Best Indoor Bikes For Tall People

Trying to find an indoor bike when you’re tall is not an easy task. However, it shouldn’t be that difficult, and we are going to provide you with all the simple solutions you need to know before buying your next indoor bike.  

There is nothing worse than starting a cycling class on a bike that appears to be made for children. Okay, maybe not children, but it definitely wasn’t designed to accommodate taller people.  

If you’re a little taller than the average person, you probably already know that finding the perfect indoor bike can be challenging.  

But no worries, we’ve done all the research for you, and below have a buyer’s guide to assist you with your decision-making we’ve listed our top ten best indoor bikes for tall people.  

Let’s get started! 

Quick Buying Guide

There are a few things that you should consider when buying an indoor bike if you are considered to be taller than average. Below we will cover everything you need to know before deciding which indoor bike will work best for your height.  

What to Look For When Purchasing An Indoor Bike For a Tall Person

Inseam Length 

The inseam length can make a huge difference in how a taller person feels while cycling. So it’s important to know what you are looking for. You can measure your inseam from the bottom of your foot to the top of the inside of your legs (crotch).  

For anybody that is just over 6ft, the bike’s inseam should measure at least 32 inches or more. If you choose an indoor cycle with a variable inseam, it will measure between 32 and 39 inches.  

If you’re an NBA star, then getting an indoor bike with a 39-inch inseam or higher is needed for anybody over 7 feet tall.  

Adjustable Components 

Most bikes have this feature anyway but you’ll want your indoor bike to have an adjustable seat that you can position for your comfort. You’ll also want it to have adjustable levelers and a variable inseam. This will allow you to customize your new indoor bike to fit your specific needs. 

Weight Capacity 

Every indoor bike will come with a maximum weight capacity, and knowing this beforehand can prevent a lot of awkward conversations down the road. Just make sure the indoor bike you’re considering is capable of handling your weight.   

Below you will find a wide range of options for the best indoor bikes; choosing one that meets your specific needs is highly recommended.  

Top 10 Best Indoor Bikes for Tall People


JLL IC400 PRO Spin Bike

The JLL IC400 PRO indoor bike is perfect for anybody who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on their ride and still wants all the features that come with all the high-end bikes. It has various programs that even the elite cyclist would enjoy.    

This bike was designed with a sleek appearance that can be bought in either black or white. There are ten different vertical and six horizontal seat adjustments that make finding the perfect riding position incredibly easy.  

It’s very quiet in part due to the tough rubber belt that is direct driven, and since there is no chain, you’ll be able to ride at any given moment without disturbing anybody.   

What we liked best: 

  • Wide selection of resistance settings for all levels of fitness thanks to the heavy flywheel
  • The compact size makes it easy to set up and use even in smaller spaces
  • It has a three-piece pedal crank, and the handlebar can be adjusted into six different positions
  • The onboard computer has many features with its seven-function display
  • There are heart rate sensors built right into the handlebars, so you’ll always know when you are in the desired zone


  • Item Weight – 130 lbs (59 Kg) 
  • Bluetooth – Yes  
  • Phone or Tablet Holder – Yes  
  • Max Body Weight – 330 lbs (150 Kg)  

Check Out The JLL IC400 PRO Here!


JLL IC300 PRO Spin Bike

Like the JLL IC400, the IC300 PRO also offers some incredible features that most riders would enjoy using to measure their fitness levels. The adjustable magnetic resistance is a favorite since it really allows you to push yourself further. 

It comes with a three-piece crank, and the seat can be adjusted in six horizontal and ten vertical levels to help each rider find their sweet spot. The flywheel spins smoothly without any friction.  

You can adjust the handlebars in six different positions, which is perfect for taller individuals. The bike monitor has seven functions allowing you to monitor your distance and calories burned, along with the time, pulse, speed, and RPM.      

