Zwift Cycling How To Get Started !

Zwift Cycling is all the craze at the moment that allows you to put yourself and your bike virtually into an online interactive world.

Millions of people from all over the world have signed up to Zwift and take part in challenges, races, group sessions or to simply cycle on their own.

It’s motivating, encouraging, exhilarating but most of all…..Fun!

Zwift Cycling takes the mundane, boring home based cycles out of the equation and replaces it with cutting-edge technology where you can discover a whole new place of cycling in the world of Wytopia.

It’s an incredible app that anyone can use, even if you’re completely new to indoor cycling. It simply turns indoor training into a fun, enjoyable workout/game!

What You Need To Get Started With Zwift

So before anything, we need to have a look at exactly what you’ll need to use Zwift.

  • Your own bike (Road, Mountain or Hybrid bike)
  • Smart Trainer OR Classic Trainer with Cadence sensor and speed sensor with ANT+ or Bluetooth (I use the Wahoo sensor personally, (check it out here on Amazon)
  • An ANT+ or Bluetooth receiver to track your data such as Windows PC, Mac, IPad, Iphone, Android Tablet or phone

Other optional items you can use to get the most out of your Zwift experience would be:

  • Smartphone (for the Zwift Companion app)
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Fan
  • Towel
  • Trainer mat

You will need the top 3 pieces of equipment though so that Zwift can connect effectively with your bike and track your workouts exactly!

Creating An Account

Okay, so what you’ll want to do next is sign up for an account on Zwift.

Go to or simply click here!

Creating a Zwift Account

Simply fill in the required fields and tick the Captcha box and off you go.

How Much Does Zwift Cost?

It will give you a 7 day free trial and requires no payment details upfront.

Then after costs it costs £12.99 or $14.99 per month.

However, you can cancel anytime!

Pairing Your Devices

So once you have signed up, you can then connect your devices to your Zwift account.

You’ll need either your Windows, Mac or iOS device to download and install the Zwift app.

First thing though!

Zwift stores data to show your progression as you go. 

In order to store this, your device needs a minimum of 4GB of free space to run effectively.

So, just check the free space available on your device firstly.

Next, time to pair your devices.

Classic SetupPedalPro Rollers

If you’re using a classic setup with a standard turbo trainer such as the PedalPro (Check out here on Amazon) and an ANT+ sensor, you can either plug the dongle of the ANT+ sensor into your computer directly or into an extension cord and place it next to your bike.

This will pick up the sensor more effectively. 

You can then place your cadence sensor on the back wheel and one or more pushes of the wheel it will be more than enough to wake it up.

Next, move over to your computer and click ‘search’. It will pick up the ANT+ and cadence sensor straight away.

Just click ‘Pair’.

Premium SetupWahoo Kickr

If you’re using a smart trainer such as the Wahoo Kickr, (Check out here on Amazon) it’s very straight forward!

To wake it up, ride your bike very briefly then turn to your computer.

Click ‘search’ and your smart trainer will appear and automatically connect.

Zwift will control your full resistance with a smart trainer.

This will pick up your cadence, power calculation and for uphill and downhill movements. 

If you hit a climb, your resistance gets harder.


If it’s an exercise bike you have that is Bluetooth enabled (such as the Watt Bike) and would rather use that than a turbo trainer, you can no problem.

A heart rate monitor such as the Wahoo Tickr, (Check out here on Amazon) is great to have also.

You can easily link this up to your Zwift account to measure a lot more personalised data such as heart rate, different cardio zones and calories burned.

You only need to pair your devices once. Everytime you log into Zwift, your device will automatically pair.

So what features does Zwift offer?

Take Part in Daily Races

There are races everyday going on in Zwift.

Thousands of people from all over the world take part and compete against one another.

It’s a great, motivating and incredibly fun way of enjoying your cycle.

You can simply enjoy a fun ride with friends or the larger community or get serious about it take part in competitive competitions where prizes are awarded.

As these races are taken very seriously, Zwift want to make sure that data received from participants is 100% accurate.

For this, you’ll need a smart trainer or bike with a power meter to deliver these accurate results.

It’s not to say that ANT+ and speed sensors are not accurate, it’s just as they are not full implemented into the bike in some way – Zwift just want to rule out any form on cheating or inaccurate readings.

Cycle To Over 1,000 Structured Workouts

Yes, that’s right….over 1,000 structured workouts!

There’s a plethora of interval workouts for you to choose from that ranges from beginner right through to advanced.

All the workouts are based on your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) – basically the average power you can generate per hour.

Choose the one that suits you and off you go!

Zwift Workouts

During a workout you can see session details on the left hand side and how long left on the course based on your power.

