York Active 110 Exercise Bike

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York is one of the most well known fitness brands in the industry and continually manufactures incredible fitness equipment to make sure you get the best out of your own health and fitness goals.


They have expanded their range and created the awesome upright exercise bike, the York Active 110.

Ideal for Beginners

I believe this bike would certainly benefit anyone new to exercising. It provides an effective workout that allows you to intensify your workout with the 8 magnetic resistance levels so you can train as hard or as little as you want.


The electronic console will help keep you motivated to continually push and smash through your own personal records.


It’s cost effective and a great exercise bike to help get you started and burn off those calories and shred that unwanted fat.

It’s actually an incredible bike, just have a look at some of the features:

Strong & Stable Design

It comes in a very attractive black and green colour that’s stylish, modern and will look well in any home gym.


It’s framework is made of solid steel and can hold a weight of up to 120kgs – so you can be assured that it will hold its own when under long and strenuous performance.


The feet at the bottom, both front and back are incredibly robust and will stop the bike from shaking side to side during cycling.

York Active 110 Exercise Bike Frame

Heart Rate Monitoring Hand Pulsers

The hand pulsers are located on both sides of the handlebars helping you to measure your heart rate and calories burned which is then displayed on the electronic console in front of you.

A simple but great way of keeping track of your progress.

Helpful Electronic Console

As said, not only does it display calories and heart rate but the LCD screen shows distance, cadence and time. It’s actually a really nice looking electronic console compared to some other exercise bikes and is very easy to use.


There are 4 pre-programmed workout programmes you can take full advantage of so if you’re new to exercising, it will provide an effective workout laid out for you.


The buttons and figures on screen are all very clear and well presented. It just gives that added benefit of looking at something nicely laid out when you’re pushing to reach that next milestone of distance, calories burned, time or speed.


It is powered by 2 AA batteries that are provided.

York Active 110 Exercise Bike Console

Smooth 4Kg Flywheel

This is usually the norm weight for a flywheel on an upright home exercise bike. The weight of the flywheel allows for a more smooth and stable cycle so you can pedal away without ever feeling bumping or an inconsistent cycling motion.

Powerful Magnetic Resistance

The York Active 110 exercise bike has 8 levels of magnetic resistance. Each one harder than the last…obviously. The turn dial or the crank is located right in front of you, between your legs which helps you to turn the resistance up or down whilst you continue your cycle without the need for stopping.


The magnetic resistance simply means it’s quiet and powerful yet requires very little maintenance….if even. So you can train hard without ever having to worry about how noisy you think you are.

Large Comfortable Saddle

The saddle or seat is also very comfy compared to other exercise bikes. It has a larger adjustable padded seat that will allow you to train without getting that aching soreness on your ‘cheeks’ the next day.


As the seat is larger, it helps disperse your weight better so you can cycle with more comfort.

Self Levelling Pedals

The pedals on this bike will easily fit anyone of any size. If they are too far down from the seat, lower the seat and off you go.


The pedals have adjusting straps so you can fit your feet in, tighten them up and really put all of your effort into your cycling without worrying about your feet flying off the pedal and causing injury.

York Active 110 Exercise Bike Pedals

Handy Water Bottle Holder

A drinks holder is located at the front of the bike. It can hold any good sized water bottle. The only issue I have, if you even want to call this an issue, is where it’s facing.

I think it should be facing towards you on the front of the bike but it actually faces outward away from you meaning you have to reach over.

I know this sounds petty but I think it just makes sense to have it between your legs facing you.

Very Compact

The York bike is actually quite compact, it measures 111cm in length, 53cm in width and 123cm in height.


You’ll have no problem in setting this up and exercising from any room in the house. With it’s handy wheels at the front the bike, you can easily move it to where you want without ever having to lift it off the ground.

Pros & Cons

Always look out for reviews when buying off Amazon or any online retailer. It gives you the knowledge and awareness of how good or bad a product is. To be fair, I would never help promote a poor exercise bike that under performs or is simply a waste of money.


However, the York Active 110 has around 500 customer reviews all with 4/5 star ratings.


It’s a great exercise bike for anyone new to exercising, anyone looking to lose an extra few pounds or someone who may feel more comfortable exercising from home.


For the price at what you get with this exercise bike, it’s a win-win all round. It will provide an effective workout that’s going to improve your cardio, your circulatory system, your endurance and help tone and strengthen muscles – all at the same time.


The electronic console is going to keep you motivated, keep you striving for success and help you keep track of your progress so that you can melt away that unwanted fat.



If you have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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