What we liked best: 

  • The ability to adjust your workouts even mid-program with the adjustable magnetic resistance
  • It’s belt driven and very quiet, which means minimal maintenance
  • You can easily move the bike around with the attached wheels
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Comfortable foam padded seat


  • Item Weight – 99 lbs (45 Kg) 
  • Bluetooth – Yes  
  • Phone or Tablet Holder – No  
  • Max Body Weight – 286 lbs (130 Kg)  

Check Out The JLL IC300 PRO Here!


Yosuda Indoor Bike

This indoor bike is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an affordable option with a smooth belt-driven weighted flywheel. You can easily choose how challenging you want your workouts to be with the adjustable range of resistance. 

The 35-pound weighted flywheel makes this indoor bike stand out from other ones that are similarly priced. You’ll get more bang for your buck with this model without breaking the bank.  

What we liked best: 

  • Includes a nice LCD monitor for tracking all the essential details
  • The handlebar never shifts thanks to the L-shaped knob that locks
  • Extremely quiet belt drive
  • Durable and robust resistance bar
  • Budget-friendly with a thick steel frame that is well made


  • Item Weight – 40 lbs (18 Kg) 
  • Bluetooth – No  
  • Phone or Tablet Holder – Yes  
  • Max Body Weight – 330 lbs (149.6 Kg)  

Check Out The Yosuda Here!

Pooboo A2 

The name might have you thinking this indoor bike isn’t for serious users, but we can tell you that the Pooboo A2 was designed with fitness in mind. The LCD monitor will provide you with all the details you need, including calories burned, time, speed, distance, and scan.  

It’s equipped with an iPad and phone holder to make following any online spin courses easily accessible without all the frustrations of trying to support your devices.    

What we liked best: 

  • The infinite magnetic resistance knob is ideal for pushing yourself a little harder
  • The pedals are adjustable and anti-slip
  • There is an emergency stop feature that is great for unforeseen issues
  • It’s effortless to move with the front wheels


  • Item Weight – 66 lbs (29.93 Kg) 
  • Bluetooth – No  
  • Phone or Tablet Holder – Yes  
  • Max Body Weight – 280 lbs (127 Kg)  

Check Out The Pooboo A2 Here!

Keiser M3i 

This indoor bike is a great option for beginners who want to sync with all the latest fitness apps, but at the same time has features that are user-friendly to somebody who is just starting their cycling journey.   

It has a fully adjustable multi-grip butterfly-style handlebar and is notoriously known for accommodating bikers even 7 feet tall. The V-shaped design helps achieve maximum legroom while allowing the rider to cycle comfortably.   

What we liked best: 

  • Dual-sided pedals that can be used with either cycling shoes or regular shoes
  • Adjustable handlebar allowing both average-sized people and taller individuals the ability to ride comfortably
  • Poly-V belt drive setup that includes a lighter flywheel
  • It rides quietly and requires very little maintenance
  • Simple display that tracks everything about your workouts


  • Item Weight – 85 lbs (38.56 Kg) 
  • Bluetooth – Yes  
  • Phone or Tablet Holder – Yes  
  • Max Body Weight – 350 lbs (158.75 Kg)   

Check Out The Keiser M3i Here!

Sportstech SX400 

Sportstech SX400 Indoor Bike

The step-free resistance on the Sportstech SX400 gives this indoor bike a cutting edge. When you add in the fact that the flywheel is 22 kg, then you know you are talking about a serious machine. 

This indoor bike was designed with smart technology all the way up to the handlebars and the high-quality console. But one of the features that stand out the most is the impressive armrests that can support you without leaving you feeling sore.  

What we liked best: 

  • The ergonomics and the comfortable padding are exquisite
  • Nicely designed anti-slip pedals
  • There is a pulse belt included for heart rate training
  • Multiple training programs
  • Transport wheel for easy mobility


  • Item Weight – 119 lbs (54 Kg) 
  • Bluetooth – Yes  
  • Phone or Tablet Holder – Yes  
  • Max Body Weight – 330 lbs (150 Kg)   

Check Out The Sportstech SX400 Here!

