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Cycling outdoors is a beautiful experience, but it’s not always feasible to ride outside. The weather and other external factors could prevent you from taking a ride in the open.

Fortunately, there is an alternative solution that comes with all the physical and mental benefits of cycling. Rouvy’s indoor cycling app is that substitute you will find ideal for your riding needs.


Founded in 2013, the Rouvy indoor cycling App burst onto the scene with a determination to change the virtual training world. With a user-friendly interface, this go-to app helps riders maintain a steady training routine without the weather’s usual pressures.

Who would have thought a jester nicknaming a mouflon in the 1800s could become a catchy term in the 21st century?

Having transformed from VirtualTraining to Rouvy, the former continues to remain the parent company of the Rouvy trademark.

With the benefit of hindsight, the partnership between the Sari Group and this Czech invention largely propelled this cycling app’s success on the US market. Time efficiency, convenience, and effectiveness are some reasons people find virtual cycling advantageous.

Instead of riding through the mud on a rainy day, you have a better option to connect your indoor bike with the Rouvy app. With this combination, you can enjoy cycling time in a dry, clean, and safe indoor environment.

Plus, you can plan each riding session with targeted workouts to increase your endurance, build muscles, enhance cardio fitness, and improve mental health.

Key Features

As expected of every virtual training world, there are invaluable features you will find beneficial with this cycling app.

So, what distinguishes the Rouvy indoor cycling app from others such as Zwift? They are listed as follows:

Augmented Routes

Rouvy Augmented Routes
Image courtesy of Rouvy

There are 3D animated riders made available in 2D videos that enhance your riding experience. This feature creates a realistic simulation for the actual rider and fuels the competitive zeal to out-ride virtual partners in a digital race.

Furthermore, group rides, time trials, and personal record replays enhance the riding experience. More so, with a video-smoothing feature, riders can watch themselves riding in real-time.

Virtual Routes

With the route editor feature, you have the opportunity to create your routes and decide on your next scheduled racecourse. With 70 virtual iconic sceneries and race paths, you will never get bored with the assortment of choices to ride on.

Besides, it has a total of 7000 certified routes to use. This indoor training app also comes with 4000 route videos that give riders an idea of where they rode to or are about to explore.

Official Races

This feature explores five different official races a rider can participate in. They are:

  1. Tour of Slovenia
  2. Digital Swiss 5 (Tour de Suisse)
  3. The Ironman VR Pro Series
  4. The Ironman Virtual Club
  5. La Vuelta Virtual

Structured Workouts

Rouvy Structured Workouts

This feature incorporates various interactive video guides and daily training peak workouts. More so, there is also a custom training builder with a maximum of 7000 workouts.

Another feature loved by many riders is the FTP and Ramp test, designed with highlighted intervals.

Data Sync and Analytics

This platform records the time, distance, route taken, etc., of every ride. Moreover, you can upload or share your performance, training peaks, etc., on all your social media platforms.

You can record your statistics and up to seven training zones on each riding session with a training diary. Perhaps, the most important of all the features is the advanced pedaling analytics from Virtues™.

How To Get Setup With Rouvy

Connecting to Rouvy
Image courtesy of Rouvy

To get the best of your Rouvy cycling app, you need to download it and connect it with your bike. The more realistic your setup, the better outcome you will have with your virtual riding session.

In a world of smart indoor trainers, you will benefit from precise pedalling measurements, adjustable resistance (to simulate an uphill climb) in particular routes when training. The cadence sensors must be in tip-top shape to function properly.

Depending on your setup, you can connect your Rouvy cycling app to digital devices or monitors such as Mac, tablet, Windows, or Apple TV.

The app offers the rider an automatic power resistance, real-life feel, and optimum interactivity with a smart setup. On the other hand, a Non-smart (turbo or classic) gives the rider the chance to change power resistance manually.

It also offers a realistic simulation but an ordinary feel while riding is in session. 

Meanwhile, the geo-synced videos give the rider a pleasurable riding experience. For most Rouvy users, the option to use a classic trainer or rollers with a speed sensor or meter provides the ultimate convenience and enhanced riding experience.

Who Is It For?

The Rouvy cycling app is really for everyone with a passion for using training apps to stay fit. Sports enthusiasts, amateurs, cyclists, triathletes, etc., can use the Rouvy app and benefit from this indoor cycling software’s advantages.

Admittedly, this is an app that helps you train indoors, but it still requires that you connect it to a smart or trainer bike to benefit from its full functions. Therefore, your body should be in tip-top shape. 

