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If you’ve recently acquired a new exercise bike, you’re probably looking to get the most comfortable ride from it. Having a seat that is suitable for your use and fits your shape is absolutely key to a comfortable ride, but many people find that this isn’t what they enjoy when they first get on the bike. 

Many bike seats seem unnecessarily hard and uncomfortable, and you end up with an aching backside after each trip – not the thing to motivate you to get on the bike regularly! Exercising is hard enough without it making you ache from a poorly designed seat. 

However, replacing the whole seat is annoying and expensive, and leaves you with an old seat which you have no idea what to do with. It’s much cheaper to buy a cushioned seat cover, which will add padding to your existing seat instead of you having to change the whole thing. 

A bike seat cover can give you the needed comfort and simply sits on top of the existing seat, solving the problem and avoiding waste. 

This is a very simple solution to a common problem. It also offers protection to the seat, making it last longer, and can give a long ride a bit more breathability and comfort. 

A cover is also a good option if your existing bike seat is getting worn out, but you don’t want to replace it yet. 

How do you choose, though? There are a lot of bike seat cover options out there, so we’ve chosen some of the very best to help you narrow down your selection and make a choice about which would suit you and your bike best. 

KT-Sports Bike Saddle Cover

KT Sports Seat Cover

This KT-Sports Bike Saddle Cover is designed with comfort and durability at the top of the priority list. It’s got a silicone gel seat to maximize the cushioned effect, making even a long ride much easier on that backside and protecting you from the saddle beneath. With excellent shaping and high durability, this is perfect for any cyclist. 

It is also compatible with most kinds of bikes, so you don’t need to worry about whether it will fit over your seat; it has a drawstring attachment to fit it snuggly. The company advertise a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn’t fit your bike, which shows their confidence that it will and offers you peace of mind. 

Given how varied bikes and their seats can be, this is a really good guarantee to offer, and lets you buy with confidence. 

This saddle cover hits a reasonably affordable price point of £19.99, measures 28.5 x 14 x 5.6cm and weighs just 160 grams. With good ratings, this is a superb way to transform your cycling experience without being a whole new seat! 

Zacro Bike Seat Cover

Another great option for covering up that hard seat, the Zacro Bike Seat Cover also offers a padded gel seat of 1.61 inches, designed to make your ride more comfortable. They also provide a waterproof cover to protect your seat if the bike is left in the rain. 

Like the previous option, the Zacro bike seat cover is fitted using a drawstring, meaning it will fit most bike seats. It measures 72.36 x 14.17 x 48.51cm and weighs 270g. 

It has great reviews and manages to offer a slightly lower price point of £15.99. This makes it a bit more affordable than the KT-Sports option. 

Funcen Exercise Bike Seat Cover

Fucnen Bike Seat Cover

The Funcen Gel Bike Saddle is another great option for bringing comfort to your cycling experience and ensuring you don’t end up aching after every long ride. After all, the post-exercise ache can be enough to deal with on its own! 

With non-slip cushioning and shock absorption, this seat cover is perfect for slipping onto your bike if you’re going for a particularly bumpy ride where you’re going to get jolted around a lot. It also comes with an additional waterproof cover to protect your bike seat (if you’re using an outdoor bike) from the rain on wet days. 

Measuring 27 x 25cm, and costing £19.99, this is one of the more expensive options, but it gets good reviews. It weighs 280g, so it’s heavier than either of our other two picks – which hopefully means more padding! 

However, it’s worth noting that the advertised weight does vary depending on which part of the listing you look at; we have taken the smallest weight for this review. 

Bikeroo Seat Cover

The Bikeroo Gel Seat Cushion ranks highly on our list for its flexibility and quality. This is one of the few bike seat covers which offers a range of sizes, so you’ll have a better chance of getting one that fits your bike well. However, they do only offer cushions for narrow saddles, not wide ones, so bear that in mind before purchasing. 

The product measures 18.03 x 17.78 x 2.54. It also comes highly rated by reviewers, and offers charity donations upon your purchase of the product. 

However, the cost varies according to the size and colour you select, and the black large (the most expensive at the time of writing) comes in at £21.99, so it’s not a cheap option. It’s not clear why the different colours cost different amounts, but it is nice to be able to customize the look of your bike with bright colours. 

DIGIFLEX Bike Seat Cover

The DIGIFLEX Gel Seat Cover is a good alternative if you want a cheaper option, and again it has easy-to-fit drawstring cords. It measures 27 x 19.5 x 4.5cm and weighs 240g. It also offers a list of which bikes it isn’t compatible with to help you choose. 

At just £7.49, it’s definitely one of the most affordable options, but bear in mind that there may be some sacrifice on quality as a result. It looks quite narrow, but if the measurements are accurate, it’s actually one of the more generous seat cushions, especially in terms of its width. 

BLAZOR Seat Cushion

The BLAZOR Seat Cushion again offers some great support and cushioning to make riding a more comfortable experience for both men and women. It claims to be both gel and foam padded and shows intersections of the product so you know exactly what you’re buying. 

It is advertised as shock absorbing and breathable, making for a comfier ride on hot days, and it also has a non-slip design and drawstring fitting. It is 28.1 x 18.1 x 5.5cm and weighs 230g. 

It’s also washable, which is great if you’re indoor cycling almost every day.

This is another option that comes with a waterproof cover to put on when you leave your bike, protecting both the seat and the cushion if it rains, and it claims it will never fade. However, it is advertised as being for narrow seats, not wide ones. 


If you’re looking to add a cushioned seat to your exercise bike, you have a lot of options spanning a fairly broad price range. 

A cushioned seat cover can make riding a lot more comfortable, which will encourage you to ride more often and keep up the exercise for longer. It’s hard enough to get going; don’t make it harder by putting up with an uncomfortable bike seat. 

And simply by having a comfortable seat for your bum it can also help towards your indoor bike posture as you’ll not be constantly avoiding sitting down.

Make sure you measure your seat before purchasing, and look out for caveats such as “narrow fit”, etc., to ensure the cushion is likely to fit. Only our first option offered money back if the product didn’t fit, so you should check out the reviews or even ask the seller if it’s likely to fit your model. 

Getting a comfortable bike seat cushion can radically alter your riding experience, and it’s well worth doing if you’re getting pain during or after exercising on your bike. Happy cycling! 

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