To the middle you’ll see power, distance travelled, elevation and time.

To the right, you can see the course map and any Zwifters nearby.

The bar at the bottom shows intensity levels. 

Zwift Workout

Now, Zwift also have training plans available where the difference between these and workouts is simply that the workouts can be a one-time cycle.

The training plans are set out over the space of a few weeks where you can really build your endurance, speed and strength.

WhatsonZwift also host a number of different workout plans suitable for any level.

Awesome if you really want to set yourself a goal!

Zwift Trainings Plans

The Zwift Community

The community behind Zwift is absolutely incredible!

There are people from all parts of the world you can connect and race with.

The same, like-minded people that are there for the exact same reasons you are!

You can literally message people during a race keeping them motivated or give them the all famous Zwift Thumbs-Up.

To do this just connect your smartphone through the companion app that you can get on your iOS or Google Play store (as you can see below). Connect it via bluetooth and your ANT+ dongle will pick it up.

Zwift Companion App

Attach your phone to the front of your bike and here you can send messages to other riders.

This app can also house the game itself. So all you really need to start Zwift is your smartphone or tablet.

It’s also great for seeing distance, cadence, track details, calories burned along with a lot more features.

So Is Zwift Great For Indoor Cycling?

In a nutshell – Yes!

It’s an excellent real-world videogame that makes cycling more fun and enjoyable.

It’s a great way to bring your outdoor cycling indoors!

There’s just something about cycling in groups or competing in races that boosts your motivation and keeps you pushing to get the ultimate workout.

I must say after every workout or race I really look forward to the next time I get back on the bike just because it is so much fun!

Yes, the graphics aren’t what you get with newly released games nowadays but I still feel they’re pretty great  – they look appealing and allow you to ride around real world landmarks such as London.

It delivers all the data and information you need to see how well your are doing.

So in overall, I highly recommend Zwift to anyone looking for that extra motivation on the bike.

If you have any questions, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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  1. Thanks for this review of the Zwift Cycling app/game. Never heard of it before but sounds totally awesome and right up my alley. Is there a complete setup (bike, censors, etc) or a bundle that I could buy all at once or do I need to buy all the pieces separately? Next level tech I can imagine something like Zwift but with the Oculus 3D goggles or something similar so people could really get immersive in a cycling game and feel like you are really there. That would be so cool!

    1. Hi Riverdogg,

      Zwift’s actual website do provide all the equipment you need to work the full functionality of Zwift and get the best experience possible.

      You can get less expensive equipment that can work just as well on Amazon though.

      Zwift is also compatible with the likes of Oculus 3D and I must say it looks absolutely incredible! – check it out here:

  2. Wow Ronan,

    Whenever I am at the gym, I am always envious of people i see on those bikes

    getting motivational instructions from virtual coaches.

    In the world of Artificial Intelligence we are embarking on,

    I really see great values in this method of getting people together for the common goal 

    of biking. 

    Thank you for the article and I will be signing up.

    1. Hi Moi MOI

      You’re right, in this day and age we now live in – advancements in technology are making life easier

      In this case, Zwift gives people the opportunity of being able to train from the comfort of their own home and fun doing at the same time.

      And sure you don’t realise how fit your are becoming because it’s just so much fun!

  3. Hello Ronan!

    Quite an interesting tool for measuring your cycling performance while being at home / in your free time, it also helps you take part in virtual competitions, and besides, it gives you the opportunity to know other people and make friends!

    If Zwift competitions motivate you to cycle more and more while being at home, this also improves your body and keeps you healthy and fit, without having to go outside for long rides on foot or to fitness rooms. And the price should be very affordable, maybe less than a monthly fitness subscription.

    To a certain extent, Zwift remembers me of Samsung Health (a free program version on Samsung smartphones, counting our steps). I did not engage in competitions, but I used to track my daily on-foot activity :).

    Have good luck, good health & good frends with Zwift!


    1. Hi Peter,

      Exactly, not only is Zwift just so much fun but you’re completely right, it keeps you fit and healthy without you even knowing it!

      The competitions in Zwift just give you that extra motivation to push harder and keep breaking your own records!

  4. This is exactly what I need! Sometimes just cycling whether indoors or outdoors can get a little boring after doing it all of the time, but this would help get through the monotony by adding a community to be involved with and almost like putting you into a video game! I am going to try this out, the 7 day free trial is a nice addition just to see if I like it. Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to get started!

    1. Hi Travis,

      Zwift is an awesome interactive game you can get involved in to help improve your cycling but in overall just to have fun!

      I absolutely love it….you should give it a go!

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