Stages SC3 

Stages SC3 Indoor Bike

The design of the Stages SC3 didn’t leave any stone unturned; in fact, it has everything the avid cyclist could ever need and more. From the moment you lay eyes on this indoor bike, you’ll notice the sleek design and the reason why so many professionals choose this bike.  

The EcoSCRN console gives the user the ability to track all the major necessities and provide you with all your max, average, and ride totals. It also doesn’t track your warm-up stats, giving you more accurate numbers when you are finished riding. 

What we liked best: 

  • Adjustable seat and drop handlebar for putting your comfort first
  • Carbon fibre belt and incredible magnetic resistance system
  • EcoSCRN Console for tracking your exercises
  • Soundly made with just the right amount of weight to move around


  • Item Weight – 96 lbs (43 Kg) 
  • Bluetooth – Yes  
  • Phone or Tablet Holder – Yes  
  • Max Body Weight – 350 lbs (158 Kg)  

Check Out The Stages SC3 Here!

Sunny Health & Fitness SF B901  

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1509C Indoor Bike

This indoor bike has everything you need to get that natural bike feel, including the dual felt pad resistance, making climbing feel all that more realistic. The 40 lb chrome flywheel will give you more stability while supporting your speed and endurance.   

You can push your resistance as far as you want or come to a complete stop with the micro-adjustment knob. Regardless of your riding style, the ergonomically designed handlebars will allow you to position yourself precisely as you want while riding.   

What we liked best: 

  • Adjustable seat that has four levels to accommodate different leg lengths
  • Base levellers that prevent the bike from wobbling
  • It comes with a transportation wheel for quickly moving it around
  • There are floor stabilizers that can be adjusted to improve the sturdiness even on uneven floors


  • Item Weight – 97.2 lbs (44 Kg) 
  • Bluetooth – No  
  • Phone or Tablet Holder – No  
  • Max Body Weight – 220 lbs (99.8 Kg)  

Check Out The Sunny Health & Fitness SF B901 Here!

BodyPower SP.IC20  

Bodypower SP.IC20 Indoor Bike

This bike is perfect for beginners up to the avid cyclist. The LCD screen provides you with all the details you need to monitor and track your performance. The handlebars are semi-circular, which has a nice feel to them when you’re pushing your limits.  

You can lock your feet in place with the basket-style pedals and ride comfortably with the gel-type adjustable seat. 

What we liked best: 

  • Vertically adjustable handlebars
  • Elbow pads covered in comfortable foam
  • Semi-gel adjustable seat design
  • Tension controlled resistance system
  • The high-quality drive belt system


  • Item Weight – 105.8 lbs (48 Kg) 
  • Bluetooth – Yes  
  • Phone or Tablet Holder – Yes  
  • Max Body Weight – 242.5 lbs (110 Kg)  

Check Out The BodyPower SPIC20 Here!

BH Fitness Duke 

BH Fitness Duke Indoor Bike

The Duke is much more than just an indoor bike; it’s a fitness machine that most people desire for home use. It has a powerful flywheel design that allows you to push your performance and reach limits you never dreamed possible. 

The handlebar design is based on triathlons and is adjustable to meet your needs. Between the adjustable seat and handlebar, you’ll find your perfect riding position, which helps eliminate possible injuries.  

What we liked best: 

  • The 20 kg flywheel offering an impressive workout
  • There is a resistance system in place that includes friction brake capability
  • Poly-V belt transmission makes your movements quiet and more efficient
  • Both the seat and handlebar are adjustable
  • Maximum stability from the oversized steel structure


  • Item Weight – N/A 
  • Bluetooth – No  
  • Phone or Tablet Holder – No 
  • Max Body Weight – 330 lbs (150 Kg)   

Check Out The BH Fitness Duke Here!


Every person out there who has been blessed with being taller than average should also have access to some of the best indoor bikes available on the market today.  

Indoor cycling has so many health benefits, including putting unnecessary pressure on your joints – which is perfect for a person with a tall stature!   

Choosing to ride a well-designed indoor bike that accommodates taller individuals is probably the best decision you’ll ever make when indoor cycling!   

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