Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

Indoor cycling shoes can be a great accessory to have that will help you get more out of your indoor cycling.


Well, 2 reasons really.

Firstly, it gives you a stable and complete secure pedalling pattern so that there is no chance your foot is going to slip off the pedal as your pedal faster.

And secondly, they are going to help you exert greater effort into the bike as you pedal. You see when your pedalling, there is basically 2 ways each of your legs are moving.

Anyone can see that your legs move in a forward pattern whilst pedalling, however it’s the pulling of the pedal people seem to miss out.

The pulling motion of the pedal is where you’re going to extract that extra effort level by pulling with your hamstrings.

Indoor cycling shoes is going to give you this as your feet are locked in rather than just laying on the pedals like conventional pedals.

So, here is what I recommend.

DHB Dorica

DHB Dorica Shoes

These are the shoes I am currently using at the moment.

These shoes are compatible with three-bolt Look/SPD SL road cleats and are a great and comfortable shoe to wear.

They are breathable and provide a secure fit to my pedals.


Sundried Indoor Cycling Shoes

These Sundried cycling shoes provide a complete secure and lock in feel to your pedals.

These shoes are compatible with LOOK SPD-SL cleats.

They have a lock lace by simply turning the dial on the front which will fit nicely against your feet.

TIEM Slipstream

TIEM Slipstream Indoor Cycling Shoes

These shoes are different from the other two above.

As you can see these have more of a gym shoe look than a cycling shoe.

These are quite aesthetic looking and can be used for other types of training along with your indoor cycling.

They can connect onto any 4-bolt SPD cleats and are super easy to slip on and strap across.

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