Peloton experience!

If you are motivated enough to not need any leaderboard and just focus on yourself and your own goals all whilst saving an absolute fortune then the Peloton ‘hack’ is a far better choice in my opinion.

So taking a look at just some of the classes now.

Peloton App Classes
Peloton App Classes 1

Like I said these are only a few but there are hundreds of different classes you can take that and even filter them down by:

  • Class Length
  • Class Type
  • Instructor
  • Music
  • Subtitles (taught in English, German, Spanish)

What’s great is that you can also take part in live classes and add them to your workout schedule:

List of Peloton Live Classes
Scheduling a live Peloton Class

Connecting up a Cadence Sensor


At the time of writing, your cadence can only be used through iOS phones or tablets and needs to have at least iOS 13 for it to work. Unfortunately the cadence facility is not available in Android phones or tablets.

When connecting up to the Peloton Digital App, you have the function of being able to see what your level of cadence is at.

During the classes you’ll hear the instructor shout different levels of cadence. This is really how fast you are pedalling.

Now to see your cadence, you’ll need use of a cadence sensor. I personally use the Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor.

The cadence sensor is very easy to install you can either stick it onto the crank arm of the bike, cable tie it on or in my case simply attach it onto your shoe:

Using Wahoo Cadence Sensor for Peloton Digital

Now once you begin pedalling and have started a class you will begin to see your cadence being show on on the top left hand corner. Simply follow the cadence that the instructor is shouting out and you’ll be on par with the level of intensity they are looking from you.

Connecting Up A Heart Rate Monitor

This is another optional piece of equipment you can add but once again I think it gives you that fully immersive experience.

This will be able to show you what heart rate zones you are entering into and give you a very accurate result of just how many calories you are burning. (This is all matched up specifically to your height, current weight, age and gender)

So here I am using the Wahoo Tickr Chest Heart Rate Monitor.

Wahoo Tickr Strap

When cycling, this is one of the most used pieces of equipment I use. The Wahoo Tickr is one of the most popular chest heart rate monitors you can get as this detects the slightest heart beat through the chest strap.

I do highly recommend this!

So once you have this connected up and begin a class, you will see your heart rate being displayed on the top left hand corner and will match exactly to your effort level.

Heart Rate on Peloton Digital

My Peloton Bike Setup Total Costs

This is my actual bike setup I use to connect up to Peloton.

Joroto X2 Indoor Bike£499.99Check out on Amazon:
Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor£39.99Check out on Amazon:
Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor£29.99Check out on Amazon:
Google Chromecast£30.00Check out on Amazon:
Peloton Digital App£12.99 p/m
Total Costs£612.96

As said above, the Peloton Bike Basics package comes in at £1,750.

As you can see, my total spend is £612.96 (bearing in mind the Peloton Digital App has a running monthly cost of £12.99)………This is still a saving of £1,137!

That is incredible!

You could buy my Peloton Bike Setup twice over with money spare!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – there is my setup for my own Peloton Bike Hack!

The reason I have my setup this way is that not only does it save me an absolute fortune – £1,137 like I said! (Sorry I just feel this needs repeated)

But it means that I’m not bound by Peloton – I don’t just have to use their service. I now have the freedom of using all of this equipment to connect up to the likes of Zwift, Bkool, iFit, Rouvy, Aaptiv etc.

It’s a great way to utilize all of this equipment to ‘have your cake and eat it’ too.

Yes, you may not get the Peloton Leaderboard – and I admit I think that it a great feature Peloton have but having your ‘indoor bike setup’ this way – for me, just makes more sense!

I hope this has helped and if you do have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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