Studio Sweat OnDemand Review

Is going to the gym a struggle for you? Or maybe your gym just doesn’t seem worth the forty dollar expense. This is where Studio Sweat OnDemand sweeps in to save the day. Founded by Cat Kom, who is an ACE (American Council of Exercise) Personal Trainer, qualified in various forms of exercise such as Pilates, Spinning, Boot Camp, TRX etc.

Studio Sweat OnDemand offers the full gym experience only at a click of a button. 

The best thing is that they offer low impact exercises so it doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness freak or just a beginner, it’s time to hop onto that bicycle and start your journey by streaming from anywhere in the world! 

Studio Sweat is not only an industry leader in indoor cycling but also specializes in countless other forms of exercise including: 

  1. TRX 
  2. Kettlebell 
  3. Body Sculpting 
  4. Yoga 
  5. Pilates 
  6. Abs 
  7. Barre 
  8. Stretching 
  9. Dance 
  10. Bootcamp 
  11. HIIT/ Tabata 

But the exciting thing about their online classes is that not only are they never the same but also that they don’t only include one form of exercise. For example, an indoor cycling class might also include pushups and body sculpting to strengthen your core whilst all the while sweating and burning fat at the same time.

Who It's For

Studio Sweat OnDemand is for anyone really! Whether you’re a young marathon runner or in your elder years who likes to keep moving, their low impact workouts are nothing you can’t handle. Since you can stream Studio Sweat OnDemand from any device it’s also perfect for you if you fall into one of the following categories: 

  1. Have a job that requires a lot of travelling. You can’t have a gym membership if you’re always out of town. Therefore with SSoD you can stream from anywhere in the world and keep accomplishing your fitness goals. 
  2. Have a job with extremely long shifts and get off late at night. SSoD allows you to bring the gym to where you are, allowing you to take small workout sessions in your breaks. 
  3. If the environment at the gym impacts you negatively. Whether you have social anxiety or are insecure about the weird stares you might get while working out, we understand. SSoD enables you to workout in an environment you feel safe and comfortable in.  
  4. Would like to introduce a fitness program in the workplace or your community. SSoD partners with various organizations and provides employees with their own virtual gyms.

Key Features

A vast library of online cycling classes & various workouts

Studio Sweat OnDemand Classes

Studio Sweat OnDemand has hundreds of classes at your service, customized in a way that no gym can compare. If you work long shifts with little to no breaks till late at night, Studio Sweat OnDemand is the answer to your prayers. 

Offering 45, 30 or even 20 minute indoor cycling classes to help you remain consistent in your journey, because convenience is key. We understand how your workout regimen must be one that you can actually follow with any type of schedule. 

What’s great is that you can choose a specific indoor cycling class such as:

  • Spin Core
  • Spin & Sculpt
  • Spin Pilates
  • Bike & Barre
  • Spin (longer than 30 minutes)
  • Spin (less than 30 minutes)

Streaming workouts on your favourite devices

How to watch Studio Sweat OnDemand

Are you an Iphone User or do you prefer an Android? Do you own a TV? 

Well none of that matters! Because with Studio Sweat OnDemand you can stream from any of your favourite devices be it an Iphone, Ipad, or Android. 

And don’t worry about needing a big screen as the videos are equipped to give you the same experience whether you tune in on your Smartphone, your Laptop, your Desktop or even your TV.

The streaming services you can use on your TV are: 

  1. Amazon fireTV 
  2. Chromecast 
  3. Apple TV 
  4. Google TV 
  5. Roku 
  6. PS4 
  7. XBOX ONE 

World class trainers

The trainers leading your workouts are selected based on extremely high standards, they are experts in their fields rather than fitness enthusiasts. Most of them are not only ACE certified but also have degrees in Health and Sport’s Science or were even Olympic trainees.

You can get a full, detailed description on all of their trainers on their website as well as their preferred workout jams to best suit your taste. 

If you like the particular class a certain instructor teaches – you can filter for all of their own classes within your dashboard.

New classes added on a weekly basis

Have you ever bought a fitness DVD but found yourself bored after following it a few times? That’s totally natural!

Having to follow the same repetitive classes with the same instructor takes a toll on your motivation. That is why Studio Sweat OnDemand releases new classes on a weekly basis. With each class they try to bring a whole new workout regimen, to keep you excited for the next one. 

Worldwide community of members

SSoD try to make your workouts feel as similar to a physical gym class as they can. Therefore they have multiple forums including a Facebook group and an SSoD community forum where you can chat and interact with your workout buddies. Always feel free to share your journey with them! 

Use any bike of your choice

The indoor cycling classes at SSoD are designed in such a way that allows you to use any bike to cycle along to.

Your bike doesn’t need to have the latest in technology or the the most updated features. As long as you can cycle and follow along to the workouts being given.

You can use a standard indoor bike or even an outdoor bike connected up to rollers or a turbo trainer -the choice is yours!

Pros & Cons


  • Monthly is $19.88 
  • Semi-Annual Plan costs about $16.55 Monthly and a total of $99.28 for six months. 
  • Annual Plan costs $15.71 Monthly and a total of $188.56 for twelve months. 
  • Single Class Downloads costs $7.88 for each class. 
  • Backstage Pass costs only $5 a month with all added benefits. 
  • The Slim Down package costs $17.73. It comes with the three top-selling SSoD classes. 
  • The Body Changer Package also costs $17.73, which also comes with the top three selling SSoD classes. 


Getting a Studio Sweat OnDemand subscription can be extremely beneficial not only for your health but also your wallet. The classes are instructed by the best of trainers, and made easy so you can follow along at your pace.

It’s super easy to stream and saves you time and money that you would have invested in a gym that you may find it difficult to make to every now and again.

Studio Sweat provides you with a community and motivation to keep you on your path to fitness while offering a wider variety of workout exercises along with an exciting workout regimen. 

If you’re interested, check it out below!

If you do have any questions, simply drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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