Just like any other form of cardio exercise, you need a physician to conduct a stress test on your body first. Certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma, bone disease, diabetes, inner-ear balance deficiency may prevent you from engaging in such an activity.

Even while connected to the Rouvy app, riding still increases the heart rate, expands the lungs to accommodate more oxygen, and keeps the joints in the lower body moving.

Especially for the latter, certain arthritic conditions may instead aggravate a rider’s condition.

Pricing (and Subscription)

For a $12 a month subscription, a whole year’s payment totals $144. Compared to cycling apps such as Zwift and TrainerRoad, Rouvy is relatively cheaper. Keep in mind that its affordability does not compromise the quality and satisfaction it offers to users.  

With Rouvy, all subscription plans are made via its website. Also, every payment made will be connected to your user account to prevent mix-ups to make it even more convenient.

Other payment options, such as iTunes, are not recommended for subscriptions. However, monthly payments via the app store or iTunes are allowed.

During the subscription purchase checkout process, you will need to select PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, or other payment methods indicated on the site to complete the transaction.

Furthermore, you will not need to purchase a subscription for Route Editor if you’re using Windows.

Most importantly, Rouvy offers every customer a 14-day trial period after subscription. During these two weeks, every feature (as discussed above) is enabled to provide you with a full riding experience. After this period, the decision is yours to decide which of the features you prefer to use daily.

How Often To Train

Honestly, this will depend mainly on your lifestyle and preferences. What fits into your schedule and how convenient it is must be factored into making this decision. For some people, morning workouts are preferable, while others opt for evenings.

For optimum results, it is recommended to stick to a schedule that benefits your physical and mental health.

To keep up motivation, begin with a thirty-minute session two or three times a week and gradually progress into a more active schedule.

Remember that sticking to a regular thirty-minute riding session is better than an occasional two-hour race. Also, depending on your working week, weekends can be preserved for longer rides, as long as your body can withstand it.

As a tip for starters, it is always advisable to pace yourself. Overstretching your stamina in the early days or stages can become a risk.

You need your body to adjust to a sustainable routine to avoid muscle tear or undue fatigue. From then on (after a month or so), you can handle more. The effects of training indoors on your body is almost the same as riding outdoors.

How to Synchronize Rouvy with Your Strava Profile

Initially released in 2009, the Strava internet service became widely known for its ability to track human exercises in real-time. Most importantly, it was designed with social network features in mind.

Using GPS, Strava has, over the years, become popular among cyclists and runners. So, how can you connect your Rouvy account with Strava? The procedure is listed below but remember that you can only connect a single Rouvy account with one Strava platform at any point in time.

  1. First of all, you should log into your Rouvy account using the website.
  1. Under Settings, go to Cloud. At this point, you should select Strava (choose between a manual or auto option). If you decide to go for a manual share, you will always have to click a button to share your activity. On the contrary, an auto-share allows you to show your activities immediately after creating them.
  2. This final step involves clicking on the ‘login’ button to authorize Rouvy to sync all your activities with your Strava profile.

Types of Indoor Bike Trainers You Can Pair with the Rouvy App

For starters, any basic trainer is equipped to provide the user with an upbeat aerobic workout. Mind you, models vary based on additional features and precision. You will also notice that the most significant difference is based on the degree of technology used for that machine.

On the market, these indoor bikes fall into these classifications:

  • The direct-drive trainer:

With this design, the rear wheel is removed, and the mechanism becomes attached to the bike’s drivetrain. With this type, app connectivity and smooth transfers make it convenient to pair it up with the Rouvy cycling app.

  • Wheel-on trainer:

This design is easily recognizable because it is compact and is attached to the rear wheel’s axle. It also uses a roller that presses against the tire to give the rider a resistance sensation. You can also pair this with your Rouvy app.

  • Indoor (Stationary) Bike with Power Meter:

Even a standard indoor bike can connect up to Rouvy as long as you have a power meter connected to it.

Personally, I have the Favero Assioma Power Meter Pedals connected to mine which transmits all my cycling data on-screen through Rouvy.


For an excellent virtual riding experience, always be mindful of the technicalities and essential functions involved. Just as an outdoor riding experience can be exhilarating, your Rouvy indoor cycling app can offer even more benefits.

Enjoy your Rouvy app, whether as an amateur or a professional. After all, there are races and events both categories can enjoy.

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